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Favorite Movie: The Last Samurai
Things you <3: My family, my job, video games and MMA.
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Which is the worst mascot?
I really can't stand the mascots of these brands much less the commercials. Which do you think is worse?
Why is there always one crazy lady in the last rounds of the bachelor?
I'll admit it, I've watched the bachelor from time to time with my wife. And one thing I've noticed is every season when it gets down to the last round there is always one crazy lady left. My question is, is it rigged or has every bachelor on the show have a thing for the crazy ladies.
Which would ruin a romantic moment quicker? Belching or Flatulence?
Here's the scenario, you're out on a date the evening is going well and romantic kiss is forthcoming. But you're date has just committed one of the above choices. Which one would ruin the moment?
Which is a better place to have the "Housewives of" show? Booger Hollow, AR or Paris, KY?
Yeah we get it big cities have drama queens, but what about the other cities in the US?
Who would make a better roommate? The Tooth Fairy or Buffalo Bill?
Both of these guys are a little odd, have some rather unique extra curricular activities, are fans of Dr. Lecter and have a vacant room in their apartment. Who would you rather be roomies with?
Whose the bad guy in this scenario? The gunman or Walmart?
If you heard, a shop lifter pulled a gun on a Walmart employee in an attempt to get away. Heroically some of his co-workers disarmed the gunman and saved their co-worker. The police that arrived at the scene told the employees they had done everything correctly. A week later Walmart fired all of the employees involved in the incident. So I ask the question, who is the bad guy here? The gunman or...
When you wake up and your hair is a mess do you leave it as it or straighten it?
When you wake up and your hair is all jacked up pointing in various directions you've got two choices. You can leave it as it is, because some people pay to have their hair look like your hair does now. Or, you can take time to make it look all pretty. I guess you could also put a hat on it, but there are only two choices here :)
Which would you rather eat? A deep-fried twinkie or a deep-fried snickers candy bar?
When I first heard of people deep-frying twinkies and snickers candy bar I was slightly grossed out and also curious. I've had a deep-fried snickers candy bar, it's not bad. But now I have my sights set on a deep-fried twinkie. I know, I'm a health nut.
Who looks better with beer goggles? Rosie O'Donnell or Rin Tin Tin?
You're at a party, had a few too many and you're faced with a choice. Who do you pick?
What should Bieber do now? Let it burn or keep dreaming?
If you haven't heard, Justin Bieber got shut out at the Grammy Awards last night. Including the award for best new artist. So what should he do now? Should he let it burn or keep dreaming?
Who would you rather wake up beside in the morning? Jay Leno or Greta Van Susteren?
One will make you laugh the other will make you cry. It was a rough night out so who did you end up with?
what is the best joke you've heard making fun of your name?
LMAO!! Oh man. Well, when I was in high school we were coming up with nicknames in basketball for homecoming. And they guys wrote down for me (we changed it for the actual event), "Joshua Howmuchareyour Titsworth".
What's really in Snooki's bun? Old Halloween Candy or Wreckage from the Bermuda Triangle?
Everyone's thought about it, and now it's time to guess. What do you think Snooki is hiding in that bun?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
In the store shopping on my phone
Which do you like better, Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?
put those two together
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
A rabid badger
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
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