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What You Should and Shouldn't Watch This Christmas
The holiday season is tough. You've got all that shopping to do, the family members to visit, the lame company Christmas parties you are obligated to attend. After all that work, all you want to do is sit back and watch a heartwarming Christmas special. There are so many of them, though. Which ones should you watch? Here are the best movies and TV specials of the holidays along with the stinkers that you should avoid. 1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966 TV special) Who hasn't felt...
You Will Not Remember Reading This Article
Science has invented a way to steal your memories from you, and depending on the circumstances that may be either a good thing or a bad thing. If you suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, for instance, it can help you suppress the memories that haunt you day and night and make your life a living hell. That's a definite plus. If you've just drunk water that a mad scientist has spiked with a memory eraser drug to create a population of docile, confused slaves to do his bidding, ...
Glenn Beck Wants You to Get 50% Off Your Next Bikini Waxing
If you're anything like me, you stopped checking Groupon's daily deals after the twentieth or so offer for 50% off a tooth whitening or hair styling. Ditto for Living Social, which has tried very hard to be the Pepsi to Groupon's Coca-Cola. Oh sure, you were tempted by the discount on a skydiving session that one time, but then you remembered you're afraid of heights. So, you unsubscribed from their mailing list and haven't given it a second thought since then. Well, Glenn ...
Steve Jobs Is Like a God to You
As any Android phone owner who has ever been sneered at by an iPhone owner can attest, Apple fans have a very real, often irritating devotion to the brand. It should come as no surprise, then, that neuroscientists have found that Apple inspires a religious reaction in the brains of its devotees. The study was part of a BBC program called Secret of the Superbrands, which attempted to answer the question of why the world's most successful brands are as dominant as they are. The ...
Good News for Masochists: The Next Two Installments of Atlas Shrugged Are Back On
When Atlas Shrugged Part I turned out to be both a critical and financial bomb, its producer made a sour face and declared that if critics weren't going to play nice he was going to take his toys and go home. This led a plethora of puns regarding the film's title, and it's a damn shame that well has been fully tapped because I really wanted to title this article "Producer of Atlas Shrugged Shrugs Off the Fact That His Movie Sucked and Nobody Liked It." I guess that would ...
What the Music You Like Says About Your Sex Habits
The music-based dating site Tastebuds recently surveyed its users and found some interesting trends among them. For instance, Coldplay fans are apparently prudes whereas those who dig Nirvana also dig getting laid. As a big music geek myself, this led me to wonder what other correlations exist between musical tastes and sexual proclivities. Rather than waste time doing "research" or "analysis," though, I thought I'd make some observations based on anecdotal evidence I&...
8 Ideas for Targeted Ads on the New Amazon Kindle
Amazon has recently started taking orders for a new, cheaper version of their Kindle e-reader which is subsidized by advertisements that appear on the device's home screen when it is not in use. In exchange for being subjected to these advertisements, Kindle purchasers get a $25 discount on the device. This raises the possibility that Amazon will use customers' reading history to determine which ads to show them. Here are some ideas to start them off. 1. For Readers of Twilight by ...
Republicans Use Economy as Excuse to Put Our Privates in Peril
As I write this, my wife is in Washington D.C. with a few busloads of like-minded individuals from our home state of Michigan, rallying in support of an organization she feels passionately enough about to regularly donate her time and money to. That organization is Planned Parenthood, and the Republicans are fighting tooth and nail right now to defund it under the guise of fiscal conservatism.
Glenn Beck vs. Japan
Right-wing hatemongers have a long history of blaming the victims of horrible tragedies. Pat Robertson has proven himself to be a leader in the field of rubbing salt in people's wounds by attributing the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti to their supposed pact with the Devil and declaring that Hurricane Katrina was "God's wrath." Never one to be out-crazied, Beck has launched the latest salvo against decency and compassion, declaring that the 9.0 earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami was "a message from God."
National Civility Institute: A Ridiculous Idea from a Bunch of Whiny Crybabies
Have those boneheads at the University of Arizona been inhaling too much desert sand? Apparently unable to stomach a little bit of spirited debate in our public discourse, those bozos have decided to create the National Institute for Civil Discourse. Disgraced ex-Presidents George H.W. "Read My Lips: No Second Term" Bush and Bill "Failed in My Career as a Saxophonist" Clinton will serve as honorary co-chairmen of the institute, and have somehow deluded themselves into thinking that it will help "elevate the tone of dialogue in our country." Good luck, morons!
Microsoft to the Internet: "For the Love of God, Please Stop Using IE6"
Microsoft has a message for those of you still browsing the web using Internet Explorer 6: KNOCK IT OFF. With more and more users upgrading to newer, more standards-compliant browsers, it's the few stragglers who are holding the rest of us back. Of course, Microsoft isn't advocating that you move to a competing product like Firefox or Chrome. They would much prefer you upgrade to their own Internet Explorer 8 (or 9, if you're hip to the whole beta thing).
The Placebo Effect in Reverse: Pessimism Will Cause You Pain
Not convinced that a dose of aspirin is going to make your headache go away? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, according to a recent article from the BBC. Whereas the placebo effect can cause a person to feel positive results from a capsule full of nothing but hopes and dreams, negative expectations about the effectiveness of medicine can have the opposite effect. What does this mean for you, the consumer? It means if you're paying an outrageous copay for a name-brand medication, you'd better believe that stuff is going to work or you're not going to get your money's worth.
It’s Official: Everything Awesome Causes Cancer
Well, it's over. You're not allowed to do anything fun and/or cool anymore. Smoking is out. Drinking is a no-no. Don't even think about tanning. Oh, and you can count oral sex out now, too. Yes, a new study has linked a rise in certain forms of head and neck cancer to the increased popularity of oral sex.
hey man I see that you are a writer here. I was accepted too an filled out the forms so I'm wondering can I just start writing or do I need to wait for them to enable my account because I dont see the admin tools link yet
Take a second look through the paperwork you were sent. One of the documents explains the writing process. If you have any questions, you should get a hold of Rebecca.
I was once an Objectivist, but when I was a teenager. Do you forgive me?
We all do crazy things in our teenage years. I was a full-on Marxist! Luckily the strength of my convictions is no longer quite so strong.
So take it you are not an Objectivist?
Is it that obvious?
New Revelations About Ayn Rand Suggest She Probably Died of Irony
It was recently reported in The Huffington Post that Ayn Rand accepted Social Security and Medicare payments toward the end of her life. This raises new questions about Rand and her libertarian ideals, which have inspired a whole movement of people who believe the government has cooties and should be avoided at all cost.
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