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What do you think of the new 'invisible' bike helmet?
A new "invisible bike helmet" was recently created that allows cyclists to protect their head without all the hassle of wearing a silly looking helmet. Instead, riders wear a ridiculous looking collar that inflates like an airbag in the event of a crash. The invisible bike helmet (Hovding), retails for $600 and is good for just one inflation before it needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, ...
Which 'flying' dog do you like better?
One dog looks oddly determined while the other seems mildly irritated. Neither one of these animals really soars with the greatest of ease, but we still want to know which "flying dog" you'd rather have as your very own.
Which 'it thinks it's people' animal photo is more ridiculous?
It's a known (and highly scientific) fact that animals dressed like people are 62 percent funnier. As a result, it's no surprise these two photos have been making the rounds online and creating an amusing mixture of teehees and awww how adorables. But the real question is, which of the two animals looks more ridiculous?
Which set of 'Adventure Time' costumes is better?
What time is it? Adventure Time! At least that appears to be the case for these seriously dressed up fans of the Cartoon Network's hit show. But which set of costumes do you like better, the princesses (and Ice King) or the loyal sidekicks?
Which baby sloth is more adorable?
Sloths aren't known for being fierce, but that didn't stop us from pitting these two babies against each other in a head to head battle of stunning cuteness. So, which baby sloth reigns supreme and earns the title of most adorable?
What's the best place for Hologram Tupac's next appearance?
Now that Coachella is over, Hologram Tupac is going to want to capitalize on the recent media buzz by announcing his next appearance. Which set of similarly deceased holograms would make for a better fit? Should Tupac hang with the jedis from Star Wars or the ghost hitchhikers from Disney's Haunted Mansion?
Which is fading faster, Robert Andino's smile or LeBron James' hairline?
Both of these athletes are being beaten down by the cruel hands of time. It's no secret that LeBron's headband keeps moving higher up his forehead to conceal a rapidly receding hairline. However, it would also appear that Robert Andino is getting really bummed out from spending the past three years with the Orioles. Both are tragic, but which one is disappearing faster? Is it Bron Bron's hair or ...
Which exclusive club has a more rigorous initiation process?
While one club might be more prestigious than the other, they're both known for putting new members through juvenile and ridiculous initiation rituals. The Bad Girls Club focuses on hair-pulling, vandalism of personal belongings, and good old fashioned name calling, while the Skull and Bones opts for humiliation, homoeroticism, and of course, good old fashioned name calling. So, which super ...
Which real life Super Mario sighting is better?
Can't an overweight guy wander around in a red shirt and overalls without being compared to a classic Nintendo character? Apparently not! So what we want to know is which of these two guys makes the better Mario?
Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?
With the Super Bowl not even starting until 6:30 pm EST, by the time the Giants had defeated the Patriots 21-17 it was already well past 10:00 on the east coast, and many fans had likely been drinking for the past several hours. The game drew a 47.8 rating, which means approximately half of the households with TVs were tuned into the broadcast. If there's this much interest in watching the 'big ...
Bellagio vs. Caesars Palace: which Las Vegas hotel is better?
One got robbed by Clooney and Pitt in Ocean's Eleven and the other hosted The Hangover's famous Wolf Pack. They're both located right next to each other, and usually offer similar rates, but which Las Vegas hotel is better, Bellagio or Caesars Palace? Here are some quick highlights on each of the two hotels: Bellagio 3,933 rooms in two different towers Opened in 1998, most recent ...
Is a Dwight Schrute spinoff series a good idea?
What do you do when a series has already jumped the shark? Start launching spinoffs! Deadline recently reported that The Office's own Dwight Schrute could be the subject of a new TV series that would premier in 2013. The series would chronicle Dwight as he runs his famous beet farm / bed and breakfast combo, and has reportedly been in the works for a while. Is it a good idea to give Dwight a ...
Which meme (in latte art form) do you like better?
Both memes are unquestionably great, but which latte art rendition do you think is the better of the two? Do you prefer the always vigilant Pedobear or the perpetually frustrated Rage Guy?
Which best actor snub was more surprising: Michael Fassbender or Ryan Gosling?
The Academy Award nominations came out today, and in addition to proving once and for all what a weak year for Best Picture nominees it was, there were a couple notable snubs from the best actor category. After securing Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor, both Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling failed to score nominations for this year's Oscars. Which omission do you think is more ...
Man sets out to survive one year in the Scottish wilderness, dies within a month. Did he get what he deserved?
Inspired by British survivalist Bear Grylls, 29-year-old David Austin set out to spend one year alone in the Scottish wilderness. He made it roughly 8 percent of the way to his goal before dying of hypothermia. This is hardly the first time someone has gone all Into the Wild with the same less than shocking results, and despite Austin's two years worth of survival classes, most experts agree ...
Is it fair to charge higher insurance premiums to the unemployed?
A recent study from three insurance brokers in the United Kingdom showed that people without jobs are likely to pay an average of 30 percent more for their auto insurance. The reason for the higher premiums has to do with the increased risk of insuring unemployed motorists who may: -Prove less likely to maintain their vehicles -Pose a greater credit risk -Be more likely to be involved in a ...
Are you disappointed by a Giants / Patriots rematch in this year's Super Bowl?
Following New England's 23-20 victory over Baltimore and New York's 20-17 overtime win against San Francisco, the match up for Super Bowl XLVI is finally set. Are you satisfied with the way things played out, or are you disappointed by the prospect of a Super Bowl XLII rematch?
Seal and Heidi Klum Prepare for Divorce: No Big Deal or Say It Ain’t So?
After 7 years and three children together, supermodel/harsh German Project Runway host Heidi Klum and 'Kiss from a Rose' singer-songwriter Seal have announced they're getting divorced, listing 'irreconcilable differences' as the cause. The news comes on the heels of the equally devastating Katy Perry / Russell Brand divorce, and threatens to once again undermine people's faith in the '...
Should States Look to Restrict Eating While Driving?
A recent study concluded that eating while driving can increase the likelihood of being in an accident just as much as talking on a cell phone. In many states, using a handheld cell phone while driving has already been banned, and a study like this raises similar questions about whether other types of distracted driving should face similar restrictions. What say you? Should states start ...
Could Mark Wahlberg Have Prevented September 11th?
In a recent interview with Men's Journal, actor Mark Wahlberg (who was initially booked on one of the hijacked flights during 9/11) was quoted as saying, 'If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn't have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, 'Okay, we're going to land somewhere safely, don't worry.'' Wahlberg's assertion ...
USDA Aims to Crush Obesity Epidemic with Flashy New Food Plate
When it comes to eating, Americans aren't exactly known for showing restraint. However, you can hardly blame nutritional ignorance for our country's ballooning waistlines. Back in 1992, the USDA adopted the Food Pyramid to help educate Americans about the components of a well-balanced diet. The chart was cribbed from Denmark, where it had been published 14 years prior, and offered a simple breakdown of food groups and recommended serving sizes. It might not have been a flawless model, ...
Chinese Prisons Make World of Warcraft a Chore
In what might be the most bizarre mistreatment of prisoners since 1,500 Filipino inmates were forced to perform the dance from Thriller, The Guardian has recently alleged that a number of Chinese convicts were required to "play online games to build up credits that prison guards would then trade for real money." Most people equate labor camps with back-breaking physical tasks (and apparently there were no shortage of those, either), but the real surprise is that for nearly 300 ...
Toronto Parents Determined to Confuse Kid by Ignoring Baby’s Sex
There are plenty of parents who like to condescendingly point out that until you have kids, there's no way you can understand what it's like to be a parent. And, while this might be true to an extent, there are plenty of things so stupid they still warrant a bit of armchair quarterbacking from anyone with common sense. One recent example is a Toronto couple that has decided to conceal the sex of their baby as "a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to ...
How to Make a Successful HBO Drama Series
With Game of Thrones already renewed for a second season, it looks like HBO has another successful show on their hands. In addition to almost universal praise, the series premiere brought in 2.2 million viewers. Overlooking a few minor exceptions (John From Cincinatti), HBO's track record with dramas is as strong as they come. Here's a look at their formula for success.
Chuck E. Cheese Sued for 5 Million Dollars, or Equivalent Value in Tokens
A woman in San Diego is suing Chuck E. Cheese's parent company, alleging that the beloved restaurant, arcade, and all around family utopia is playing host to numerous illegal gambling devices. Denise Keller, parent of two, is accusing CEC Entertainment Inc. of using "casino-style gambling devices" to dupe children into squandering countless tokens in an attempt to acquire tickets. Anyone who's ever been to an arcade knows the process, but for the uninitiated, it usually goes...
Master Thieves, These Guys Ain’t
Sometimes karma works overtime, and in the case of a Seattle man who stole a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society donation jar, the penalties were swift and severe. After taking the tip jar from the counter of a local business, the would-be Thomas Crown decided to flee the scene on foot, running directly into the street and promptly getting hit by a bus. Apparently there were quarters everywhere. The master criminal was taken to a local hospital, and the $15 in change was returned to the business ...
Rick Baird Cements His Place in History with a Perfect Round of...Putt-Putt Golf
During baseball's modern era, there have been just 18 perfect games. It's one of the rarest and greatest achievements in sports, but when compared to the quest for perfection in the fast-paced world of competitive putt-putt, perfect games in baseball are downright commonplace. Last month, 53-year-old Rick Baird became just the third person in the sport's history to play a perfect 18 holes of putt-putt, racking up 18 consecutive hole-in-ones during round 2 of The Richmond Open at ...
In-N-Out Burger is Good, But It’s Not This Good
Something massive is happening in Allen, Texas. Gridlock lines the streets, and you can feel the excitement of that new fast food smell permeating the air. In-N-Out Burger is having its grand opening. The video below is getting a lot of attention for highlighting the ridiculous wait people are willing to endure just for a taste of what Tom Hanks calls, "The best thing about Los Angeles." And sure, In-N-Out Burger might be shockingly good for a fast food restaurant, but it's far...
what are your super powers?
Um, I bruise easily. Does that count?
Is Seattle’s Phone Book Crackdown a Step in the Right Direction?
Last week marked the beginning of Seattle's new opt out registry, which made it the first city in the country requiring phone book companies to honor requests from people who no longer want to receive an antiquated bundle of listings and advertisements. With the city estimating about two million phone books recycled each year, at a total cost of approximately $350,000, the new ordinance intends to eliminate some of the waste by saving people the hassle of carrying each phone book delivery ...
Remember When Video Games Used to Be Tough?
At the risk of sounding like I'm sick of kids rough-housing around on my lawn, I'm going to date myself as an old fogey and make the blanket statement that kids today are overly coddled. I'm not talking about the douchebag kids that roll their eyes at any car without a video screen in the backseat... Seriously though, what an a-hole. Or even the kids who get a participation medal from their softball team despite spending the bulk of every game sitting in the dirt out in ...
Is Business School the Easy Route Through College?
A recent article from The New York Times titled The Default Major: Skating Through B-School has the audacity to propose that business school might not be all it's cracked up to be. The report asserts that not only do business school students study less than those in other majors, they show the least learning. And, to top it off, they're typically less prepared for the GMATs than students from any other major, scoring significantly lower than students with a Humanities, Social Science, ...
Bachmann Versus Palin: A Crazy "Squirmish"
With Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin both being tossed around as potential GOP candidates in 2012, I thought it made sense to pit the two "real Americans" in a head to head showdown. Both political figures are known for saying some ridiculously dumb stuff, but when it comes to a no-holds-barred quote off, it's actually hard to tell which one's the crazier candidate. On The Environment "Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn't even one study ...
Nitpicking the Classics: 8 Things I’ll Never Understand About Demolition Man
Having aired multiple times recently on AMC, it's nice to see that Demolition Man has finally joined the ranks of Bloodsport and The African Queen as a legitimate American Classic. And, as what can easily be considered one of the top five cryogenically-frozen-to-be-thawed-out at-a later-date action movies of all time, it's unquestionably a triumph of 20th century cinema. Unfortunately, despite what was certainly a hefty consulting team of scientists, futurists, and other random advisers, the 1993 masterpiece still has a few flaws that nag at me even after all these years.
Hunch hunch! What what? Buh bo!
I don't think "what what" is supposed to be a question. I'm pretty sure it's an excited declaration.
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