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How old am I in this picture?
These pics were taken on the same day (I din't want to give any hints) if you have a specific age you think I am please comment.
Is this the same person?
I know, but do you? I know this is kinda pointless but so are many things on this or that.
Which hairstyle looks best on me?
I was just wondering want other people thought. I've only had my hair cut 2 days (when i created this) so i'm still experimenting
Which hairstyle suits me best?
I just wanted to know what everyone thinks.
Which hairstyle suits me best?
I was just interested to know what people think. Although it doesn't make too much of a difference as I'm cutting it pretty much all off for christmas (2011)
Is this a nice picture?
In the 'scary' picture I'm perposefully grinning with my eyes open really wide, i was messing around so i don't actually smile like that :D
Which are the coolest twins?
Ok so they're both funny, but the Weasley's are charasmatic, but Zack and Cody are ever so slighty more family friendly (no swearing:))
What was Hermione's first ever line.
Just wondering if anyone can remember what Hermione first said to the boys in 'H.P. and the Philosopher's Stone'
Who is hotter From Harry Potter?
I just thought it was a good question as everyone has different preferences. My personal favourite is the funny and slightly akward Ron Weasley.
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
cakes coz u can eat it hot, warm or even a little cold
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
deaf because then i would still be able to see everything and everyone and i could learn sign language or to lip read, whereas if were blind i would be clueless
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