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which is more likely to happen in the next twilight movie 1 or 2
which is more likely to happen in the next twilight movie vampires yelling insults at fairy boy or blade shows up
Which side do you choose, Captain America or Iron Man
Captain America movie is gonna come out soon then the avengers and then they have to release a civil war of heroes movie
Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or the Megazord
Who would win in a fight Super Bruce Lee or the Megazord.
which is an actual vampire, the guy from twilight or dracula
we all know the answer to this but i'll help out the twilght people who don't know what a vampire is by telling them what vampires do no exceptions. 1.) Vampires eat people 2.)Vampires live in castles and eat people 3.) vampires don't like the sun and they eat people 4.) if vampires wnt to school they would eat someone if they don't do 5.) vampires do not i repeat do not sparkle. ...
Which do you prefer, new Disney or old Disney
Disney as we all know has changed over the years sometimes for the better but not all ways so the question is: do you prefer the original disney or the new disney?
Who would win in a fight Rambo or the Terminator
The question pretty much explains itself who would win
Wich taught you more text books or television
Wich taught you more about life television or text books
Would you rather Call or Text?
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
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