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pick one, Snape or Lucius ?
no doubt in that. snape
whos better on screen???
u choose. its radcliffe(aka Harry Potter vs. Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen)
Who do u think is better?? Watson or Stewart
All u fans of harry potter and twilight gotta take this tot. U CHOOSE!! EMMA WATSON OR KRISTEN STEWART
if you don;t mind then my i know something about u?
as u kno 4rm my name, im a harry potter fan. i live in india. love 2 playfootball. i am a girl ( not girly).
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
dogs of all breed. lov em
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
ice cream.
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
both are gud but i am a harry potter person
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
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