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Which should Tom Cruise make, Top Gun 2 or Cocktail 2?
Tom Cruise is reportedly in development on a sequel to his big 80's hit, "Top Gun". Which is great and all, but where's the love for his Razzie-winning non-hit "Cocktail"? After all, mixing drinks is every bit as exciting as fighter jet combat, right? And who doesn't want to hear an updated version of "Kokomo"? Anyone? Anyone?
Who's funnier, Fat Jonah Hill or Thin Jonah Hill?
Jonah Hill used to be the heir apparent to John Candy, Jim Belushi, and Chris Farley--the lovable, funny, overweight everyman. Now there's another Jonah Hill on the block, slim and trim enough that if you wrapped him in a tortilla, the old Jonah Hill could probably consume him whole. He certainly looks healthier, but the question is, for Jonah Hill, does fat = funny?
Which was the most offensive YouTube hit of 2011?
Of these two huge YouTube sensations in 2011, which offends you more? On the one hand, there's Rick Perry demonstrating his rampant bigotry and lying about Christians being a persecuted minority in America. And then on the other hand, there's Rebecca Black's divisive philosophical quandary about whether she should take the front seat or the back. Think before you choose!
Here's Why You'll Buy Star Wars Again, You Nerd!
Fox and Lucasfilm have finally revealed details and box art for the new Star Wars Blu-Ray set, also known as "showing fans how they'll justify buying these movies for like the forty-seventh time." First, aside from the obvious draw of having the movies in pristine high definition, there's new artwork. It's not really very good artwork, but it's new. The boxes for the individual trilogies aren't bad, but the box for the whole set is a kind of pastel peach color ...
At the Movies, It's Not Just the Plots That Aren't Very Bright
A common complaint among detractors of 3D (i.e., nearly everybody) is that the image is too dim. That's a natural side effect of projecting the movie through what is essentially a piece of shaded glass, and then watching it with sunglasses on. Dim is gonna happen. But now you've got another reason to complain about 3D: it's ruining your 2D movies too. The thing is, in order to make digital projectors throw 3D images on the screen, the projectionist has to affix a special lens that ...
Can't Get Enough "Glee"? Fox Has You Covered
Fox is saturating the world with Glee. There's a summer concert tour already in progress and an actual big screen movie of that concert tour coming to theaters this August. It almost feels like Glee is becoming High School Musical for people who aren't nine. The movie will consist of performance clips from the stage show in which all the regular cast members sing songs from season two, mixed with "special moments involving the characters." "Special moments" ...
James Cameron Does It At a Faster Frame Rate
At the recent CinemaCon, Avatar director James Cameron tried again to revolutionize movie presentation. He tried it once before with 3D which, while it was cool for a while, wound up being just a revolutionary way to annoy people. Now he's trying it again with faster frame rates, and we'll soon find out if his next giant step forward lands in a giant puddle. Ever since the 1920's, movies have been projected at 24 frames per second. It was a technical limitation of the era that...
Duncan Jones Might Keep "The Wolverine" From Sucking
The latest in the "X-Men" franchise, "The Wolverine," has had a challenging development cycle. First the original director, Darren Arronofsky, abandoned it because of scheduling conflicts. (Which is sad, because an Arronofsky-directed Wolverine would have been fascinating.) Then it had to be put on hold because most of its story is set in Japan, a country that has things on its mind right now that are somewhat more pressing than the filming of a superhero movie. But now it...
Arnold's Not Finished Terminating
To paraphrase a famous scene from the 80's classic "Commando": "Remember, Sully, when I promised I wouldn't do another big action movie because I'm too old?" "That's right, Arnold, you did!" "I lied." But Arnold's not looking at doing just any old action movie. No sir, he's going back to the biggest of them all. Rumour has it he's doing "Terminator 5." The latest director to beat this dead horse is Justin ...
Pigasus Awards Honor World's Biggest D-Bags
Each year, the skeptically-driven James Randi Educational Foundation gives out its not-so-prestigious Pigasus Awards to "the 5 worst promoters of nonsense." In other words, five guys who should really be in jail, but instead make a good living lying to people. If it were up to me, cold-reader John Edward would win all five every single year. And psychic Sylvia Browne, who is not even that great of a faker, would get ten more. This year's list of nominees breaks down as ...
M. Night Shyamalan Preps His Big Comeback with Help from Will Smith
With "The Last Airbender", you could practically hear the "kerplunk" of M. Night Shyamalan's career officially going into the toilet. "Please take me seriously!" Now Will Smith has come along to help him out...and he's bringing his kid. Smith plans to co-produce and co-star in a thus-far-untitled sci-fi film directed by Shyamalan. It's set 1,000 years in the future and follows a young boy and his father whose spaceship crashes on an abandoned Earth....
6 Good Guys Who Were Actually Kind of Evil
Is it asking too much for our movie good guys to be, like, good? Sometimes when you take the time to think about it (also known as "utterly wasting time"), our favorite movie heroes did some pretty bad-guy things. Here are six examples. 1. The Ewoks Why they were good guys: Return of the Jedi's fuzzy heroes were cute and cuddly, and a baby one snuggled Han Solo's leg (not in a humping way). Awwww. And they were also inexplicably capable of taking down legions of ...
6 Reasons Another Blade Runner Might Not Be So Bad
The rights to produce sequels and/or prequels to Ridley Scott's 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner were recently purchased by Alcon Entertainment. Within seconds, the geek universe that worships Blade Runner as a golden god was up in arms with predictable rallying cries of "Worst. Idea. Ever!" But would a sequel or prequel to the movie really be so bad? Here are some reasons to think twice. 1. There's an Entire Universe to Explore When Ridley Scott does sci-fi, he doesn&...
New Dating Site Aimed at Doppelgangers
There are a lot of things you want to have in common with your ideal romantic match: values, interests, level of belch tolerance, and so forth. But if you're like me, there's one thing you absolutely do not want to share: the same freaking face. If you're not like me, there's Findyourfacemate.com, a new dating site that matches potential partners based on similar facial features. Because apparently, some people want to date their doppelganger. The site uses image ...
Kevin Smith Takes "Red State" On the Road
Kevin Smith's new movie "Red State" is a far cry from anything he's done before, and he's using a distribution strategy that's a far cry from anything anybody's done before. He's self-distributing it one city at a time, with no official marketing beyond Twitter announcements, and charging $40 to $100 a ticket. And it's working.
"Turn Off the Dark" Won't Turn Off
You could say that previews of the Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" were a little troubled. Troubled in the way that Jack Nicholson's character in "The Shining" was troubled. But the producers of Spidey's show aren't giving up without a fight. They've brought in a veritable rogue's gallery of hired help to save the day, and they're right now re-tooling virtually every aspect of the show before its (much delayed) scheduled opening on June 14th.
Michael Bay Admits Transformers 2 Was Crap (Sorta)
Director Michael Bay has hit the promotional trail for "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" pretty early, and he's clearly in damage control mode. He knows that virtually every thing that lives and breathes thought "Transformers 2" was crap, but he still wants them to go see the new one. So he's playing the humility card and admitting his mistakes with the second movie. Well, he's admitting one mistake, anyway. We're still waiting on his confession for the fourteen thousand other things wrong with it.
Extended "Rings" Trilogy On Its Way to Blu-Ray
If you've seen the extended DVD versions of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, then you know there's just no going back to the theatrical cuts. So when the theatrical versions were the first to hit Blu-ray, fan disappointment was tempered only by the strong yet unconfirmed suspicion that the full versions would surely hit HD someday.
Memo to Invading Aliens: You're Working Too Hard
Dear Alien Conquerors. Ever since "Independence Day" in 1996, it seems like you guys think you have to demolish recognizable landmarks to make your point. But as this infographic shows, if all you're really interested in conquering is the North American box office, you don't need to work that hard.
10 Head-Scratching, Inexplicable Oscar Wins
The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and while most of the categories seem pretty locked up, there could still be a surprise or two. In anticipation of a fluke win or shocking upset, I thought I'd look back on some other jaw-dropping Oscar moments. Here are, in my opinion, 10 inexplicable Oscar wins.
Zack Snyder Digs Up Kevin Costner for Superman Role
Director Zack Snyder ("300") is busy rebooting the Superman franchise... again... and there are some strong casting rumors floating around. The latest has it that the role of Jonathan Kent, the Man of Steel's adopted daddy, might go to former water-skiing fish-man Kevin Costner.
New Beer for the Final Frontier
Ever since man first raised his eyes to the stars and dreamed of traversing the unimaginable void of infinite space, one certainty has dominated his thinking: for a trip like this, we're gonna need to get pissed. Well now an Australian brewery is working to make that a reality by creating a beer specifically designed to be consumed in space.
Amazon Launches Movie Streaming Service
Amazon.com has finally launched its long-rumored movie streaming service that puts it in direct stream-to-stream competition with established player Netflix.
Should Best Picture and Best Director Be One Category?
The last two categories every Oscar night, Best Director and Best Picture, are usually presented in very rapid succession. By this point the show has invariably gone on too long and they're trying to wrap it up, but there's another reason they go so fast: once the Best Director has been announced, there's no more suspense. Best Picture is almost certain to go to the same movie. It just makes sense that the best director made the best movie, doesn't it?
Arnold Schwarzenegger to Return to "Acting"
According to the man himself in his Twitter feed, Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially fielding movie roles again. Insert obligatory "I'll be back" joke here, and move on. Arnie's been lounging around like a girlie man since 2003, doing absolutely nothing other than being governor of California. He did have a small and wretched cameo in "Around the World in 80 Days" and a brief appearance alongside every action star in the world in "The Expendables."
Justin Bieber Double Dips
You know how sometimes you buy a movie on DVD the day it comes out, and then six months later it comes out in a Super Deluxe Edition with twenty minutes of extra footage, and you have to buy it again? It's called "double dipping," and Justin Bieber is taking it to a whole new level. He's not even waiting for DVD. He's not even waiting a month.
Indonesian Crop Circle Definitely Made By Aliens, Claim Idiots
A new "crop circle" has, pardon the term, "cropped" up in a rice field in central Indonesia. And, unlike every single other crop circle ever documented and subsequently debunked since the very first one in 1978, this new one was definitely made by aliens. For sure. Honestly.
You Cannot Have the Pope's Kidney
The Vatican has revealed that, despite having carried an organ donor card since at least the 70's, Pope Benedict cannot give you his organs. His body, and all its various squishy parts, belong to the church. And when it comes to organs, the Vatican is apparently not in the habit of donating.
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