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Relationship Status: In a relationship
Website: www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000329510312
Favorite Book: The Book Thief
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Things you <3: Black Veil Brides, friends, Japan, writing, reading and listening to music
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(/O_O)/ hiii
do u paint
can i have your friend laura's beanie hat!? ;)
haha no, she wont even let me have it
Do you like my painting so far? (its not done)
I want your opinions cause I like it and I am pretty proud of it.
why cant i have your skull beanie? il give it back... after a few years n_n
haha, cause I love that hat and its not even really mine, its my best friend Laura's even though I'm sure I wear it more than she does haha
Do you have to much time on your hands or something?
Not really, I just do most of my tot's in the middle of the night when I would not be hanging out with anyone or talking to anyone.
Can i have your skull beanie? n_n
haha, no, I'm sorry
Are you poor are rich
more poor than rich
do u like gir? invader zim?
yes, yes I do, I love them(the show itself and gir by himself)
r u a lesbian? truth.....?
nope, I am perfectly straight
who is your fav band/dinger??
Black Veil Brides
do u like me as a sister?
um you asked this anonymously so I don't know who you are so I wouldn't really know
do u want to suck my dick
hell no, thats discusting
Which book looks more interesting?
I have them both on my bookshelf and am going to read them soon but I want to know which one I should read first so just say which you would read.
would you like me to follow you
do you watch happy tree friends?
I dont know what that is
Do you like taylor laughtner
not really but hes okay
Do you like justin bieber
HELL NO! I hate him with all my heart.
Can you please vote on my tots :)
you asked this anonymously so i can't
ok i wont, :) but u are cute ( suddenly i find myself running like a slave about to be punished with a whip) LOL have a Nice Day :)
why are u so cute?
ummm... idk but I have to disagree, I find myself to be quite ugly(dont you dare argue with me about it, i hate that)
Which hair color is better on him?
I say pink, that is just his color and he looks better with that in my opinion.
Who sang Teenage Dream better?
If you haven't heard Vampires Everywhere!'s then listen to it before you vote.
Do Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera look alike?
I think they do but I'm wondering if I'm the only one that does.
Do you like cookies?
haha I had a cookie when I made this. :D
do you love me?
yes, yes I do
Why do you have a racoon hat???
I don't it is my best friend's
would you rather be raped by eric, nathaniel, or me??....lmao!!
probably Eric
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
dogs, but i have 2 cats
Which do you like better, Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
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