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Prime vs zoom lenses
Do you prefer using zoom or prime lenses for photography?
People who use Internet slang IRL are...
So it happens, some people use Internet slang (such as 'LOL') in real life while talking to each other. What is your opinion about this?
Is global warming just a joke?
Some people say global warming is just a joke, are you with them?
Seasons: summer or winter?
The cold season, or the warm one? Which do you like the more?
Favorite KDE distro, Kubuntu or OpenSUSE
I actually would have liked a third choice, PCLinuxOS but...
Time vs Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Songs)
Some of the best songs ever, which one is your favorite?
Which school subject do/did you prefer?
Were/are you a 'sporty' guy/girl or a ''geeky' guy/girl?
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