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straight r gay?
Not to be rude, but I don't see how that is pertinent to anything I have written.
Is New York America's rudest city?
A recent survey by Travel + Leisure Magazine found that most people feel New York City is the rudest city in the United States (a title it has claimed before.) Is this accurate? If you don't feel that this is the truth, please indicate which city you'd nominate below in the discussion thread.
Is Pirates! leprosy joke offensive?
The makers of the animated film, Pirates! Band of Misfits have decided to change a scene from the movie depicting a sailor's arm falling off due to leprosy after leprosy health advocates complained. Is this really worth getting offended over?
Should we ask presidential candidates to release their tax information?
Mitt Romney released his tax returns this week after being prodded to do so for weeks while campaigning. It happens in every election. Why? What purpose does it serve other than to look into the personal banking information of someone wanting to run our country, and inform us that "yes, he will be taking a paycut if he wins." Should we ask our candidates to give up that personal ...
Did West Virginia run up the Orange Bowl score?
West Virginia destroyed records in the Orange Bowl by ripping apart Clemson 70-33. The game was well in hand even at half time (West Virginia outscored the Tigers 35-3 in the 2nd quarter alone.) Yet, they continued actively trying to score throughout the 3rd quarter, only letting up by the 4th. Should the Mountaineers have started running the clock after half time, or were they right to keep ...
Which Pixar moment was more emotional?
I won't go into detail about these in case someone reading hasn't seen these movies (which you should), but most of you already know what these scenes involve. So which made you cry (or cry harder): Carl & Ellie or Andy & Woody?
Should women openly breast feed in public places?
A group of mothers have gone to various Target stores in northern Utah and publicly breast fed following one woman's alleged mistreatment by a Target employee for doing just that recently. This has stirred the seemingly age old question: should women be allowed to breast feed so openly, or should they be more discreet about it (using bottles or covering themselves)?
Was New Year's Eve less special on a Saturday?
Saturday nights are already well known for people going out to party and enjoy themselves late into the night. As such, did New Year's Eve seem less special than it would have on a regular week night, or did Saturday night add some extra spice?
Should teens be forced to inform their parents of abortions?
A New Hampshire law went into effect on January 1st that makes them the latest state to order any teenager who has become pregnant to have parental consent (or a court order) before having an abortion performed. Is this fair?
Should a teen boy be allowed to wear heels at school?
An openly gay 17 year old boy in Niagra Falls is protesting at his high school because officials made him remove a set of high heeled shoes he had worn. Officials noted that it is a hazard to wear heels in the school because of the stairs that students must climb, but did point out the fact that a boy wearing traditionally female clothing was becoming too much of a distraction and that made his ...
Should a cop be allowed to shoot a dog in self defense?
Some citizens of Gillespie, Illinois are up in arms after a police officer shot a dog. The dog, who belonged to a little girl in the neighborhood, showed up on a neighbor's porch acting menacingly. Police were called, and the dog ultimately charged one of the officers, forcing him to open fire. Did he do the right thing or did he have an itchy trigger finger?
Should a restaurant be allowed to expel a non-essential service dog?
A Grand Rapids restaurant is facing criminal charges after ejecting a patron's service dog from the dining area. However, the dog is trained to go get help in the event that his owner begins suffering from a seizure. Obviously, in a crowded restaurant, help wouldn't be too hard to find. Not to mention, the owners simply asked the dog be placed in the lobby for the time being. Was this acceptable?
Is it surprising that a quarter of shoppers haven't started?
A Time survey conducted this past weekend found 25% of shoppers had not even started their Christmas shopping. Does this surprise anyone?
Should this sperm "donor" be banned from donating?
OK, so this is one of those stories only the internet era would bring about. Trent Arsenault, a guy from Fresno (who has been known to masturbate on camera and post those videos online no less), has been donating sperm to women for a while as a side job. The problem? He's doing it himself directly to the women needing it. The FDA has told him to stop and is threatening him with a $100,000 fine ...
Should a pregnant inmate be shackled?
A former inmate of Maricopa County, Arizona is suing the state because guards allegedly shackled her while she was pregnant and in labor. The Sheriff's office is saying she was restrained before a c-section was performed and afterward, but soft restraints were used that simply connected to her bed to prevent escape. Is this a case of inmate abuse or the sheriff's office using common sense...
Which could you do without, the Internet or food?
A recent, rather scary, survey from Cisco found that one in three people who responded ranked the Internet as important as air, water, food, and shelter (those would be all of the basic needs save for clothing). Which would you want to do without, the bare necessities or getting your online fix?
Is the billion dollar disaster record impressive?
It is official that the United States saw a dozen different weather-related disasters this year that caused more than $1 billion in damages throughout 2011 (with two weeks left to go in the year). That breaks the record of nine billion dollar disasters set in 2008, but is that really impressive these days? The cost of living, the amount of stuff we own, and even the number of people in the United...
Was the SNL 'Jesus' skit offensive?
Saturday Night Live ran a skit this past weekend which satirized Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos by depicting Jesus taking credit for their seemingly miraculous comebacks in various games this season and then telling Tebow to "take [his open faith] down a notch." Was this skit good natured jabbing or did SNL take it too far?
Which is worse for Brian Urlacher?
Following the Bronco's (miraculous?) comeback against the Bears on Sunday evening, there was a lot of talk about just how amazing Tim Tebow's performance was. However, several on the losing side were not so quick to offer praise. As one would expect, their responses were more along the lines of trying to downplay what happened, though Chicago's Brian Urlacher may have taken downplaying too far ...
Did atheists steal Christmas in Santa Monica?
For 57 years, a church group in Santa Monica has rented out public space to present an expansive Nativity scene during the Christmas season. It has become a tradition in the city until this year. Many in Santa Monica are angry over what is being called a manipulation of the rules after a group of atheists, most of whom were not even from Santa Monica, rented out the majority of the spaces ...
Should Cincinnati Players Face Criminal Charges?
Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County in Ohio (which includes the Cincinnati metro area) Joseph T. Deters has stated that his office is reviewing the ugly brawl which ended the Cincinnati/Xavier basketball game on Saturday, and that they are mulling whether or not any criminal charges are appropriate. Should this be an issue left up to the conferences and schools, or would criminal charges be ...
Sports We All Watch (That Nobody Really Watches)
If you want to see how strange we are as a society, look no further than just how seriously we take our sports. The Super Bowl has become near a national holiday in the United States and baseball season is still looked forward to like a kid eying December 25th. Stranger yet is just how seriously we take some sports even though nobody actually bothers to watch their regular season or standard events. There are some niche pockets of America that will follow a certain team or will enjoy a sport ...
5 Television Networks That "Get It"
I recently lambasted several television networks for what I considered their inability to properly program their own schedules due to a variety of factors (OK, the number one factor was ineptitude). The post got considerable feedback, but I don't want everyone to think that I am completely negative towards the television landscape. In fact, there are several channels in the vast cable universe that I feel hit the nail right on the head when it comes to their style, lineup, and programming ...
Demographic Downfall: Television Executives Missing the Point
It might seem that, by now, television would have been around long enough that executives and network heads might understand how to operate things. Yet, every year in the new millennium has shown that this is not only a mistaken assumption, but that it almost appears that these same people running the show at network headquarters are almost trying to undo everything that is successful at making them money. As with most elements of life, hindsight will be 20/20, yet some of us can see clearly ...
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
I wouldn't prefer either won, but if I had to choose it would be deaf.
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Cats are more relaxing.
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Paris Hilton is far less annoying and way prettier. I won't say I like her better, just the lesser of two evils.
Would you rather Call or Text?
Calling is more personal and allows for more information.
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