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Relationship Status: In a relationship
Twitter: @VeraLufsMUSE
Favorite Book: 1984-george orwell and Mr. Was-Pete Hautman
Favorite Movie: anything sci-fi or action movies. I also like black swan
Things you <3: muse, drawing, sci fi movies, playing violin, fashion
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What does SHTA mean: Superior Hiking Trail Association or something else?
could also be: Shit Is Taken Away. oh wait, now I get it xD you are watching my profile pic xD well it means 'what' in some kind of east-european language :)
Leather pants or fishnet stockings?
hmmm....very hard choice...because I wear both very often ;) I'll ho for the leather pants, you can wear them too in winter :3
Is that kinky at a similar very high level? Lol ;)
hahahaha xD maybeee... ;D
IQ !
oh! more! 138 or 148 I don't remember very well, I got tested when I was 8-9 years old.
More or less than 130?
130 what?
Are you a bit kinky or very intelligent or both? ;)
ahaha...hmmm...what do you think about both? ;)
Are you afraid to ask questions or do you prefer answering them?
I prefer answering them. I'm not very good at inventing good questions like you do ;)
Look for username Dot Dot or don't you want to ask some questions?
well, (if I do understand this question :P) I am very very curious to know the username of the 'interviewer'... I'd love to have more questions :)
What would you prefer to be: a bird or a butterfly?
oh godd!! those are both my favorite animals!! umm, I think a bird, a beautiful colored bird which can fly huge distances :) so I could feel free and fly over the world.
Curious or obedient?
Obedient. I really have to be honest with that.
Do you like the questions or don't you dare to refuse to answer them?
good question...I think it's most of the first :)
Consulting Google or Wikipedia, would you still prefer Hollywood or would you change to Brazilian?
xD ahahahaha! umm let's see... hmm maybe Hollywood is a bit boring xD I think I'll go to Brazil though xD I want to see some old buildings and that statue of Jesus. That would be pretty awesome :)
Google or Wikipedia?
yay! more questions :D, although wikipedia has all information already sorted. (I have books for that xD)
Holywood or brazilian? ;)
Hollywood, because of the many shops (yay shopping xD) but Brazil would be really awesome too but only with carnival :) I love to dress up.
Eagerly waiting or anxiously waiting for more questions?
eagerly ;)
String/tanga or hipster?
hmmm.....usually hipsters but I want to get me some strings... :P
High heels or sneakers?
High heels definately :D
What fits you better: curious or patient?
patient I think. I can wait for answers.
Truth or dare: make a dirty joke or place the most beautiful picture of you with make-up.
ahahahaha XD who is this? xD lol! I'll go for the pic with the makeup, it'll get more appreciation xD
What do you prefer: a dirty joke or a conversation about politics?
Definately the dirty joke xD I make many of them myself...but I'm not saying tat politics are boring!!!
What would you rather have?
not keeping in mind how long you need them.
Make-up or natural?
make up I think. if I don't wear make up, I feel like I don't care about myself, that I'm letting myself go. I think that's the main reason to wear make up, we also wear make up for the boys of course xD (they should be proud!!). I feel beautiful if I really have the time to put on make up, totally prepare myself.
A fiddler on the roof or a rocker in the basement?
that is hard!! umm... something inside me says the fiddler on the roof. but I like rockers alot too!
Where is more "air to breathe": inside the box or "outside of the box"?
very good question...basically I would say, outside of the box. but I think that that depends on where you live. The Netherlands par example is a very free country, so you have enough 'oxygen' to be free. but there also are countries in which there isn't much freedom (of being outside of the box), then you would have freedom by living inside of the box.
Should I continue answering anonymous questions?
Something I was wondering...because there are some deepgoing questions... please help me.
Look at yourself. You are beautiful on the inside and on the outside or do you hesitate about that?
is the first thing a statement? xD well I hesitate about that sometimes. I know I'm different, I'm like 'outside of the box'. i dress differently, think differently and maybe am more silent. most of the people on my school don't like me because of that. so on school I can feel insecure sometimes...
What would you like to be more: a fashion designer or a fashion model?
that is a verrry good question! wow I love those questions xD well, umm.. fashion designer I guess. I'm very creative and already desing my own clothes. and I'm probably too ugly/short to be a model.
What do you like/dislike more/most: tattoos or piercings?
I like piercings the most. I don't really like tattoos.
What do you like more: serious questions or spicy ones?
hmm...serious ones. I feel threatened if people ask me spicy stuff. I rather tell them myself when I feel ready.
Do you prefer dark or bright colours?
bright. definately, but a bit of black is good in outfits :3
Tease or please?
hmm...if it's someone I love, I'd tease just allitle and then please. if not, I'll try to tease as much as I can to see how far i can go :3
Leader or follower?
leader (in fashion) I try to be as original as possible. if I have to work in groups I follow always
Brains or body?
hmm...first the brains , and of course it's a plus if there's a nice body too. I don't like it myself if people only like me because of my appearance.
What do you like more: books or music?
oh god! that;s a hard one because I spend alot of time on both... I think music.
Do you prefer jeans or skirts / dresses?
umm...skirts and dresses! you can combine alot with them and there's alot of variation. I do like jeans too, but they are so common...
Wild or quiet?
hmm...that's a hard one... if I'm partying or on a crowded place I can be wild. but at school and other places I'm always quiet and thinking.
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
pancakes <3
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
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