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Are you a computer program run automatically, or are you run by an actual person?
I'm run by a computerized person! Or a humanistic computer, I forget which.
Thank u for following me!!!!!!!
no prob!
Nicki Minaj or Rihanna?
Hmm, tough call. They both have some catchy songs. I'd give Nicki Minaj the edge though--she seems feisty!
Would you ever go "goth?"
Nah, not my thing. You?
My account was deleted recently. Then I made this account, but I noticed that a lot of the accounts that I was following disappeared as well... ???
They might have been lost due to our database failure in December.
Why have so many ThisOrThat accounts been deleted?
You mean recently? Some users have asked to delete their profiles.
delete all my tots
no prob
Ask me more questions on my profile
plz follow me :)
You got it!
Facebook or Youtube?
YouTube for entertainment, Facebook to be nosy! can you please delete this one? i got the pics messed up so i can do it again please get rid of it
sure thing
can you follow me?
could you ask me more questions on my profile
are you a robot or a person?
A robot person! Or a personable robot. COuld you delete this one aswell? pics got mixed up.
all gone, sorry about that Could you delete this one aswell? :/ Whats up with the random pictures? :/
Sorry, we had a bug :(
do you mind deleteing this? i messed the pics up -.-
plz follow me
whats ur fave couler ????????????
the blue in our logo :D
If you had to choose between these two instruments, would you choose the drum set or the electric/acoustic guitar?
Definitely the guitar :)
Ok shall we go out with each other?
How about an open relationship?
Please follow meh
Okie dokie!
Follow me?
Sure thing!
team edward or team jacob?
Team Jakeward! Or Team Edwob!
Which is prettier: a rose or tulip?
Tulips--very springtime fresh!
If you were alone on an island, stranded, what would you bring:clothes or food?
Which music do you like better:rock or country?
rock 'n roll, wahoo!
If you could be a fruit, ANY FRUIT, what fruit would you be? :-]
Watermelon--juicy and delicious!
Follow me? :-]
Of course!
shouldn't we date first? :)
phone or laptop
good question! I'd go with laptop since you can use it as a phone (Skype) and it has more battery life/a larger screen.
Finchel or Fuinn?
Not sure what those mean! Are they Glee references?
do you want to go out with me?
Let's just be BFFs :)
you smell :P
You mean smell wonderful!
Random Question: Can you ask me more questions? I like answering them. :)
if your a real person whats ur name? mines Lizzie!
Hi Lizzie! Call me ToT. :)
are you a real person or a robot?
I'm a real robot. Or a robotic person, I forget which.
Please follow me x
Okie dokie!
could i ask if your a real person or your a computer. I LOVE YOUHH SOOO MUCH
Aw shucks, we love you too! <_>
one direction or Avan jogia I LOVE THIS OR THAT :P
Thanks, we love you too!
What's your favorite tot?
The Buscemi Bieber/Justin Beanber one is good:
How come when I was answering questions, I got one from you that said "Kirstie, are you enjoying the site?" when my name isn't even Kirstie?
Hmm, not sure, probably a bug. Sorry about that!
Only since today have I seen this account comment on ToT's. ^^ Have I just not been reading the comments enough or have you just started commenting? Lol.
We've been commenting on occasion for months! :)
cupcakes or muffins?
ipods or iphons?
They're both great tools. A lot of the employees here have iPhones though so I'll go with that. :)
Are you a boy or a Girl?
We're a website! :P
Do you like Justin Bieber?
We're neutral on him. You?
I dont know how to send a message if I can, but all of my tots are gone, and my profile picture? Can I fix it?
Email and we'll respond ASAP. Thanks!
Hipsters, or emos? :P
Both are awesome, but I say Hipsters.
Follow moi, good sir? :)
do you prefer summer or winter ???
Tough call. I love skiing and the pool. I'll have to pick winter though.
surely would you not mind follow me :)
sure, done!
follow meh
What is your favourite word? :L
Qi. Great way to use a Q in Scrabble.
whats your Favorite Justin Bieber song? :D or is it tooo hard cos it if for me :D
It's way tooo hard to pick just one!
What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
Wayne, Drake, Emimen, T.I., Rihanna, Enrique, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida and Wiz Khalifa are some of my favorites right now.
Red or blue ? :D
For me, Red, but for most of ToT, Blue.
posh or rockin roll
not sure what you mean?
oranges or apples??
vampire diaries or true blood
True Blood.
hey r u single?
haha, nope!
do u beleve the worlds gonna end at 2012?
ask me some questions!
here's a good tip instead: try to connect with some users who have similar interest and ask them some questions. Let us know how it goes!
are you on team katie prie or team peter andre/. team children?
Katie & yup, I have kids!
whats your fave song!
Right now, it's You Be Killin Em by Fabolous
Who Would Win In A Fight, Chuck Norris Or Mike Tyson?
I'm going to assume that both are in their prime, but still go with Chuck Norris. Tyson had amazing power, but I figure that Chuck Norris would just figure out a way to win.
heres another question are you really 0 you dont need tell me your age but are you really 0 years old?
Haha, no I'm not really zero. This is Jon answering (I answer most of the questions for ToT). I'm 37.
im new here this site is awesome your owner?
Thanks so, much, really glad you like it! This or That is independent, we don't have any big corporate owner!
Would you rather listen to Justin Beiber, or Brittany Spears??
Both have some good songs, but right now I'd go with Britney since Till the World Ends is a good song.
how do u deleate a tot ?
we don't have a way for users to delete tots right now. Send us a note through contact us with the tot you want to delete and why and we'll have a look.
ask me a question!!
Twilight or Vampire Diaries?
I'll confess to not knowing much about either, but Twilight has been great for ToT, so I'll go with that.
would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo's foot or eat a live monkey?
Now that's a good question! I especially like the word hobo, so I'll go with that. Plus, a slightly lower chance of contracting Ebola.
Wats ur Fave Song
Right now it's Look at Me Now
como te sientes ahora?
Bien, gracias.
90210 or The OC
The OC. I think it's Version 2.0 of 9'er.
ask me some!
We r working on a question of the day feature, stay tuned!
OneTreeHill or GossipGirl?
GossipGirl. It's a great show. Chuck Bass is one of my favorite TV characters ever. Never really got into OneTreeHill.
do you prefer honey or maple syrup
maple syrup
do you prefer Ipods or Iphones?
Do you prefer listening to music or listening to books?
Do you prefer Mother's Day or Father's Day?
I like both, but probably Father's Day!
Why not?
yes or no?
Beyonce or Rihanna who is Better
I'll go with Rihanna, she is killin it right now.
Cookies or Cake?
Cake, just because I don't have it as often.
Why r u gay
I have a pretty awesome life, but I have to tell you, I've always been a happy boy.
How old are you?
Which is funnier? Family Guy or The Simpsons.
The Simpsons, but only the first 5 or 6 seasons
What's ur real name?
Jon. I usually answer the questions for This or That.
Do you like bananas milkshake or strawberry milkshake?
If I had to choose, I'd say strawberry!
Hello or Hi
Mi$s *qUe3nB*
Do Yhu Prefer Beyonce or Alexis jodan??
Beyonce. I'm not really familiar with Alexis's music
Do you prefer chocolate or sweets?
Isn't chocolate a sweet? ;-) actually, i prefer sweets other than chocolate
are you a boy or gal
Boy. I answer most of our questions anyway (Jon)
ask me some questions! cause got none:(
Just did!
who do you prefer, JADEN SMITH OR WILLOW SMITH?
I'll go with Willow -- that Whip My Hair song is pretty catchy!
Coke or Pepsi?
Both are awesome!
who r u
Jon, usually.
Can u follow me please that would be so amazing :D
Done! It may not be forever, but for now, you're followed!
Do you like brown girls
Whoa I'm not touching that one!
which do u prefer guitar or drums?
Guitar. I feel like there is so much more you can do. That being said, I've never played drums. Fun fact: ToT's director of technology (Matt) is an excellent guitarist!
Do you like sushi or noodles ?
Sushi is fantastic. I really love Uni and Toro.
you like Canada or Australia
I really like Canada. Vancouver is beautiful and the skiing is amazing at Whistler. Never been to Australia, but I'd love to go.
would u prefer to be in wheelchair or to have a dease
I don't think I can really answer that one. Definitely happy for my health.
DO you prefer AUS or USA
We are Americans and we love the USA! Definitely would love to visit Australia sometime soon, though.
Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Coffee, but tea is growing on me. I enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea at night.
Do you prefer Downhill skiing or Cross Country?
Downhill. Cross country seems like too much work.
Do you prefer Rihanna or Katy Perry?
Rihanna. Katy Perry has some good songs, but it seems like Rihanna might be one of the best artists out there for a long time.
do you like dancing or singing more!
awesome unicorn kid
which do u hate more annoying people or loud people?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
I do. I do like them Sam I Am!
awesome unicorn kid
crazy or very annoying
Crazy's more fun!
Do you like Glee?
Oh yeah!
Coke or Pepsi?
do you like justin.bieber.
Yes! We're Beliebers!
Who is the better singer, Dusty Springfield or Aretha Franklin?
That's a tough choice, two amazing artists. I'll go with Aretha though. She is the gold standard by which other voices are measured.
my points in this week is 46,, but WHY in TOP USERS my points is 7? and the 1st place is 26?
The Top Users list does not update as quickly as the point totals on your user page. We do this to improve site performance.
Do you ask any questions?
Lots of questions, but so far always the same 5
dont worry its working now...
ahh, good to hear, it takes a while to update. We don't update in real-time to make the rest of the site faster.
i've been voting on loads of tots but my points wont change :(
sorry to hear that!
hello my name is james what is my last name it starts with t.
are you a girl or boy?
Boy - this is Jon, I answer most of the questions directed at ThisOrThat
which you love Miley Or Selena
hmm, not sure that I love either, but I'm more familiar with Miley
rock or pop music?
pop! I think the pop artists right now are better than ever. Really amazing music being produced right now by top artists.
would u rather eat dark chocolate or white chocolate?
Dark chocolate, definitely.
M&M's or skittles?
I like M&Ms better, but they don't always agree with me, so I'd better say skittles.
T.V. or baking which is more interesting?
TV. I like eating baked goods, but not so much the baking itself.
Money or cake which is better?
Money. You can buy cake with money, but harder to turn cake into money.
Suppose the World gonna end today, what will be your last TOT?
Great question! I think I'd go for one more Eminem vs Lil Wayne ToT just to go down in style.
If you could have one day with a celeb. who would it be and what would you do?
Flo Rida, poppin' bottles, livin' it up in Miami! Close second would be Wayne and the young money crew, playin dice on a pool table in the mansion.
Gummi bears or skittles ?? :) (decisions, decisons me i luv both :D )
Ahh, both are awesome, but I'd go with Skittles.
If you had to abolish one site, would you choose ThisOrThat? Or Facebook? :P
Now that's an easy one, Facebook! ;-) Kidding aside, we love FB as we have great fans there and a lot of our users have found us through FB.
Jellybeans or Smarties? :)
That's a tough one, both are awesome! I'm going to say Jellybeans because there is more variety. I really hate the licorice ones though.
which is more lovable thisorthat or twitter?
That's the easiest question I've had yet, This or That of course! ;-)
why do people pt the same ToT's up every tiime? it's starting to get annoying!!!
I think it's just because people are new to the site and don't search first. We're thinking of ways to encourage folks to search before posting a tot. We're also working on designs to highlight the best new tots.
can i be a popular user of this or that???? if yes then how???? if no then why????
Yes! Our most popular users are those who post really good tots and good comments.
I see u r following 3 people. which criteria do u want in a person so that you will follow them?
Good question. I'm actually not sure why the main tot account follows those 3 other than Rebecca. This account is mostly just for asking and answering questions. That said, we are working on some very cool new features where we plan to highlight accounts to follow. My advice is to make great tots and great comments to get more followers!
Which do you think would be easier to go without for a day? Technology (computers, iPods, televisions, radios, mp3 players, etc) or Furniture (beds, chairs, tables, couches)?
Furniture, no doubt. A day without ToT would be a sad day indeed.
This or That?
Now how am I supposed to answer that one! ;-) Ok, I'll bite... That. We're actually planning to get rid of the "This" for one day next month.
how long are u existing????
I hope we'll exist for a long, long time! We launched the site in late May 2010 and started with our first big event (the Song of the Year tourney) in mid-January.
Do you prefer Facebook or twitter
I'll say Facebook since it has more uses. Twitter is pretty fun though and you can meet some amazing people on Twitter.
are you real???
yes. very real.
Angel or Devil? :D
I'm an angel through and through.
Sure :D thanks ^^
you got it!
Yes its really good! Genius site
Awesome, great to hear that!
Ha :P
I hope you are enjoying the site!
But you said the egg came first!
No you've got me all confused!
Then where did the egg come from?
A chicken of course!
What came first the chicken or the egg?
The egg of course!
Who do you like better, Mickey Mouse or Winnie The Pooh?
That's a really tough one, I really like both. I'd have to choose Mickey Mouse, as the more iconic figure.
Who is BEST....? Facebook or Google..?
That's a tough one, as they are so different. Google is so useful for finding information and Facebook is great for keeping up with your friends. If I had to choose one, I'd say FB because there are other search engines but only one FB.
Do you prefer Me or You?
We love our users, but we also love ourselves. I'll go with Me.
Would you rather go to school & be educated or sit at home & have a ball??
We love learning. School.
Do you like Birds or Squirrels best?
Definitely squirrels. Much cuter!
Would you rather have your birthday on a Tuesday or Thursday?
Thursday. Tuesdays are usually busier for me.
would you rather buy a jb cd or buy the csi jb gets shot episode on tape?
That's a good question and an interesting way to see if we are Beliebers or h8ters here at ToT. I'll take the CD definitely as csi has passed it's prime. Also, we are thinking about working a lot more JB coverage into the site. Look for it around the end of March or early April.
what would u rather do being deaf or blind
From what I understand it's worse to be deaf as you have more difficulty in social situations and I love music, so I'll say blind.
Would U Rather Go Jogging In The Park Or In The City???
In the park. Jogging in the city is tough, dodging people, breathing in smog and crossing roads.
Anna N.
Would you rather go on a date in the cinema or in a restaurant?
If I have to choose, I prefer a restaurant date since it's easier to have a conversation. That said, nothing beats a nice early dinner and then a movie!
Are you stupid
I would say it depends. I feel stupid trying to plow through Hegel. On the other hand, I feel like a genius compared to the cast of Jersey Shore.
Pardon you have any grey poupon?
But of course!
famous for being rich, or famous for a talent?
I'd most prefer rich but not famous, but of those two better to be famous for a talent.
do you prefer to ask a question or answer one?
I prefer answering.
What do you like doing the most Dancing or Singing?
Both are awesome, but I'm probably a less awful dancer than singer. - jon
Gaga or Rihanna?
That's another really tough one. I really like both artists a lot. I think I'd give the slight edge to Gaga since she writes and composes her songs.
GAGA or Minaj?
that's a tough one, I really like both a lot. I really respect Gaga, but I'd have to choose Nicki because her songs are so much fun.
I'd want the party to be fun, so I'd go with Ke$ha,, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Glenn Beck.
history or politics?
do you like Eminem or Lil Wayne?
Huge fan of both. If I had to choose, probably Eminem.
Whis do you like the most? +44 or Angels And Airwaves?
am i pretty
hard to know since you asked anonymously!
rats/ birds /cats/pig/cows/horses/gunnie pig/rabbit/bunny/goat/sheep/mia
petunias/ roses /tulips/lilies/violets/carnations /daisies/orchids/ sunflowers/lavender/dia
Facebook or twitter
do you prefer taylor swift or miley cyrus
Taylor Swift since she made it to the final 8 in our tournament!
who do you prefer justin bieber or jaden smith
I'm a Belieber!
Ugly nerd or a pretty dunce?
Ugly nerd
do you prefer crack or blunts
crack filled blunts,yo.
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
online, natch
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Would you rather Call or Text?
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