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What do do like better door or window? ;P
Hvad vil du helst hedde kop eller krus ? :D
kop :D
Hvad vil du helst hedde Telefon eller Mobil ? :)
mobil :D
Who do you prefer Phineas or Ferb?:)
Which country do you most like to visit, Greece or Italy?:)
What do you prefer P!nk or Lady GaGa ? :)
Which Bieber song is your favorite of this two "One TIme" or "Down On Earth"?
both....... I like them both equally :)
What color do you like most or black? white
whit :)
What's your favorite Justin BIeber song?:)
i dont know !!! :)
Do you like Jessie J?:)
yes she is okay but she's not my favorite singer
Which one of this these are are you favorite Black Eyed Peas or Emmanuel Jal?:)
Balck Eyed Peas :)
Where do you wanna go England or Ireland?:)
England :)
What do you prefer ¨Friends¨ or ¨Desperate Housewives¨?:)
Desperate Housewivs :)
Who do you love most Beyoncé or Britney Spears ?:)
Where do you what to live Sweden or USA?:)
USA :)
Who do you like most from ¨Harry Potter¨ Hermione or Ron?:)
Hermione :)
Which Justin Bieber song do you love most ¨Baby¨ or ¨never say never¨?
Never Say Never :)
Which movie do you like most Harry Potter or Narnia?
Harry Potter :)
Where do you most like to be theater or cinema? :)
Cinema :)
What do you most like ice or cake?:)
Cake ;) :D
Which city would you like to visit Berlin or Dublin?:)
Dublin :)
Which nam do you like more Annika or Silla?:D
Annika :)
Which game do you most like The Sims or World of Worcraft? ;)
the sims ;)
What county would you visit Egypt or Turkey?
Egypt :)
Which is you favorite of this two? Apple or orange?:)
Orange :)
Who do you like most Whitney or Michael!?
whitney :)
Do you like this questions? yes or no?:)
What do you love most winter or summer?:)
What color do you like most yellow or black?:)
What do you like most day or night?;)
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
Would you rather Call or Text?
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