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Man Misses Oprah, Commits Felony
Oprah is a very popular woman. This has never been more clear than it was recently, when an Ontario man named Robert Spearing committed a felony because he missed his chance to get Oprah tickets. Yep, a 44-year-old Canadian man pretended he was mugged so that he would not end up in the proverbial doghouse. Apparently this guy's wife is a real treat. What do you MEAN you don't have the tickets?! Let's just clarify here, Spearing reported to the police that he was mugged so he ...
7 Stupid Things You Do At Restaurants
Everyone hates their summer job. It's just a fact of life. But no one, and I mean no one, hates their summer job more than someone in the food industry. Do you think anyone enjoys asking if you want fries with your Big Mac? No, they don't. The ultimate den of suffering. Of course, it's pretty much a given that McDonald's employees are generally unhappy with life. Let's talk about some other people who are unhappy with their "gainful summer employment." I'...
Why the U.S. Might Want to Invade Canada
In March, This or That published an article called The Top 5 Countries the U.S. Should Invade Next. Guess who was at the top of the list? Canada, of course. Canada is the perfect choice! Who else is geographically close to America, lacks military power, has the largest supply of fresh water in the world, has free healthcare and cheap pharmaceuticals? Yep, Canada is the perfect country to invade. As a proud Canadian, I can think of a million reasons why America would want to invade this ...
5 Incredibly Annoying Hollywood Couples
A lot of amazing things have come out of Hollywood, but unfortunately the area has also introduced us to some terrible things. Perhaps the most terrifyingly horrible thing Hollywood has ever unleashed on society is its famous couples. They are all the very definition of annoying, but these five pairs really steal the spotlight. 1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Everyone loves Ellen and Portia! That, my friends, is what makes them one of the most annoying Hollywood couples. They absolutely ...
10 Epic Prank Videos
If there is one thing the people of the Internet love, it's prank videos (of course, kittens and laughing babies are a very close second and third, respectively). So, how does one sort through the thousands of lame prank videos to find the best of the best? One goes to This or That! Warning: Many of these videos contain swearing. If you are offended by this, please exit the Internet immediately. 10. Two Blondes, One Prank Two best friends who are "hammy'd" take the cinnamon ...
9 Losers You’re Friends With on Facebook
Have you checked your list of friends on Facebook lately? If you haven't, don't worry! I know exactly who you're friends with because everyone knows the same nine losers that I've outlined below. Once you're done reading this, you're going to have the overwhelming urge to delete these folks from your list of friends. All I ask is that, before you delete them, you write something like, "Hey look! Someone wrote an article about you" and point them over here. 1. ...
Turtle Sets NYC Fire, Commits Murder
Last week, a pet turtle burned down a New York City apartment. He managed to cause lung damage to a firefighter and three police officers. He also committed murder in the first degree. You thought the Ninja Turtles meant business? No, this turtle means business.
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