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Should Paternity Testing Be Mandatory? The Mildred Baena Case
Hey guys, want to know what I've got that most of you don't? Peace of mind that my kids are, in fact, mine. Unless you've grown a child inside your uterus and cursed Mother Nature herself upon that babe's birth, it's hard to really truly know a child is of your genetics, save for a paternity test. Sure, your wife/girlfriend/booty call/one-night-lay is a stand-up girl who would never cheat...just like Rogelio thought his wife was. Who the hell is Rogelio, you ask? ...
Doomsday May 21: A Harold Camping vs. Stephen Hawking Showdown
It's the end of the world as we know it? I don't know about you, but I feel fine. Yet as the days tick down to May 21 there's a palpable buzz going around about doomsday. The man behind the fervor is one Mr. Harold Camping. (via WIkimedia Commons) At 89 years old Camping, leader of the Christian-based radio ministry Family Radio Worldwide, has predicted judgment day to be May 21, 2011 based on clues he has deciphered throughout the Bible. So what exactly is supposed to happen ...
Is Rap a Credible Form of Poetry? The Common vs. Palin Case
Did you hear the one about Sarah Palin throwing a fit over a rapper being invited to perform at the White House's poetry event? Turns out it's totally true. What a crotchety old sack of wheeze. After word spread through the grapevine that the rapper named Common was to be joining Michelle Obama's evening celebrating poetry, both Fox News and one Mrs. Sarah Palin simultaneously got their panties in a bunch. Turns out Common once said something less than nice about President George ...
Cameron Diaz Prophesizes Death of the Institution of Marriage
Question your belief about the feasibility of 'till death do us part'? You aren't alone. Actress Cameron Diaz has come out as a non-believer in the institution of marriage and predicts that someday her kind will take over the Earth. The never-been-married star is out promoting her new film Bad Teacher and sharing the wisdom she's garnered in her 38 years of dating. When asked by Maxim (who placed Cameron at #4 on their Hot 100 list this year) if she thinks marriage is a dying...
Photographer Enlists Kids to Re-Enact 9/11 in the Name of "Art"
Put on your best gasp! face and take a gander at what one photographer is up to in the name of art. Canadian photographer Jonathan Hobin has created a series of portraits called In the Playroom, in which children re-enact various scenes of humanity at its worst. The most disturbing of which, in one hardly humble point of view, is The Twins (pictured here below) using planes to destroy child-size twin towers. Hobin calls these photos "tableau-vivant re-enactments" of current ...
Gwyneth Paltrow: My Grandmother Was a Real 'See You Next Tuesday'
My oh my, someone has a dirty filthy mouth! Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has dropped her GOOPy 'better than thou' demeanor and doled out some shockingly harsh words about her deceased grandmother. During Monday night's visit to Chelsea Lately, the subject of Gwyneth Paltrow's strict German grandmother, whom she called mutti instead of Grandma, came up. Turns out Chelsea had her own 'mutti' as well, whom the host characterized, "a real bitch." Not to be outdone, ...
French Police Cry, "What Do You Mean We Can't Drink On Le Job?"
French riot police are stomping their feet and crying like toddlers over a new ban on drinking while on duty. The trouble started when riot police were photographed in uniform, drinking and smoking during Paris street protests. Claiming they are being "treated like children," Didier Mangione, the national secretary of the police union, has plans to make a formal appeal. Presumably with a very French accent and mischievously curled mustache, Mangione rants the bosses are "...
Evan Rachel Wood and 11 Other Bisexual Female Celebrities
On the heels of actress Evan Rachel Wood's coming out as bisexual, we're digging deeper into the titillating topic in an effort to keep our scholarly readers abreast of the news. The aptly named actress first aroused public interest for her professed love of androgyny and engagement to freakazoid Marilyn Manson. Photo via r9M In the May 2011 issue of Esquire magazine, the 23-year-old reveals she likes to take charge while out on a date with a lady love. "I'm more of like ...
Will the Sexes Ever Be Equal? Dame Judi Dench & 007 Weigh In
Dame Judi Dench and your current Bond extraordinaire (aka Daniel Craig) have a thing or two to say to you chauvinists, and like any well-seasoned media veterans, they know putting a guy in drag is a great way to get their point across. In the video, posted here below for your ogling pleasure, the great Dame (not to be confused with a Great Dane) narrates as Daniel Craig femmes it up in honor of Women's History Month. "Are we equals?" Dame Judi asks. "Until the answer is...
WTF Moment of the Day: Ashton & Demi Launch Campaign Against Sex Slavery
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have reached out to their plethora of A-list friends for their 'Real Men Don't Buy Girls' campaign against sex slavery. On April 11, the couple's DNA charity released a series of star-studded, yet bewilderingly random videos to promote their cause. Here are three of the PSAs (more available here): So we've got male celebrities shaving, eating cereal, and making grilled cheese. Huh? Since I just so happened to have received a press ...
Toront-ho Ladies Embrace 'Slut' in the Streets
"Attention York University students and fellow Torontonians, I am your guest speaker for today, Police Const. Michael Sanguinetti. Today we will be covering the topic of women who are asking to be victimized, thereby cementing my name as a synonym for asshat and unintentionally inciting the first ever SlutWalk."
Twitter Titters as Actor Donald Glover Outs Frisky Exhibitionists
What's an upstanding citizen to do when they've unexpectedly stumbled upon a pair of fornicators out in public? Why, pull out the cell phone camera, take pictures, and start tweeting away, of course! On March 26, actor Donald Glover was out minding his own business when he spied, with his little eye, a man and woman doing the deed inside a Bank of America. Rather than carry on his merry way, the 27-year old Community star chose to share his discovery via the social media giant with the silly name: Twitter.
Was Russell dreamy in person?
If a tall, thin tornado of tight pants and random hilarity is dreamy - then yes. :)
Russell Brand's Theory of Rabbitivity
Earlier this month I made the arduous pilgrimage to Los Angeles to preview Hop and talk with a few of the stars/voices of the film, 'cause I'm fancy like that. While interviewing James Marsden and Kaley Cuoco was swell, nothing quite prepared our group of parenting bloggers for when Russell Brand arrived, quite fashionably late. Russell essentially walked in, cracked a stream of jokes about mummy bloggers, and took control.
OMG - New Wordz Added to Oxford English Dictionary
The latest trend in wordage? Hot acronyms, and other such short-hand making it to the hall of fame, aka the Oxford English Dictionary. The choices for this year's entries by the "definitive record of the English language" have many wondering just what our society has come to.
More Ridiculous: Gilbert Gottfried's Japan Jokes or Aflac's Innocence?
Holy schmo, did you hear what Gilbert Gottfried said that got him fired? You know, the guy with the voice that does the commercials. "Aflac. Aflac!" Well, apparently ol' Mr. Gottfried has forgotten the first rule of comedy: Timing is...everything. Most importantly under this almighty timing category is the fact that consideration must be taken after a natural disaster (oh, say the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan that occurred on Friday, March 11) occurs. Estimated time ...
Huckabee Incites Ire of Natalie Portman & Single Moms Everywhere
Presidential prospect Mike Huckabee is rapidly losing ground in the single mom/Oscar winner sector. The former Governor of Arkansas is in hot water after taking a swing at Black Swan star Natalie Portman, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Benjamin Millipied.
World Skeptical as Charlie "Tiger Blood" Sheen Declares He's "Winning!"
Thanks to the advent of social media, specifically Twitter, the public now has unprecedented access to celebrities. Case in point, one middle-aged sitcom actor named Charlie Sheen. The 45 year old Two and a Half Men star has taken the internet and media world by storm. From interviews airing on ABC, TMZ, and The Howard Stern Show, to being a trending Google and Twitter topic, the man is everywhere.
You're funny. More funny female voice! Please?
(duely dually duelly dualee doolee) Duly noted.
5 Products as Horridly Offensive as Diet Pepsi's New 'Skinny' Can
Diet Pepsi is getting a makeover, and some people can't handle the fun. The little can in the middle of the controversy is Diet Pepsi's new 'Skinny Can', which made its debut at last month's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The six inch tall cans may not look threatening, but don't let your eyes deceive you. These aluminum bastards are practically giving our nation the finger.
George Clooney Announces Campaign Slogan: "I Drank the Bong Water"
At 49 years old George is talking to Newsweek about his work in Sudan and how he can use his mega-celebrity status for more than just getting laid. But before you start thinking that George is following in the footsteps of Ronald Regan, Sonny Bono, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, you need to read this:
Says you're from Seattle. So the most important question is: Have you ever been to Lunchbox Laboratory? If not, go. Best. Burger. Ever. And milk shakes served in beakers.
Sadly, I have not yet been. Truth be told I'm Seattle-ish. I'm close enough to know 88 Keys from Chopstix, but far enough to see the skyline intact. I once worked at an old fashioned milkshake place in Arlington, so I'll make note to check out Lunchbox Laboratory next time within city limits!
Billy Ray Cyrus Cries: "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family"
Billy Ray Cyrus' life is in shambles, and he's not afraid to blame a tween television show for the mess. The 49-year-old father of famed split personality Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana tells GQ Magazine he'd now like a take-back.
Lady Gaga's Grammy Entrance: Egg-celent or Enough Already?
The 2011 Grammy red carpet wasn't quite sure what to think when Lady Gaga arrived, literally inside of an egg. The notorious performance artist was paraded around for all to see by a small crew of scantily clad muscle men and women.
Great work on your first post. I hope to see some more great things in the future.
Thanks, man. Me too!
Is There Too Much Junk in Brandy's Elephant Trunk?
Last month Brandy proudly tweeted the following pic of her session with tattooist Peter Koskela, unaware that her freshly inked image of Hindu deity Lord Ganesh had a little too much in common with Ron Jeremy. Twitter fans, most of whom (we assume) possess eyes, spotted the phallic nature of the Lord's trunk immediately.
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
Store. Thrift store, specifically.
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Text, it's so much faster to get to the point.
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
Either, as long as it's not the 'burbs.
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