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Are You A Nerd or a Jock? (Definitions Below)
Nerd: Someone who is really involved in stuff such as computers, visual arts, platform video games, photography, hip hop/poetry and most forms of music. If enough of an extremity, the may put it before their social life. --Neither are bad things-- Jock: Some one who is really involved in stuff such as: sports, dance, leadership and war video games. Although not completely true, the jocks have ...
Do You Support Limp Bizkit Signing to Cash Money?
A few months ago, Limp Bizkit fans were shocked to find out that rap metal group had signed to Cash Money Records, best known for signing Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf and Drake. Appearently, Fred Durst called Birdman and volunteered. Birdman immediately said yes. It was promised in an interview that, without the limitations that Interscope provided, Limp Bizkit would become both more metal and hip hop...
Beef: 50 Cent vs. Game
This beef started back almost a decade ago when Game was releasing his debut album, 50 Cent was appearently missing writing credits and Game denied. Game was dropped from G-Unit and the two started dissing eachother, in 2009 Game said that he would end the beef in honour of Michael Jackson who had attempted to in the past, but the beef has continued since then.
Beef: B.o.B vs. Tyler, The Creator
Although the two have made up, the beef is more popular than their respect, leaving many fans to debate who's better. The beef started when Tyler killed B.o.B in his song, "Yonkers", Tyler claimed that he hated that pop songs like "Airplanes" were popular while harcore hip hop wasn't... ironically, B.o.B feels the samed way, as he constantly raps about the demise of ...
Beef: Chris Brown vs. Drake
A fairly new one, let's just say they both like Rihanna.
Beef: Eminem vs. Canibus
The Canibus vs. Eminem beef has lasted for over a decade. It started when Canibus reportedly asked if Eminem was a ghostwriter for LL Cool J, which prompted Eminem to diss him on a few songs on his second album, The Slim Shady LP. The two, however, made up in 2000 and Canibus asked if Eminem wanted to collaborate. Eminem told Canibus to send him the beat and he might be interested. However, the ...
Old School or new school
Hip hop has went through many changes over the years. but you can define two very different times. Oldschool hip hop was can be defined by it's peace-oriented lyrics, meant to end social exclusion caused by racism, with a bit of cash flow thrown in, it was violence than newschool hip hop, which is dominated by more explicit themes such as greed, mysogony, mass murder, police brutality.
Hardcore Revival: Hopsin vs Tyler
Hopsin is an anti-mainstream MC from Panorama City, California, best known for his socially concsious lyrics disguised in hardcore hip hop. Tyler, The Creator is an MC from Ladera Heights, California best known for his twisted lyrical style thought to contain mysogony and homophobia. Hopsin recently dissed Tyler in the 4th installment of "Ill Mind of Hopsin", 3rd one to contain rapping ...
Midwest Kings: Tech N9ne vs Eminem
Back in 1999, 2 MCs worked together on the Wake Up Show's anthem. Back then, their careers were just starting. Now they have had highly successful careers. Detroit MC Eminem and Kansas City MC Tech N9ne have become two of the most respected MCs in their field. Although many other successful rappers have come out of the Midwest (Twista, ICP, Bones Thugs-N-Harmony), Tech and Em have become the ...
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