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Things you <3: When you shit a rainbow. It's truly a magical feeling -.- I love the Hopeometer on sky sports.... (Y)
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Now that I've read the thing you said on the psychology, I find that this was probably not a good place to set my random luck-based experiment. The physics behind this is not really anything based in physics. What I was seeing here was luck to see if people would chose my theory of energy instead of Newton's without knowing. A was Newton's kinetic energy equation: K.E. = 1/2 mv^2 B was my theory: K.E. = mv^2 Don't ask where I got the equation, it took me a month to come up to it. It was based in pure luck, but behind it, was the physics. Maybe I should ask with the actual equations, but nobody would care...
I gotta say I was never good at physics :L I don't think anyone would get it. maybe you could come up with another ToT? Try a physics forum maybe?? :/
It could be Psychology, maybe something with letter A or B. The basis of this experiment with A and B is just Physics. It seems completely separated from physics, but I have my connection. Anyways, can you think of any way this could be psychological?
well people are drawn to look at things on the right which would explain why slightly more people have picked be. They haven't thought about it just picked it because the brain likes things on the right. I can't remember why this is but I know they use it in advertising. Because there are no pictures some people are taken back and try to think about it. They could pick A because it's first in the alphabet making it seem more appealing simply because it's first. Some people choose A because it's on the left and they are left handed however more people are right handed and could have picked B for this reason. I'm sure there are loads of other reasons too. Please do Explain the physics underling this? :)
how do you live?
Sorry iIknow there total opposite but there's no grey area with ToT's
Which is tastier?
For reference Unicorn farts are not sparkly and despite there rainbow colour are never the less pooey.
Which is tastier
Again there not fish they are baby dolphins O_o (for arguments sake) The unicorn had terrible acne and thus attempted suicide by jumping down all 4 of those steps... alas he failed and now he is sad.
Which is tastier?
Sorry. Lets just say for arguments sake those are baby dolphins :/ Magic ones. With big anuses.
whose name do u thinks better? Olivia (yours) Vs. Alivia (Myne)
Honestly i dont think it makes a difference. Your Australian so most people would pronounce Olivia with more of an 'A' sound anyway. Where as Most English people would sound like they had a strange accent if they said it with an A . All though tbh most people dont even pronounce the 'O' so i'm just Livia :L Your name for you my name for me :)
I know there not really the same genre but thats not what it's about
I would say cup cakes UNLESS it's a blueberry muffin ^_^
Do you hate it when people use ToT to post pics of themselves?
There all a bunch of posers, Vain arrogant posers and people shouldn't be like that. It's stupid. Fair enough some people just wanna know it they look good with a hat? But it's mostly posers and child molesters. Some of the people asking if their hot or not are like 6yr olds.... There IS something wrong with that...... unless your some sort of kiddie fiddler :S
What's more annoying?
Sorry if my terminology is offensive :(
Actually, I've never had a Heineken. I've gone off Fosters since they stopped importing it. Now they brew it in the UK because it's cheaper but it dont taste as good :/
Add me on facebook: Hussain Jeff
urmmmm.... okay?
oesorhagus is d foodpipe and trachea is d windpipe.they meet at the throat.so nothing about common pipe. And question is about senses which r smell and taste considered with tongue and nostril.
yeah, well done :)
Why do u prefer ati over nvdia?
Well i can only go on the comparison in graphics between my my ati laptop and my brothers nvdia and there pretty close but i think ati supports a larger varitey of games. Having said that i dont know the specs on the laptops. I tried to make that sounds smart but thats really as technical as i can make it sound.
It's twisted and wrong, but somehow I like the way you think. Is that bad?
No, you a good person to admit it. See? It's all good (Y) Besides, you think thats bad? You should wait till i unleash all the other disturbing thoughts from my mind :O
Well the question was meant more in the form of: Did you really ask that question? :P
Yes, yes i did :)
Who would you rather be raped by? Lol, really? XD
Hmmmm, i'd have to say shark because i could probably run away easier since sharks have no legs :L
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
in store (Y)
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Doggies :D
Would you rather Call or Text?
ahh, well that depends what i have to say :/
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
waffles. Always waffles (L)
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
I'd die with inline skates so... :L
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