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What boy band do you like better? (One Direction :D <3)
I think One Direction are better but I was just wondering what all of you think..
One Direction xx
One Direction are complete retards that cant sing for shit. You and all your other Directionaters can go jump off a cliff. Big Time Rush are sexy beasts GO RUSHERS. FUCK THE DIRECTIONATORS!
Hello, One Direction are amazing, they are very talented, they came 3rd on the x factor. While big time rush cannont sing, they were created on tv and all their music is autotuned, i dont hate btr, and i never hated them. I dont know why you hate one direction so much? Btr and 1D Are actually friends, i dont think btr would like their "rushers" to be hating on one direction fans, considering they are actually friends. And btw im a Directioner not a Directionator. Thanks.
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