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Has Demi Moore Gone Off the Deep End?
Remember the Brat Pack? Aww, good times. And as the good times went on and the 80's progressed and money was collected for sub-par films (seriously, St. Elmo's Fire...snore), some of the Brat Pack had a little too much fun. Hey, if you were good looking and were pulling down that much money? And you were young? And it was the 80's? You'd probably make a naughty video as well. *cough* Rob Lowe *cough* Hey, if one of the guys had to make one...good thing it was him. But...
Would you like to see a new Ferris Bueller movie?
Well, the brief but ecstatic internet buzz was for naught: The clip of Matthew Broderick as a much older Ferris Bueller was not, in fact, an ad for a new movie. Turns out it's only a teaser for a Honda commercial to play during the Super Bowl. Sad for Ferris fans, who were thrilled over the idea of a brand-new adventure for the world's most famous slacker. But really, isn't Matthew Broderick a ...
Are TV Chefs Responsible For Our Health?
Butter. Bacon. Cream. What do these three things have in common? They're what makes life worth living, that's what. And who better to share the glories of these gifts than our good friend Paula Deen. Right? Hey y'all! I love butter! And money! Right? Wait, what's that? She has Type 2 Diabetes and shouldn't be cooking that kind of food anymore? And she's a greedy monster for making a deal with drug companies, all the while shilling her fat and ...
Young Mom Kills Intruder: Is Murder Ever Justified?
Social media and news outlets were abuzz recently with the story of an 18-year old mom in Oklahoma who, when armed men were breaking into her house to steal her deceased husband's medication, took the advice of a 911 operator who told her to "do what she had to do" in order to protect herself and her baby. So...she did. What she did was shoot one man in the torso with a shotgun once he stepped foot into the house. He was pronounced dead at the scene. This girl is being lauded ...
Should a picture be banned for being "too sexy" for the yearbook?
In Colorado, a high school senior named Sydney Spies has been informed by the editors of her school yearbook that the picture she submitted for her senior photo is 'too sexy' for the publication. The 18-year old, who claims to be a dancer and aspiring model, feels that the photo is a 'good representation of who she is' - and who she is is kind of a slut, judging from the looks of it. The ...
Were Beyonce & Jay-Z entitled to preferential treatment?
Evidently, it's not bad enough that Beyonce's pregnancy is being questioned. Now it's come to light that the floor of Lenox Hill Hospital on which she gave birth was virtually locked down during her stay. According to a New York Times article, fathers were not allowed to visit their babies. New mothers were not allowed to leave their unit, being informed by security guards that they would not be ...
Is Justin's engagement a good idea?
Sorry, JT lovers. Your dreams of romance with the guy who brought sexy back may have come to an end. According to Justin Timberlake's grandmother (yes, his grandmother), the superstar finally put a ring on it. And who's wearing that ring? None other than his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jessica Biel. One of the prettiest, and blandest, women in Hollywood (or is it just us?). In this age...
Should Alec Baldwin have been kicked off his flight for playing on his phone?
We've all been there: You get on a plane, get settled in, listen to the spiel from the flight attendants, and then you're reminded to turn off all electronic devices. It's a hassle, for sure - but a minor one when compared to the hassle of dying in a plane crash caused by electronic interference. So you (should) turn it all off. Except when you're Alec Baldwin, apparently, and involved in a super...
The Many Ways Mad Men Left Us Hanging
When you think about it, AMC has managed to pull off quite a feat. A channel that was originally devoted to actual American movie classics (hence, ya know, the name of the network) but devolved into repeatedly showing stuff like Halloween 5 has branded itself for more than just slapping the word "classic" on any movie they get the rights to show. Fortunes changed when the channel's executives made the brilliant decision to make the move into original television programming. And...
Want Children? Time Magazine Thinks You're Delusional
There's not a single parent out there who wouldn't freely admit, probably with a beer or a glass of wine in their hand and a dazed expression on their face at the time, that parenting is hard work. The hardest work ever. Ever ever. And yet every parent I have ever talked to has said almost in the same breath that it's the most rewarding work they could imagine. There's not a single one who would wish themselves back to a time before children. recently reported, ...
Extreme Couponing: Savvy or Nuts?
In today's economy (one of the most overused phrases ever), it's becoming more and more important to find ways to save a buck here or there. With the prices of everything from sugar to flour to gas climbing every day (thus making sugar and flour even MORE expensive to transport), most Americans are putting on their creative caps and finding ways to cut back. Taking public transportation instead of driving to work. Brown bagging it instead of going down to the sandwich shop every day. ...
Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From PBS
Recently, Congress started a whole big hoopla (they're good at that). The controversy surrounded the plan to cut funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting - $430 million, to be exact. I started thinking about what life would be like if I wasn't lucky enough to have a mom who treated TV like my babysitter. If I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to watch "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and "Sesame Street" (you know, back when it was still good and not completely Elmo-centric) several times a day. And cold sweats ensue because, let's face it: All of life's lessons were learned in front of the TV during those times.
Other Second-Fiddle Siblings Besides Emilio Estevez Who Deserve Some Love
What has Emilio Estevez done lately? Besides a guest appearance on "Two and a Half Men"? What's that? Oh, he's writing and directing now. Which means he can't get any acting jobs. Perhaps he should take a page out of his little brother's book and go crazy. That would be just the career boost he needs. Either that, or make another Mighty Ducks movie. The world would be equally as happy or enthralled either way. Bottom line: Forget Charlie. Emilio deserves some love, too.
Did Scientology Make Katie Holmes a Star?
It was recently announced that Katie Holmes would be filing charges against Star Magazine to the tune of $50 million as a result of a lurid headline which stated that the Scientologist was actually in the throes of an "addiction nightmare" and that she couldn't possibly leave Tom Cruise as a result, which of course implied that she wants to in the first place. On the cover was a picture of the actress looking...well, like she was coming off a long night and had just left a yoga class.
5 Surefire Ways to Win an Oscar
Have you always wanted to be one of those lucky award winners on stage? Crying and thanking God and your parents and your publicist and whoever you're shacked up with at the moment? You and me both, pal. Thankfully, with the help of the interwebz, we can look back and draw certain conclusions based upon past winners which can help us in the quest to snag a golden statue of our own. Here are 5 surefire ways to win an Oscar. Study it, and when you win one of your own, don't forget to include me in your acceptance speech.
Are Bookstores Becoming Obsolete?
It was recently announced that Borders would be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after years of falling profits resulting from both online book sales via and the rise of book readers like Kindle and Nook. As a result of this filing, it's projected that 30% of Borders locations across the country will close and the company will face "restructuring" in order to stay afloat.
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