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Which is Mightier?
We're all heard the quote, "The Pen is mightier than the Sword". Do you believe it though? Justify why. I'm in my school's debating team, and this is our topic :) We already have a clear cut case, as the Negatives, saying that the Pen is infact less mighty than the Sword.
Which, out of a Neopoilotan tub, would you rather get rid of?
Ok, so we all have our preferences when it comes to icecream; You might sit there eating the vanilla icecream, while your sibling pigs out on chocolate. But honestly, which flavour do you like the least? Vanilla is neutral, so I saved it from this argument. I understand that Neopolitan icecream tubs were made with the three flavours for a reason, but humour me here :)
Which do you prefer the look of?
The second photo is actually my bookshelf, and I adore it :) But I know alot of people out there prefer clear-cut sophisticated furniture. Which style do you rather?
Which do you prefer?
If you don't like them at all, then vote on which makes you less sick :P Comment about your choice. C'mon, let us know what you think!
why don't you like cats?
Because I've been brought up all my life with pet dogs. I'm basing everything I know about them, on the fact that the 2 cats I've ever had were brats that killed wildlife, which I hate. And when not tkane after properly, they roam the streets and disrupt other pets and all that jazz :) Lol.
Which would you turn, were there no other options?
I realise the pictures are both extreme views. Exaggerations. But you get the point, yes? :P
Which scares you more of a night time?
Do you switch on all the lights in the house after watching horrors? Or is it the strange noises that freak you out?
Which StarKid production was best?
They're both fantastic. If you haven't seen them, you MUST before voting!!!! Youtube it.
Which annoys you more about ToTs?
OK. So, we've all come across ToTs with photos that confuse us, not matching up with ANY of the dominoes under his shoe-door. Right? And there are HUNDREDS of ToTs, particularly comparing two celebrities, in which the creator uses sad faces, love hearts or descriptive language to voice their opinions where it SHOULDN'T BE, say, in the title or in the text boxes. <3 <3 <3 <3 :&...
harry potter, twilight, or ender's game?
What's enders game? I've read 'The Hunger Games' which are fantastic. But in asnwer to the Q, I'll have to say Harry Potter. Well written, captivating, unique. Twilight killed my perception of Vampires and love.
Has Social Networking killed Face-to-Face interactions?
I'm doing debating tonight for my school team. This is our topic. We're the affirmitive. Our schools other team got to argue that 'Natural Hazards have a Silver Lining'. I'd rather have gotten that.
chocolate or coffee ?
I'm a coffee drinker, personally. However I have to choose Chocolate. It's my mega weakness :P
Hey. i know this isnt exactly a question but I felt like saying that I like some of your polls :)
Hahaha, thank you very much
wow or omg?
Wow. I find OMG overrated. But I still use it occasionally.
Tongue Tied?
We're all different, right? Just wondering how you all pronounce Tomato?
Which actor?
IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE CROW, YOU MUST! Both tragically died before the premier of their movies. I personall adored The Crow, especially as it was an old movie. Sad that one of the guns in a scene where The Crow was being shot at by tens of people had a real bullet, rather than all blanks... Heath Ledger, however, did an AMAZING job as The Joker. A drug overdose took him away :(
Which do YOU think defines our identity?
This is a question with no correct answer. I'm doing a Philosophy and Reason assignment based on the definition of Identity. What do YOU think makes us who we are? Say, if we lose our memories, and they are replaced by new memories, does our identity change? Or if we suddenly wake up in another body, but have a full recollection of who we are and our past life? Does THAT change who we are?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
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