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Favorite Book: 1984 or Dracula...can't make up my mind!
Favorite Movie: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Things you <3: CONSPIRACIES and anime are two of my favorite things (sorta weird combo) along with technology in general. I also like action movies.
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Is profiling a legitimate way to catch a terrorist?
I recently learned from a Captain in the US Merchant marines that the military has the authority to profile people whom they believe are terrorists. They can take down information leading to an arrest on no grounds other than you "look or sound like a terrorist". Is that a legitimate practice or is it overstepping the bounds set by the Posse Commitatus Act?
Is there really a cadre of people who rule the world?
I was searching online for information about a group called the Bilderberg Group. Their members are high powered heads of state, corporate CEOs and even presidents(past and future). this group meets every couple of years to supposedly create the agenda for the next couple of years....could this be true?
would you like to follow me? for liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness?
and with this mouse, today I click, uh, where to leader?
hey i noticed that you have answered two of my TOTs and it seems you're always on my side of the fence and im wondering what do you stand for?
Hmmmm.... it is a bit complicated... but i can say that i am a libertarian and I believe in freedom.
Wait, that wasn't a question. Let's try again. Is my man Steven Wong ToTing with the pro leagues, BAMF?
hehehehehe, lol! Why, yes. I think I am now!
My man Steven Wong's ToTin' with pro leagues now, biatches!
errrr, that is not in the form of a question. 5 points off! lol
Are u really truthful ? ;)
yeah, for the most part. about 95% of the time
Mr. Truther: How are you pointing at both me and Desiree at the same time?
I'm just that good! Plus, I have two hands!
Why are you pointing at me?
Because I can!
Mr. Truther: Was it an inside job?
A self-inflicted wound. An attack on oneself, attempting to make it look like an outside force perpetrated the act AKA false flag terrorism. Like for example, 9/11 was a shining example of false flag terror. As was the 7/7 bombings in London and the bombings in Madrid!
What will come out of the Tuscon tragedy?
The shootings Tuscon have sparked a nationwide debate about the need for either more gun laws to keep them from those whom are not supposed to have them (like that works...) or less strict gun laws to help regular citizens protect themselves if this ever happens again (or so they say). Which is more likely to be the outcome of the Tuscon incident?
So just how many conspiracy theories do you believe in?
any one that has some proof behind it!
Are we living in a police state or a free country?
In recent years I have seen news stories that blow my mind. These range from a child being arrested for having a toy soldier holding a gun at school to a woman being brutally beaten and fined for having a brown lawn (yes a brown lawn!). Is this a free country? And the best excuse that the gov't overlords can come up with is.... wait..... 'we do it for your security!' America is not based on ...
Which would win a popularity contest?
If the iPhone and the HTC Evo were running for thhe title of 'Most Popular' which would take the cake? The iPhone or the Evo and why?
Which would you subject yourself to?
The Transportation Security Administration had been doing both of these methods to screen airline passengers. Both are invasive and degrading as well as embarrassing. So, which would you choose as the lesser of the two evils. Keep in mind: the scanners produce radiation and the pat-downs are basically feeling you up.
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