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Sith or Empire?
Star Wars: The Old Republic has been creating quite the buzz in the gaming community. With unique offerings like a story-driven level experience, player-owned ships, and Star Wars space-age cantinas, what isn't to love? But does the award for coolest faction go to the flawed democracy of the Republic or the social darwinist, fascist-age Sith Empire? ToT wants to hear from you!
Should Jeremiah Write a Sequel to the Online Gaming Fiascos Article?
With 144k views and counting, should Jeremiah write a sequel with more gaming fiascos?
Lockheed Martin's Servers "Tenaciously" Cyber-Attacked
After endless attacks against Sony Online Entertainment, new cyber attacks continue to renew public interest in Internet espionage and security. Lockheed Martin, one of the world's most powerful defense contractors, was slammed by a series of remote server break-ins. The company was not specific with the details of the attack, but has stated that no personal data or files on their clients have been compromised with the break-ins. Lockheed Martin Corp. purportedly took immediate ...
The Life and Times of Glenn Beck: The Top Moments of America's Favorite Lunatic
What better way to celebrate the end of Glenn's career than by counting down his best moments? The announcement came last week that Glenn Beck's show circus would no longer be broadcast on FOX News on a day-to-day basis. News Corp made it formal that Glenn Beck might come back to do a few documentaries and specials, but he wouldn't even be given the honor of sticking around with Billo or another wacky member for a part-time gig. Glenn hung out with Bill O'Reilly on the latest...
Come and Get Me, #*!@ers!: Or, How I Maced a Second Grader
Mother of God, America. What's wrong with your youth these days? On February 22nd, police arrived at a Lakewood elementary school after an 8-year old boy by the name of Aidan Elliott threatened teachers with a sharp-edged piece of wood trim, spat on the principal and staff, and refused to get down off of tables and a projector cart. The face of a little shithead, and the face of bad parenting. The boy and his mother appeared on Good Morning America on April 6th, 2011, blaming the ...
You Can Be Rebecca Black Too: How to Create Memes and Viral Videos
Rebecca Black is epic. Yes, I just said that for real. She recently revealed that she's going to be donating all of the proceeds from her unexpected hit "Friday" to Japan. What a cool kid. It's actually hard for me to make fun of her after hearing that, but hell, here goes nothing. It isn't that difficult to be as popular as Rebecca Black. The truth is, you could have all of the interviews and media attention that you ever desired, so long as you follow the ThisorThat official "How to Meme" flowchart
Moammar Gadaffi Breaks Out the Party Poppers for NATO Arrival
Just joking about the title. Moammar Gadaffi may have an unusual fashion sense, but he'll never be the next big rapper. Then again, you never really know who's going to be the next big music star these days. France was the first nation in the EU to condemn Moammar Gadaffi's reign as illegitimate, instead calling the opposition the legitimate government of Libya. If this wasn't scathing enough, French President Nicholas Sarkozy sent his country's air force (The ALA) to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent aerial assaults on civilians.
Japan Reactor Meltdown Imminent?
Fires broke out on Tuesday in Japan's Fukushima Dai-1 4th nuclear reactor. Experts have also stated that fires could possibly break in out in reactors 5 and 6. The initial quakes drove the coastal power plant into emergency shutdown. The fail-safe cooling systems malfunctioned after the facility was swamped by tsunami water on the following day, and the water circulation methods to cool the radioactive core failed to do just that.
"Supermoon" Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?
This Saturday the 19th, make sure you look up in the sky. If you aren't living in a cloudy place like me (Seattle), you have a good chance to see something that'll knock your socks off, and might just knock the world into pieces as well...or so a few scientists say. The supermoon period is just a fancy way of saying, "Wow, the moon is really close to the Earth!" If you look up in the sky on Saturday, you'll see a bright, vivid, beautiful moon.
Medium rare?
Medium Well. Medium Rare is good with a T-bone, though.
Are News Corp and Rupert Murdoch Moving into the UK?
Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch is poising to acquire 61% of Sky Broadcasting Group, the United Kingdom's largest privately-owned news corporation. Murdoch and News Corp received the green light from the UK government to go ahead with the deal, but negotiations are still in process.
Libyan Rebels Ask for International Assistance
In an interesting turn of events, opposition forces in Az Zawiyah, Libya pleaded with news anchors on BBC and PBS for the United States and allies to send military support to protect civilians and assist in the removal of Muammar Gaddafi. Pro-Gaddafi supporters retook the Libyan city of Brega, which was previously controlled by a coalition of rebel forces. Brega was wracked by overnight bombing runs that killed and injured a number of rebels not yet completely estimated.
5 Online Gaming Fiascos That Shook the Internet
MMO game activities often lead to real-world consequences. Gold farmers and sellers in the World of Warcraft recently had their accounts on Paypal closed, halting any financial activity due to copyright claims from Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of World of Warcraft. Below, we'll discover some interesting instances in which actions taken by players (or developers) in MMOs resounded throughout the Internet.
Google's Gmail Outages Hit (Tens) of Thousands
Google's popular Gmail service was hit late Sunday with an outage that rendered tens of thousands of accounts inoperable. It is currently unknown whether or not archived or saved messages in users' inboxes will be fully restored, but Google's in-house development team is hopeful they will reach a resolution sooner than later.
5 Conventional Bombs That Will Destroy the World
Everyone on Earth has nightmares. Some people have nightmares about being naked in front of an audience, but everyone has bad dreams about a hypothetical nuclear war. That's right, I'm looking at you. I know you personally toss and turn about in your bed each night dreaming of the repercussions of a nuclear armageddon.The consequences of any such conflict would be massive: real-world dystopian wastelands, nuclear snowmen, and re-runs of the worst show on television.
World Oil Prices Soar; Who is Responsible?
As a full-scale revolution trumps regional government forces in Libya, oil prices teeter on the brink. War, politics, supply and demand, and natural disasters are just some of the factors that play into the worldwide oil market. It is a market that many theorists like Peter Maass describe as being "... the most supremely [corrupt] and complicated of any [market]..."
Bahrain's Flourishing Revolt
Tunisia set the ball rolling, and Egypt took advantage of a revolutionary climate to depose a long-hated dictator. Bahrain jumped on the bandwagon this week, and the situation is beginning to look better and worse at the same time. The Bahraini government opposed the protests with violence and blackouts that extended through the busiest urban centers in the country. Qatar and other close geographical allies have expressed great concern for the situation in Bahrain, and President Barack Obama...
Is your name really Ezekiel Ezekiel?
First and last name really are the same. :P
Bank of America's Intelligence Contractors Attack Wikileaks
It's no secret that corporations are shady dealers. It's also no secret that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have shaken some of the most powerful corporations and governments around the world, if not outright pissing them off. Julian Assange has announced the intent to release what he calls "critical documents" on Bank of America, and claims that these leaks could "destroy [one or two] banks..."
President Mubarak Resigns; New Sith Lord of Egypt Rises
President Mubarak resigned for real this time. This comes after he trolled the entire international media by stating he was about to make an important announcement, then slipped in a statement at the last minute that he didn't plan on resigning from the position.
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In the city.
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