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Relationship Status: It's complicated
Website: None -_-
Favorite Book: I Hate Books!!!
Favorite Movie: Titanic!
Things you <3: -Andy Sixx -My BF! -My BFF Danny! -My Family -Dancing! -Scene <3 -lady gaga!(duh?)
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your a star and nothings new?? lol your a liar but its ok. ;P for me I have prom coming up. I would have asked you out but these dam states r between us so ima b chillin likea villian instead ;) anyway.. just wanted 2 say wadd up n see if everything was cool with u :)
haha nope nothing new really and ahw! i would have gone with u 2! and nope nothing cool with me abu?
Yayy lol..So whats new with you??
nothing realy abu?
Pstttt! yooo my homiee. 2 still come on this or tht or wht? hit me upp!!
hey! and ya sorry my computer broke but ill be on way more now! haha sure ill hit ya up ;)
I've grown up with cold and snow, but I've had my fill for this season. I'm ready for some Spring weather, and a bit of sun.
ya me 2!
Well, I'm used to snow, it's just that time of year that I wish it would end already.
o ya ik what u mean
Things are good here. I'm just ready for the snow to end.
o really its snowing were u live? o im sorry
Hey there. Long time no see. I hope you're still playing along with the fun on ToT.
o ya i a just been busy! how have u been?
Did i offend you? :S srry!
lolz no why?
the guy in ur pic, is he the same guy in some of the vids 2?
lolz no thats trace cyrus! hehe :)
loll i like money was the first i clicked on. Legit shit right thur!! if I saw your vids before I saw you here, I wouldnt think u were 17 :|
haha! lolz ya some intense shit!!
wht song do you like the best?
of mine? definallty i like money! lolz cheak it out!
are you here?
um ya im here?
I don't think you're a monster Sweetie. I think you're precious.
ahh thank u! im sorry i just dont listen to that kind of music :)
Lol yo I just got hit by a fuckin .... Uh Whts big?lol..... God's penis ( i assume if he teabags the world tht day will b judgment day...). Now i feel to go into a coma so ima talk to you tomorrow k? Lol much love mehn!
lolz whats big? ok bye loves ya! bye bye!
Vishnu is an Indian god but she (I think) doesn't matter right now lol. N yeea. I'm glad I stayed up! Elated :) n nook you don't have to take down tht pic!! I kno you put it up for me so I like it :p lmfao I didn't say u look bad or nething just different... but I can see it's u lol :)
its funny how u would know that! lolz but ya i have so many pics of me ill probley put a new one on every single day! just look! lolz ya ik im always so sexy! lolz
Why do you suddenly have a mole? Wtf? Now tht I look at ur blurry pic u look different... >:S
o no! lolz its just a effect! lolz i dont have a mole! ill change it!
Ooo my Vishnu (LMFAO I TYPE IN GOSH ON MY IPOD AND I GET VISHNU.. fuckin dum ass iPod lol I love it :p) Neway as I was saying.. U changed ur pic!!! Dammmm we need date soon Lmfao
o thanks! ya i love this pic i toke it like 5 mins ago! and ya so need to! arnt u glad u stayed up?! lolz and lolz "vishnu?"
BrB...LOL (cant believe i have 2 tell you this...) im switching to my Ipod Lolz
o ok dont take to long! lolz
yo B go comment in ur ToT ;)
lolz i did
lol aright loll
ok hehe
yo i need 2 make ToTs to hide our convo(not really..) now help me Lolz. now say something random so i can make a ToT about it..
lolz hmm...whats better? ***** or ****** lolz
LMAO nah id rather beat u ;)
thats extra! :)
LOL OK i believe u....... LOL
ya or if u want me to? lolz
@ you beating me? u better b talking bout tht dirty sh*t.... HMM cuz on ToT? LOL LMFAO ok... :P
ROFL! ya on ToT not like what u are thinking! omg really? im not that bad!
yo ur in 3rd place :S LOL
ya ik! soon im going to beat you!
lol aw ok.. so im guessing ur not at college or uni thn?
nope i want to be..but nope!
LOL yeea ok.u kno what i say??? FUCK YOU AND UR CELEBZZ! there i said it .. :P
lolz ya i dont like it but its not my choice :( i miss canada! lolz
Dam why r u in the wrong CA mann????. Canada is better right? LOLLLL
ya they have ketchup chips! yummy! lozl ya but in cali u see celbs so... ya
lol aww lol nice :P
ya im so nice :)
LMFAO im tired ok. slack.
o ok ill let it slid becouse u are staying up with me :)
lol yea i went there:P.... btw wht were you seriously talking about when you said. "not funny"? lmfao
lolz nvm! dang u are serioulsly stupider than me! and thats not posible!
what? o lolz i get it! ya they are!
your "other " customers! :@ Loll
lolz but there not the same :]
your "other " customers! :@ Loll
lolz but there not the same :]
lmfao ok! you do wht u gotta do. if you ask me i gotta go 2 church after talking 2 u :P lmfao im going 2 sleep soon. a niggr like me needs some sleep! Lolz
ya need to get that money! lolz but i cant rember the last time i went to church! lolz but dont go! who im a soppused to talk with?! :[
kk lol no judging :) srry i didnt say earlier.. i didnt get an email
ya i had to deal with somthing....u know..lolz
A SLUT... Nuff Said.. I aM a Wh0Re aNd I aM iN a BaND CaLlEd ThE L0sErS... ThOugH I aM In a BaNd, I DoN't sInG, I LiPs SynC aLl ThE TiMes.. AlL I g0tTa d0 iS JuSt DoInG SomE StuPid LaP DaNcE aNd ThAt's.. I tALk lIkE a pRIsSy 5 YeArS oLd and dAnCe LiKe a StrIpPeR bEsIDeS fUcKinG aRoUnD LiKE n0BoDy BuSinEsS... D0n'T bE aFrAid wItH Me.. I AiN't g0t n0 AIDS (yEt), th0uGh I aM inFeCTeD by STD.. BUt tHaT's n0T a bIg dEaL RIgHt?? :P oH yA aNd FYI dAnI, ALliSon aNd I hAvE HaD 3sOmE BeForE aNd iT wAs s0 FrEaKing AwEsOmE... AnD I eVEn h0cKeYbAt-rApEd TrAcE CyRuS.. :P............................................................................................ wtf yo lol???!!???
lolz ya alison is my nest friend :] ya i do some crazy shit when im drunk! ya trace cyrus <3 ya dont judge me!
LOLL LMFAOOO iight "CHICA" i hear you :P
ya there yummy! there the double stuffed! nom nom!! lolz
it doesnt matter but.. " uhmmz to start out with the basics... girls said i surprised the shit outta thm" lol
o ok!! sorry im stupid! and im more interssted in my oreos!! jk
srry.. wasnt clear enough when i meant basics i meant 1st 2nd bases.. lol
um ok? i dont know what u mean?
Guyana -dad & stlucia -mom
o cool-ieo so..whats like u fav things?
Aw dam. It's a similar story. My popz doesn't really Hang around... I have siblings tho lol and Wht I meant when i said background is where were your parents from. Hence "now tht I think of it you don't look European at all!" Lol it sounds weird now.. :s don't hate plz! lol
ya well my dad died when i was younger not like your story and my mom is from the phillpines and my dad is half chinese so thats why i dont look european but i was born in the U.K so ya about you?
LmFAO @ I like my beats fast n bass down.. n wb me? Uhhh, I'm down 4 anything really Lool. Its cool cuz ur sweet so I'm down 2 roll :) o & Whts ur bkground? Now tht I think of it you don't look European at alllllllll lol
lolz idk about u? well my bkground were do i start from the begining? well im a only child :) no dad only me and my mommy :] i love to dance thats really it ,any thing else? about u?
where r u from* Lolz srry.. cant speak properly. habbit :s brain'z dead... :(
im from europe but if u want to get with me u need to know something...i like my beats fast and my bass down! lolz about u?
lol I meant who do you like/ watch more... Timothy De LaGhetto (No racial guy) Lady Gaga or Fred?
hmm well i just started watching Timothy De LaGhetto but i love lady gaga and i dont even like fred!! so probley lady gaga
btw De LaGhetto/ Lady Gaga/ Fred?
what can u ask that question more info couse i dont know what u are asking? lady gaga? fred? de..what ever tha fuck that is...?
which is the better youtuber?
there both very popluar youtubers but which 1 is better?
OMG call me stupid but are you saying your bi when you say "sometimes the right girls come along"??? cuz if you are (not 2 b a creeper but lolz) im in love with you lololol jokez...
lolz its k! ya when the right girls come and want a good time do why not? ya all types boy and girls are in love with me! lolz
Excuse me miss I think tht I must start by sayin yoooooooooo(8) lol question. u get holla'd at a lot by guys? Maybee girls?? :S if you do, i don't blame um ;P
lolz ya sometimes the right girls come a long...ya but thanks i love when peaple say that! :)
You're making some fun ToTs! Keep up the good work. oh yeah, a question. um, what's your favorite color?
o why thanks! hmm...probley pink and black
which is funnier?
lolz i really dont know what brought me to this but he u go?
which is cuter?!
which is cuter serena or missy?! and no not of 1 u would date! but the cuter 1! ik the serena pic is newer! well the 1 i put up was like 1 1/2 years old! so which 1?
if u had to pick?!
if u had to date 1 of them which 1? me! or missy!
wow can u tell me how to vote n comment cuz im trying to do eminem vs ke$ha n im trying to vote but it dunt let me vote or comment :S
well....u are cute..i dont know well i just joined ...and i c you ar 2...but idk?
Which Is HOTTER!?
these are 2 very hot guys i know! for real even andy sixx! ik we are very close! so shut up! but which 1? hmmm Jake the model? or Andy the rockstar?
who is more cuter??
so tell me! whos cuter the very smexi Missy! or the cute bell Serena! hmmm? hard to pick!
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
Would you rather Call or Text?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
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