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Relationship Status: Married
Website: www.thisorthat.com
Favorite Book: Anna Karenina
Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day, Pulp Fiction
Things you <3: ballet, my own kids, my husband, my house
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I do well with eating their hearts out, yes.
Is that an euphemism?
Just because of your comment, I decided to elect the photograph of me as an undead brain eater to avatar status. Is this awesome?
Very nice! I bet you do well with the ladies!!
My ActionAmy profile got borked. I was not trying to be ApatheticAmy, I promise!
Oh good.I was worried!
Hey there. Did you see my St. Patty's article?
I did, and I am the saint of ridding my house of elephants. Drink a beer for me!
To answer your other question, yes, I am working a lot on school stuff right now. I just passed my General Exam (with flying colors). I'm going to resume writing at least two articles per week for ToT.
Well good! I'm looking forward to the completion of the friend feed so I can see interesting tots and no longer weigh in on my preference for winter.
Very likely. ;)
Good, that's the only thing my St. Pat's party will be missing!
Be on the lookout for the best St Partick's Day quiz ever to post on ToT. It will be up on the 16th.
Please tell me there will be midgets dressed as leprechauns!
I'm looking forward to that day.
You and me both!
Agreed. PS. it looks like my latest article is a hit so far. It's the most hits I've gotten so far, and its only been up for about 9 hours.
Someday we'll have millions of views and you can say "I was there when"
Well, it's a combination of things. 1. Recently graduated college student with no real job. 2. AT&T is worthless in my part of NY. 3. I got a chocolate touch instead. As for helping the site, I'm trying to do my part. I talk about the site to all my friends and promote it when the opportunity arises, but don't worry about the doughnuts, I'll buy my own to cut down on the expenses. ;)
real jobs are overrated!
Doughnuts!?!?!?!? (see Brash's latest for more details)
You want a doughnut too? Help get the site from taking money to making money and I'll buy you a baker's dozen. And how can you not have an iPhone? It autofills "it's" even though we know sometimes it should be its and won't accept s- apostrophe, only apostrophe- s.
can U follow me back?
Are you funny?
Those are some great ideas. I'm really enjoying being a part of what's going on with ToT. I'll definitely be on the look out for more great ideas to share and ways to share the site.
Thanks! Since Jon quit his corporate job to get it going we hope it takes off!
Thanks, I've been looking for fun topics that I can put an interesting spin on. I've also been thinking about how to get more people to check it out. I've been sharing my posts with my FB friends and on my Tumblr. I think we need a shameless-self-promotion lesson from Brash. (He seems to get a lot of engagement.) Oh and congratulations on the 'promotion.'
When we started the co I was CEO, then hostile takeover, then back to work. I want to implement an ideas section that writers can browse for inspiration. We have a few ideas in the hopper for traffic. I'm not sure anyone else can be as brash as Brash! Also there is a reply button coming soon to encourage dialogue.
Hey, how are things for the ToT family these days?
Great! Building a fun website. Looks like I'm taking over soon as editor in chief (comprised and myriad, people?!?). Kids are ski racers so busy time of year. How are you? Fun posts lately. We need to figure how to up engagement!
Oh sorry about the answer to your question about the 87, I made it on a website called runescape when I was 8 because my username couldn't be Riley and the 87's were in the suggestions and I guess it just stuck to me for 4 years.
So you're 12 now? What do you think of this website?
hey karla - it's kerry j. - i'm testing out this new functionality they added. great pic of you guys - had to comment! hope you had a fun bday the other day...
thanks! I had a good birthday, always good to have a chance to go out on the town! How is it going? are you going to start adding content?
Cute kid, how many little dears do you have?
3, 7 year old girl and twin 5 year old boys
I'm going out tonight and it's cold, what should I wear?
Here in Denver we are having another nasty storm. Currently it's 1* but "feels like -17*". What should I wear for girls night?
Do you check in with your sweetie during the day?
My girlfriends and I have been debating whether our significant others should check in with us during the work day. Face it, if you are trying to get some you would be, but if it's a "sure thing" all communicaiton can wait until the whistle blows. So what about you, do you check in to see how her (feel free to change gender as suits you) day is going?
When you, um, go for a contitutional, how long do you take?
Some people are in and out of the bathroom and some seem to be making their way through Moby Dick in there. Which are you?
hey so Its been almost a week since I sent in my w9 and all that is that normal? how do i get approved? Do I just wait for rebecca to respond and the admin tools link to pop up? Lastly, when they say I have to have my topics approved first do they mean I'm supposed to send rebecca an e-mail with several titles like for instance I'm a tech category writer So do I send her something ike " IBM Watson to compete on Jeopardy!" or does that happen after I see the admin tool link in the blog draft submission process. Sorry I'm just confused lol P.S is there a way to set up direct deposit with them
I redirected this to the staff.
Is Phil going to see his shadow?
Today is groundhog day, is Phil going to predict more winter or an early spring?
There, I'm already up to #13, and I haven't even broken a sweat.
nicely done! #6 now!
Who makes the more interesting ToT's?
While I enjoy interpreting the teenaged spelling and abbreviations, and let's face it, we need a lot of comparisons to ensure Justin Beiber is THE BEST EVRR!, I do find the more mature users' views more interesting. Am I over 30 and therefore near death, or do our interests and views get more interesting to others as we age? So which is it (or wich, if you're under 18)?
I did the best I could with the time I had left but my connection isn't being kind to me at the moment. Lost my ToT on Black Plague vs AIDS for some reason. Don't worry, I'll be climbing the board soon. Besides, it's good to let them get a false sense of security.
In then form of a question please. "top ToT for $200 please" and world wide headquarters is in mountain time so you have 108 minutes to go!
Can you see the picture now? I think it finally worked
Ah yes, very handsome.
Should kids get a day off because it's cold?
The high today in Denver is supposed to only reach -3* with some wicked wind chill. They have called off school, which means all those kids will be out in the cold making snowmen and sledding instead of being nice and warm in the classroom. Should school be closed due to cold?
You're probably right. We'll just let it drop. What did you think of my first article?
It was good! Now we just have to go viral.
Looks like I'm back on the board. Do I want to know how much influence you had to use to get me there?
You probably don't want to know
Would you rather be blowing it through the powder or walking unnaturally groomed grass chasing a small ball?
There are some who like the winter, and some who love summer. Some people are balanced and transition happily from one to the next. Would you rather be getting face shots while it's 10 degrees, or getting a tan while it's 90*?
Hey, when we see a new ToT from you?
I made all the first ones! I'll think of something today.
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan. She's a talented actress who was just screwed over by family and fame
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
what about ice skates?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
snow by a mile!
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
cats if I have to decide, but not really an "animal person"
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
waffles, although I don't like to make big breakfasts, so whatever someone else makes is a-ok
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