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10 Random Celebrities Who Have Appeared on the Children's Cartoon Show "Arthur"
Yes, I'm talking about that Arthur, the one on PBS. In addition to providing thoughtful and surprisingly complex children's content for the last fifteen years, the show regularly features celebrities as animated versions of themselves who stop in to offer inspiration and support in moments of crisis. All the guests voice themselves, and a few have even appeared on multiple occasions. And did you know that the show has also done parodies of MTV Cribs, Harry Potter (as Henry Skreever and...
The Best and Baddest Brunettes of 90s Television
This compilation is very near to my heart, since as a young and impressionable brunette idolizing Janeane Garofolo in the 1990s, I took solace in the idea that my sinister and savage ways must somehow be irrevocably tied to my raven locks. So, from the bottom of my heart, here is a list of my (and yours, if you know what's good for you) most beloved bad-girl brunettes from the 90s. Xena, Warrior Princess What else can I say about this epic warrior princess, played by the perfectly ...
Should schools continue to teach cursive?
Remember practicing those cursive letters in elementary school? When "spelling words" were still a thing, and it was serious business, because it had to be in script, and neat neat neat? When I was in 4th grade, I knew that things were gonna get real after winter break, because I could only hand in my assignments in cursive. Various publications, including the New York Times, have ...
Do you know more about Seinfeld or Girl Scout Cookies?
On tonight's episode of Fox's gluttonous new show, 'Million Dollar Money Drop' host Kevin Pollak asked his two contestants to choose betting their money on knowledge about the long-running, much loved series Seinfeld or the (still pretty great) cookies aggressively by the bright-eyed, bushy tailed young Girl Scouts of America. 'Oh,' I thought, 'this is awesome. They'll get paid to answer ...
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Which do you like better, Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?
reeses peanut butter cups
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
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