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Favorite Book: Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick
Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove
Things you <3: My family, Colorado, Skiing, Tennis
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Should we keep ToT around?
Well, Totters, we think the time has come to shut down this version of ToT. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to try next with the site, but this version of ToT doesn't get a lot of usage. Please cast your vote and comment below.
Which Olympics did you enjoy more?
I love the Olympics and really enjoyed both. I'd give a slight edge to London, but maybe just because it's fresh in my mind. What do you think? CAN YOU PLEASE DELETE THIS?! D: I MESSED THE VID UP ASAP! PLEASE!
can you follow me? im new here
Yeh i do. i put a picture of something and it came out with something completely different, like id put a picture of chips or something, and it would come up with some random pic of a model. so yes please delete those two.
done. sorry that took so long! Really appreciate your contributions to the site!
that one looks ok, too. Let me know if you still want me to nuke those. Could you please get rid of this TOT for me? the pics got messed up.
the pix look ok now. do you still want me to delete?
Hey, my old account was deleted for some reason, it kept saying wrong password, so i put "forgot password" so i typed in my Email address, and it said that we don't have an account with that email address. Is there a way i could get it back? x
Thanks for asking. I'm really sorry to tell you that we had a problem with one of our servers and we lost a bunch of accounts. It sounds like your old account was one of those. We've put a bunch of new work in to make sure that never happens again, but I'm afraid we can't recover the older accounts.
This or That Takes a Nosedive
Just before 8am local time this morning, the main database for This or That became unusable, taking our site down for about 4 hours. Our backup and recovery system also failed, resulting in the loss of everything that has been added to the site in the last 5 months. Unfortunately, we will not be able to restore any of the user accounts, content, or data that has not already been restored on the site.
ayee how u delete dis this or that account?
Go to your account (click your name at the top right) and there is a delete account button on your profile. Please let us know why you are deleting your account, maybe we can help.
2011 TechStars Startup Madness - Congratulations & Recap of the Tournament
First, I'd like to congratulate Cheek'd, the winner of the inaugural TechStars Startup Madness tournament! The team at Cheek'd fought off 63 startup competitors over the course of 6 grueling rounds to emerge as our first champion. Cheek'd will receive over $25,000 in prizes to help build their business from Rackspace, TechCocktail, Seattle 2.0, SendGrid, Gluecon, Perky Jerky, MogoTest, AgileZen, StatsMixPro, Foodzie, and SnapEngage.
Breaking News: Scrapper Gobbles Up $41.000001 Million Investment
Today we bring you exclusive news that Scrapper has taken a whopping $41,000,001 in funding. Pre-launch. We have an exclusive interview below with Scrapper's founder and CEO explaining Scrapper and the investment.
Dear NCAA: Please Stop Helping AOL & Turner Scam Students
It seems that greed at the NCAA knows absolutely no boundaries. In April, the NCAA signed an $11 Billion agreement to televise the NCAA men's basketball tournament on CBS and Turner Sports. You would think that would be enough cash to support an organization whose stars are all unpaid amateurs. You'd also think that would be enough cash to not put scammy ads on the home page of right before the tournament begins. If so, you'd be completely wrong.
Introducing Startup Madness, Hosted by This or That
TechStars announced their first Startup Madness tournament this week. We're proud to announce today that we will be hosting tournament voting once it kicks off on March 14th. For those who missed the TechStars announcement, here's how we will find participants...
Ugh. i think my post on the billy ray cyrus article farted. Can you delete it?
Done. Sorry about the problem. Please let us know if there's a bug.
What goes better with yellow, black or green?
We all know that the Packers won the big game. But whose song is better, Wiz's original Black and Yellow or Wayne's homage to the Packers?
What's up with the collective mural background on the staff photos? I like that they all match, just wondering.
The pix are actually from my kids' rooms in our our old house. We had a local artist paint some murals for them and I thought it would be a fun backdrop for our ToT pix. We need to add Chad and he joined us after the photo shoot, so we'll have to find another cool setting!
Keep chief executing the hell out of this digital establishment!
thanks, Brash!
Okay, good point. I'm pretty rough on them overall but I think in this instance they were really undone by who ever was mixing their sound. Their performance really relies on good engineering and they did not get that.
That's interesting. We were having a party so it was pretty loud in the room so I didn't get a sense of the audio quality. I can definitely imagine a poor mix ruining it for most viewers.
Were you trolling with the Fergie post? I gotta know.
Only a little ;-) I actually did like the performance, but I was pretty sure the Gn'R fans would hate it. I was pretty surprised how negative the overall reaction was -- I honestly think that BEP pulled of the best halftime show in memory. Certainly the only one I can remember from a performer that had popular hits at the time of their appearance.
Who should sing Sweet Child of Mine?
Fergie sounded pretty awesome during the halftime show, but was she better than Axl?
If only you all could of harnessed the power of teenagers texting in votes (*cough* American Idol *cough*) and get paid for it somehow... you'd all be totally crazy rich off of the "Best 2010 Song Tournament"... ha ha
Next year! I joke but we did learn a ton from this one and we think the 2011 tourney will be off the rails. Look for some more cool tourneys on other subjects soon, too.
Are you jealous that Rebecca has an extra "e" in her last name?
Haha, great question! It's especially funny because many people think we are related. Answer: no, I like the clean and simple elegance of the one e in Kelly.
Will the 'timeline' have a [ more ] button? As being both questions and Tots right now it obviously cuts off after a certain limit. Just wondering. But no way to see the full list of ToTs someone has made unless you know their UserID such as [ ] = THANKS!
Great question! And timely as we are redoing the user timeline page now. We are planning on adding filters for different content types on the timeline as well as a button to see the older items.
Should women take their husband's last name?
A little debate has ensued around This or That World Headquarters. What do you think?
How many spaces should go after a period?
Slate recently published an incredibly pedantic post about how "wrong" it is to use two spaces after a period. It was so annoying we're thinking about moving to two spaces just for fun. What do you think?
13 “Mainstream” Sites Powered by Porn
First the VCR, then late-night Cinemax, and now the Huffington Post? As Wiz Khalifa so elegantly says, you already know what it is, and if you don't you should by now. Yep, we're talking about porn. Internet users still search for porn and porn-related keywords more than anything else. So, why shouldn't Gawker, Buzzfeed, HuffPo and other 'mainstream' sites jump on that (so to speak)?
Do you want another redesign?
yes, please!
We Like, Have a Problem
The Facebook "Like" button has not worked correctly on our blog posts. You may have noticed that sometimes when you come to a ThisOrThat blog post, the Like button already has dozens of Likes, even though the post has been up for just a few minutes. And you think to yourself, "This or That is getting popular, but this isn't exactly the HuffingtonPost or Gawker, so what's with all of the Likes?" It's probably especially disturbing when it appears that you have already Liked the post, even though you're seeing it for the first time.
Would you rather be really, really cold or really, really hot?
It's been crazy cold around This or That HQ lately (Denver). We've had sub-zero temps on New Year's day and highs in the single digits this week. It's about time to start thinking about a nice, hot summer day!
Boobs or back?
yikes! back.
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
online far and away. I avoid stores completely.
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
I love both. I love to make pancakes for/with the kids, so I'll go with pancakes.
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Lindsay Lohan. I think she has some talent at least. Paris is just famous for being famous.
A Fun Little Post About Snakes, Speedballs, and Serial Killers
The editor of reached out to us recently about a fun post they did that's right up our alley. They commissioned an insurance actuary (a math geek who figures out the chances of something bad happening) to compare how risky two things are. What's funny is that they compared things people are usually scared of to something similar but more
Top 7 Unintentionally Hilarious Tea Party Rap Videos
Like it or not, 2010 may be remembered as the year the Tea Party became a mass movement in America. Thankfully for us, Tea Party supporters have produced a bunch of really bad rap videos, often chock full of white people dancing horribly. To honor their contribution to American musical culture, This or That presents our Top 7 Tea Party Rap Videos.
The Simple Rule of Thumb That Can Get You Arrested or Killed This Holiday Season
If you're like me, you enjoy having a few adult beverages during the holidays. I've found that a nice glass of beer or spot of eggnog can make the times with good friends that much better, and the times with lesser company that much more tolerable. In any case, I'm afraid that some of you might be using a simple rule of thumb to decide whether or not you should hop behind the wheel after the party ends.
This or That is Looking for Writers
This or That is Hiring! We're looking for writers to develop a mix of breaking news, research pieces, and editorials. Please review the writing on our site to see if your style fits – every post should be passionate, thought-provoking, or amusing (and some should be all three). We want our users to 'own the watercooler' by becoming aware of and knowledgeable about the hot stories each day.
Who's your favorite Biz?
In honor of our new 'Biz' category, choose your favorite Biz!
The New Look of ToT
You may have noticed that we just launched a re-design of This Or That. We've heard again and again that ToT is attractive, but often difficult to consume. Kind of like the iPad app Flipboard, it was as if someone barfed pretty pictures about random subjects all over the page. No one had any idea where to dive in or how to find the topics they were interested in.
Shouldn't Disabled People Be Able to Work for Start-Ups, Too?
This or That has recently hired its fourth employee, and since we're slowly starting to grow, we decided to exit the friendly confines of my dining room table and find a real office. One thing really surprised me in the process – the number of offices that are inaccessible by those with physical disabilities. Full disclosure first: I have a son with mild cerebral palsy, so I may be hypersensitive to the issue. Perhaps it's the cozy size of the offices we looked at, but I saw far more inaccessible offices than I would have imagined.
Are grade school teachers effective or people who can't find something better to do?
@VentureHacks tweeted about the value (or lack thereof) of primary school teachers earlier today. Most replies have been sharply critical. What do you think?
The "Lil Kim Hacker" Strikes ThisOrThat
Last Monday, This Or That's Rebecca Kelley created a ToT comparing rappers Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. The two performers have recently traded barbs in their song lyrics and Rebecca wanted to see who our users were pulling for. Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan of Nicki Minaj but don't care much for Lil Kim.
Who was responsible for the fight?
Check out the video of the fight between Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson. Who was in the wrong? video on youtube
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