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Favorite Book: I don't read.
Favorite Movie: Haven't been to the movies since tickets were 5 bucks.
Things you <3: Not's a small club.
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ActionAmy is least my profile is. Long Love AmyC
May she that "TAPS" I hear?
Charlie Sheen...should we be concerned or enjoy the show?
There's no denying the mania of Charlie Sheen and his media driven public who can't get enough of him. With nearly 3 million Twitter followers it seems there is no shortage of people to enjoy and encourage his rants. He has set new records on the site and has sold out venues in Detroit and Chicago in a matter of minutes. It's obvious that we find him fascinating, but maybe for the ...
You're funny, why am I not seeing more of you lately?
I couldn't find the internet...did they move it?
Would you agree that Rupert Murdoch is poor?
Depends on how you look at it...even the richest fuck can be poor as shit.
If Johnny 5 is alive, is Johnny 4 somewhat poor?
Isn't everyone?
Is the state of healthcare in America creating unhealthy patients?
With an estimated 50 million people currently uninsured, those who can't afford the bill (and their respective germs) often go untreated. Forget about the variety of illnesses that are spread to the rest of the population, but isn't a looney toon that is being treated for his mental issues, better than one that isn't? Maybe just a little?
Crossword or Word Search?
Which word puzzles are you better at?
Best way to grow a steak?
I remember hearing what I thought was an urban legend about KFC genetically engineering chickens without heads. This was allegedly an effort to mass produce the parts of the chicken they actually needed. I envisioned an endless warehouse with rows and rows of headless original recipes hooked up to a multi-chicken life support system. Not appetizing. A recent article from Reuters gave the story a ...
Glazed or Chocolate?
Which donut is making you hungry?
Which John F. Kennedy would you like to have met?
Our 35th president or his son, who do you think would be the more interesting of the two?
Is blunt better?
Dr. House has a way with words, a very blunt way, but a way none the less. What do you think of his outspoken straightfowardness? Should we tell people what we really think?
Which would you take?
Pretend for a moment that you actually have a choice and nothing better to do. Would you rather take a leisurely drive on a scenic road or just get where you're going? If it helps...both get service.
Where would you rather?
Which is the less abrasive location?
Which snowman is more creative?
Cabin fever leads to some strange behavior.
Who should be honored?
Both were born in Massachusets and helped lead the way through the American revolution. Both led opposition to the Sugar Act of 1764 and the Stamp Act of 1765 and were driving forces behind the Boston Tea Party. Both were original members of the Sons of Liberty and the Continental Congress and went on to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. John went on to be the second President of the ...
Who has the best sideboob?
Not that either one is bad, but which do you think is better?
Which SNL character is funnier?
Dana Carvey as "The Church Lady" or Julia Sweeny's "Pat"? Who was the funnier made for TV character?
Do you stock up before it snows?
Have you ever been snowed in? Why is it that every time it snows, shoppers swarm the grocery store like the food won't be there the day after? How much milk, bread and eggs do people really need? Do you stock up before a big storm?
For or against?
With the latest wave of ToTs sharing a common theme---Justin Beiber and Eminem against well...just about everything---I wanted to know which way you voted more often. Last time I checked, 76% percent of people chose a gyro over Beiber, 84% picked a fart, and 62% prefer poop.
Wilma or Betty...whose bed would you rock?
You know you had a favorite, so which one was it?
Who has the more stylish hump?
If you were going to wear a hump, where would you wear it?
Hey! Nice face!
The other one was starting to itch.
Where in the world would you like to visit?
Ireland would be nice, or Europe maybe...but it all depends on who else is going.
hey sup?.... lovin tht ToTs but . whats up with ur pic? :( lol
Nothing now, had a problem earlier but it's fixed.
You're very striking in your picture. Do you have anything special you do to maintain your youthful glow?
Thanks, I sleep with a bag over my keeps the insects out.
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Ice Cream Cake
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