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7 Jaw-Dropping Creationist Claims
Creationists. Say the word and images of rainbows, Noah's ark, and velociraptors having tea with Adam and Eve come to mind. The willful ignorance of a person who has access to the hard-won knowledge that science has made available to the modern age, but chooses instead to believe that the universe is mere thousands of years old; that humans co-habitated with dinosaurs; that all the millions of species of life on Earth appeared suddenly in their present form and that all of them could fit onto a wooden boat - it boggles the mind.
Fukushima and the Future of Nuclear Energy
If you don't know the full story of what's gone wrong with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, that's probably because just because it's really, really complicated, and no one knows all of the details yet. This BBC walk through of what happened has helpful diagrams and gives a good rundown of the basics. It's not rocket science, but...actually it's probably a good deal more complicated than rocket science.
Who Does the Republican Congress Hate More?
We, the new Republican/Tea Party majority of the U.S. Congress, aren't just about repealing health care reform. We want to fix the economy, and we hereby pledge to create jobs and balance the budget. We know just how to do it, too -- rape the environment and make life harder for women who've been literally raped.
Kepler's Incredible Search for Other Earths
This mission is AWESOME. Have you heard of this? Probably not because news like this is doomed to be buried on the science page (NASA could really use some better promotion). But here's what's happening: A few years ago NASA launched a new space telescope called Kepler in honor of this guy.
Is It Time for the Egyptian Protests to End?
Egypt, apparently still a country despite the fact that the world stopped caring the instant they stopped building pyramids, has lately seen what the BBC World News describes as "unrest." It began over two weeks ago with protesters calling for an end to the reign of long time Pharaoh President Hosni Mubarak, who has always viewed the idea of someone besides himself leading Egypt as sacrilege.
How Dirty is Obama's Clean Energy Goal?
Obama, my favorite president since... well, actually I'm not old enough to have clear memories of any president before Clinton, and I didn't like him while he was in office because my parents were Republicans (although I do recall that Bush Sr. got us to invade Iraq, with soldiers and tanks and missiles to fight the bad guys with, and I thought that was pretty awesome at the time.)
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Yes to both.
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
City, by a hair.
Which do you like better, Snickers or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups?
Peanut butter cups.
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
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