JennaMariee's Information:
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Favorite Book: Mortal Coil from the Skulduggery Pleasant series
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
Things you <3: Reading, singing, dancing, going to the movies, shopping, taking pictures, photo-editing, my friends and my family.
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Who's prettier?
Two of my friends, Amelie and Briony
Are my kittens cute?
My two new kittens, Lulu and Izzy, are they cute?
Who is prettier, me or Jedda?
Okay, so Jedda thinks I am and I think she is.. so I did this to decide. Please vote/comment (:
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Roller Skates
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Would you rather Call or Text?
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Ice Cream
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