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The 7 Terrorist Leaders Still On the US Hit List
Osama bin Laden was undoubtedly the biggest terrorism target in the world. Eliminating the leader of al-Qaeda is nothing short of a great accomplishment, especially after more than a decade of searching. He was, however, just one man. In the global war on terror, if you take out one leader, eight other guys will pop up to take his place. In the United States' current case, there are at least seven major extremist leaders that the United States is still after. 7. Abu Yahya al-Libi A ...
The 15 Violent Hotspots Around The World
For all of Mitt Romney's talk about us living in " peacetime," the world seems to be growing further unstable each day. Fueled by the global economic crisis, protests, riots, and unrest have broken out all over Northern Africa and the Middle East. This only adds to the already ongoing violence from conflicts that started years ago. The United States is directly involved in four of them. Here are the 15 violent hotspots around the globe: 15. Afghanistan This September will ...
How Long Will NBA Super Teams Last?
The current NBA era is all about the "Super Team." A handful of Super Teams made up of All-Stars seem to always make at least the Conference Finals. There are also a handful of budding "Super Teams" hoping to build a similar system in order to try to compete. With many of these teams made up of aging players and expiring contracts, one has to wonder - how long do they have left? The Dynasties 1. Lakers photo via dalechumbley With their collapse to the Mavericks this ...
The People Guiding the Obama Agenda
The United States makes a lot about the power of the president. It is true, the President of the United States has quite a bit of reach, but with so much jurisdiction a president is really only as good as his aides and advisers. The diligence and agenda of those advisers quickly becomes federal policy. This is why it is curious that Obama has picked so many bankers, lobbyists, and corporatists to run his government. Take a look at the resumes of these 7 top Obama officials and think about ...
The Real NBA Season Awards
Every year the NBA hands out a ton of awards and every year fans are gravely disappointed. Let's face it, the NBA awards only reflect the opinions of a few people, not a consensus of all serious observers. I've gone back, re-watched every single regular season game of every team, and decided to put my own rulings in. The Awards: Dunk of the Year: Dwyane Wade to LeBron James Moment of the Year: Love's 30-30 Game In a season with some pretty dominant performances, few stood ...
Will Osama Help Obama in 2012?
The successful mission to take out Osama bin Laden is one of the biggest achievements of the Obama Presidency. In the long run, it does not do much to take out the Al-Qaeda leader 10 years into a war we started with a completely different country, but it looks good on your resume. Unfortunately, politically, this could not have come at a worse time. The short-term bump that Obama got was nice, but will amount to little help in 2012. In 2000, the election was run on healthcare, education, ...
The 7 Top GOP Candidates the GOP Hates
There is no doubt that the Presidential election season has already begun, and with just 18 months to spare. While the Democratic nominee is obvious, the Republican nominee is far from it. Right now, the Republicans are looking at a field of candidates that is exactly the same or worse than last election's cast of lovable losers. This could be the reason why not one candidate has any enthusiasm backing them or could beat Obama in an election before he has even started campaigning and is at ...
Wisconsin Recalls Show Consequences of New Conservatism
Ever since the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and many a gubernatorial seat and state legislature on the backs of the Tea Party, a new wave of conservative policies have been pushed under the guise of solving the economic crisis. Few have been more visible or far reaching than Scott Walker's push to end collective bargaining rights for unions in Wisconsin and the Republican federal budget proposal. The Walker Union-busting bill sought to take away workers' ...
The Top 10 Impact Players in the 2011 NFL Draft
As NFL teams and fans turned their attention from the lockout to the NFL Draft, questions like "Will there be football in 2011?" were replaced with ones like "Who can play in the big leagues starting on day one?" There were plenty of "project" picks in the draft (picks with potential that probably are not going to contribute much for a year or two), as well as plenty of guys that will likely go bust as soon as they move from a college system to an NFL one. On the ...
The Best Drafting NFL Teams of the Decade
As the 2011 NFL Draft came and went, some teams executed their draft strategy to perfection while others are stuck simply hoping for the best. Over the past decade, the most successful teams have been able to make great draft choices and build winners around homegrown talent. Others - not so much. Let's run down the best drafting teams of the last 10 years and who they came away with in the draft. Pittsburgh Steelers Of the last five Super Bowls, the Pittsburgh Steelers have ...
Just Run for President Already!
Donald Trump has announced a date to announce the date that he will announce that he will run for president. What? It's politics as usual for the Republican presidential field that, like many before them, refuses to admit they are running for president. Of the many faces you never-endingly see on TV trying to maneuver their way to the head of some issue started by some conservative blogger somewhere, none have announced they are running for president. Some have announced that they have...
5 Ways the US States are Cracking Down on Women's Rights
Ever since the Republicans returned to power in the House of Representative and in states all over the country, they have been pushing for "smaller government." This small government apparently involves cuts only to the programs they are ideologically opposed to and increases government meddling in people's lives. Not the least of Big Brother's concerns is the fact that women are largely able to go and terminate a pregnancy all over the country for a variety of reasons from ...
10 Leaders Who Turned On Their Own People This Decade
As the violence in Libya and the rest of the Middle East continues, many are surprised that the West has actually intervened and is protecting the citizenry against their own leaders. In fact, it has been the West's policy to both shy away from acting to help foreign groups even in the worst cases of violence and still talk a big game about human rights - particularly over the past decade. Here are 10 of the major world leaders who turned on their own citizens over the past ten years while the rest of the world stood and watched, wondering who can protect the people whose own government has attacked them.
10 Most Likely MLB Busts For 2011
As the MLB gets set to usher in a new season, many players are out to prove that they still belong in the upper echelon of the sport. As with every season, however, some of those players and their fans will be greeted with utter disappointment. Here are the top 10 most likely busts for the upcoming 2011 MLB season.
7 Myths About Unions in America
Ever since the Reagan Era (though really long before that), Republicans have been after the "big and powerful unions" that are "ruining our economy." In order to build support against the unions, which are simply groups of workers using their collective power to accomplish better working conditions and compensation that they ever could individually, the Scott Walkers of the world have thrown around a lot of anti-union talking points - many of which are simply not credible.
The 10 Brokest States in America
With so many states in the red, Congress has already begun to consider allowing states to go bankrupt. In total, experts predict that as many as 46 states will have budget shortfalls in the next fiscal year. As the financial crisis continues to wreak havoc for states and cities, Americans have begun to lose sight of what makes this country great as a whole: comparing how much worse the rest of the country has it.
The MLB Bargain Bin: Top 10 Remaining Free Agents
With just hours left until pitchers and catchers report to training camp, the free agent market has dwindled to just a few dozen fairly unimpactful players, but there are still a few diamonds in the rough. From veterans who still have something left in the tank to injured players trying to return to form, to guys whose stats are a little too shaky, let's go digging through the MLB bargain bin.
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