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Occupy Wall Street: Effective Protest or Waste of Time?
Despite numerous eviction attempts, the approach of winter weather, the return of the NBA, and the ongoing Kardashian saga, the Occupy Wall Street protests are still going strong. Protesters began a sit-in style protest in New York's Zucotti Park in September. Groups in other cities around the world followed suit in protesting income inequality, bank bailouts, and high unemployment. The protests have attracted attention from media outlets ranging from Fox News to Saturday Night Live. But...
BCS or Playoffs: Which is Better for Major College Football?
For the first time in the history of the Bowl Championship Series, the national championship game will feature two teams from the same conference. Undefeated LSU still stands as the top team in the country, while second-ranked Alabama beat out Oklahoma State for the number-two slot, despite the fact that LSU beat the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa earlier this year. Although this title game match up between conference foes is unprecedented, the controversy generated by the BCS isn't. Is the ...
Is Tim Tebow a true NFL QB?
Tim Tebow has won at every level, but does not have the technique of a starting NFL QB. Is he legit?
Who's to blame for the divorce?
Is Kim Kardashian or Kris Humpries to blame for the couples 72-day marriage ending in divorce?
Will the Green Bay Packers stay undefeated?
With a record of 13-0 and a 19-game winning streak, can any team stop the Packers from winning their second straight Super Bowl
5 New Careers for Shaquille O'Neal
Even if you're not a die-hard basketball fan, you probably know the name Shaquille O'Neal. Whether it's from his execrable movies, goofy commercials, or his self-dubbed nicknames, Shaq has provided almost as much entertainment off the court as on it. Now that he has hung up his size 23 sneakers for the last time, we'll take a look at some of Shaq's other career endeavors away from the hardwood. 5. "Dr." Shaq Although Shaq left school early to go pro, he has ...
The 10 Best and Worst Movies About Poker
Hollywood has had a long history of jumping on a fad, flooding the market with movies, and abandoning it like a 24-year-old starlet after ten trips to rehab. For example: Rock 'n roll movies in the '50s Spy flicks in the '60s Disco musicals in the '70s Teen comedies in the '80s Slacker/indie films in the '90s One of the big fads of the '00s was Texas Hold'em poker. In 2003, when an overweight Tennessee accountant named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series ...
The 10 Hottest Female Professional Poker Players
With the recent actions of the FBI and the Department of Justice against online poker, many poker enthusiasts are now forced out of their bedrooms and into live card rooms. Many of these new players will encounter something they may have never seen before: hot women playing poker! Here are ten of the hottest female poker players: 10. Beth Shak Beth's cougar-iffic looks have helped her make a name for herself on many televised poker shows. She had a run-in with Phil "Poker Brat&...
5 Bets to Place on the Royal Wedding
Attention gambling addicts! March Madness and the Super Bowl are in the history books, and the Kentucky Derby is still weeks away. The NBA and NHL playoffs are still dragging along and baseball season seems to last 20 years. Need some quick, easy bets to satisfy your craving for action this week? Here's something both you and your lady-friend can enjoy: the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Unlike the puritanical attitudes toward gambling exhibited by the USofA government, ...
9 Stoner Movies to Watch on 4/20
What could be better on "4/20" than to roll one out, eat Cheetos, and watch movies? Here are some of the top movies in all of "high" culture. 9. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Although the audience never sees "Bill S. Preston, Esquire" and "Ted 'Theodore' Logan" light up on screen, the movie tells the story of two high-school stoners whose biggest ambition is to start a band, even if they have no musical talent. (Don't laugh! It...
The Origins of “4/20”
If you're looking to unwind after having sent in your taxes on Monday, you may want to roll your own, smoke a bowl, or munch on a brownie to celebrate "4/20." In recent years, the twentieth of April has become an international holiday for connoisseurs of cannabis, savorers of the "sticky icky," and chroniclers of "the chronic." But where did the "4/20" reference come from? The Story of 4/20 This year marks an anniversary of sorts for the origin of ...
The Death of Pro Wrestling?
In a recent press release, WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced that the company would no longer include "wrestling" in the title of their company. The company formerly known as "World Wrestling Entertainment" and "World Wrestling Federation" would now simply be known by its initials. McMahon stated in a company press release announcing the change, "The new business model of the company better reflects what WWE is all about, being a global entertainment company.&...
The 9 Weirdest Mascots in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
March Madness is already in full swing. This year has already had its share of buzzer beaters, crazy finishes, and Cinderella stories. One of the most fun aspects of the tournament is learning about schools that you may have never heard of before and, in all likelihood, may never hear from again. While the "bracketologists" go on about how which team will win it all, let's take a look at some of the smaller schools and crazier mascots that made their way into the round of 64 68.
Top 9 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Moments
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin will make his Wrestlemania return as the Special Guest Referee for the much anticipated match between announcers Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Here are the top 9 moments of the former wrestling superstar's career.
Is UFC the New WWE?
Zuffa LLC, the company that owns the Ulitmate Fighting Championships, announced that they had purchased Strikeforce, UFC's primary competition. In an interview Saturday, UFC president Dana White maintained that the two companies would operate separately under the Zuffa corporate umbrella and each entity would conduct "business as usual" for the foreseeable future.
Shawn Michaels’ Top 9 WWE Moments
"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels will take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame next month in Atlanta. For a performer who never met Vince McMahon's standards of size and strength, combined with his volatile personality and past drug use, Michaels exemplified what would become the company's successful "Attitude Era" during the late 1990s. Here are his nine best moments from the WWE.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Top 9 WWE Moments
As part of the celebration of Wrestlemania XXVII (27), I thought I'd bring up top moments in the careers of some of the biggest WWE Superstars. Dwayne Johnson evolved his wrestling gimmick from ever-smiling "blue chipper" Rocky Maivia to the "eyebrow-raising, trail-blazing" people's champ, "The Rock". After seven years away from the ring, he will serve as the host of Wrestlemania in Atlanta. Here are some of the most memorable moments in the career of "The Great One."
The 9 Dirtiest Beatles Songs
No one can dispute that the Beatles made some of the best music in recorded history. However, for a band that made its fame and fortune on songs like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You," they could indulge in some subtle (and not-so-subtle) innuendos and double entendres. Here are some of the dirtiest songs in the Beatles catalog.
Casting Gilligan’s Island: The Movie (Because You Know Hollywood Will Make This)
As an aspiring screenwriter, I've given up on the idea of any of my original ideas making it to the silver screen, so I decided to create a public service for the Hollywood "Dream Factory." Not only will I come up with places from which they can "reimagine" movies, I'll even take care of the casting for them. Here's the pitch for a present-day "reimagining" of the classic TV show "Gilligan's Island" as a sexy stoner comedy.
The Top 7 Moments in Pittsburgh Sports History
The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has prided itself on the performances of its sports teams. The fanatical followers of the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates and Panthers have enjoyed decades of excellence and numerous championship parades. They have also seen many memorable moments, and even though the Steelers went home empty-handed in Super Bowl XLV, I thought I'd honor Pittsburgh by bringing you the top seven moments in the sports history of the Steel City.
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