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This Or That?
Full credit to speedhunters.com and kultivate.wordpress.com for the pictures. So. Which do you like better?
2009 370Z Or 2009 WRX Sedan?
I prefer the 370Z because of the RWD. The 0-60 times are exactly the same, which I find very interesting.
Which game do you prefer?
Flower is best because we don't need another FPS, and their getting old really fast
Which feels better
only for people who have tried both
So what the first thing you see in a girl?
a great personality
What did I do?
why do boys like cars so much??
it's not all of us. and I don't know
are you a boy or girl?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
the country
Would you rather Call or Text?
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
I would fake being blind
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