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Twitter: @@GemmaMcginty
Favorite Book: Kathy Reichs (I love all of her books)
Favorite Movie: Harry potter
Things you <3: GLEE! bones, AVPM, klaine, Grant Gustin, the warblers, H2$, DARREN CRISS!!!!!
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do you think grant gustin is good looking?
Grant gustin is amazingly sexy in my eyes but what do you think?
Finchel or Klaine?
Who is the most awesomest glee couple
who is better looking?
I love these too so much but who do you like better
What's better
For vampire lovers whats better the old or the new
what do you like about ToT? What do you wish we would change?
More Darren Criss
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
coke, cause of chris colfer
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
neither cause Im from pigfarts
Would you rather Call or Text?
text, unless its damian mcginty cause I love his voice
Kirstie, are you enjoying the site?
Im not kirstie
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