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Relationship Status: Single
Twitter: @AthenaZ17
Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Things you <3: Music, Cooking, Writing, Hanging w/ family/friends, Reading,Soccer, Going on online, Celebrity Gossip, My pet fish, Glee, PLL, Gossip Girl, Idol, Make It, What I Like About You, Mark Salling & the Whole Glee Cast
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hamburgers or hotdogs
hamburgers =)
iPhones or Androids?
twitter or facebook?
hmm it varies- there r times when im obsessed with twitter & othr times im always on facebk but rite not my answer is probably facebk
which glee christmas album do you prefer, vol 1 or vol 2
definitely volume 2! i listen to it nonstop last december!
Which season is better?
I personally prefer the fall =)
me seguís? todavía nadie me sigue
Voy a
Which picture do you like better?
I love them both a whole lot but the 2nd 1 is a little cuter in my opinion=)
whos your favourite glee character???
I love them all, but my fav wud hav 2 b Puck<333
hey! will u add me on facebook?
Umm well I don't know how to because I dont know your name.....
Do you like Finn Hudson or Puck?
I love them both but I like Puck more
Which Glee song is better?
They are both really awesome...kind of a tie!
Which movie would you rather see?
I'm really excited for both to come out & I'm totally watching both!
am i better than you?
wat do u think?
do you prefer Sean Kingston or Shawn Desman?
since i dont know who Shawn Desman is, I will say Sean Kingston
do you prefer Best Buy or Future Shop?
Best Buy
Do you prefer MSN or skype?
do you prefer facebook or twitter?
Definitely Twitter
Which do you like more?
I would have to say that i prefer armadillos...
Do you prefer Highschool Musical or Glee?
I like them both & a few months ago I wud hav said High School Musical , but once I started watching Glee in August I fell in love & it is my favorite tv show so GLEE<3
do you prefer watching TV or listening to the radio?
hmm...Love both but I have to say TV- cuz when glee is on u get 2 hear both music & watch tv!
do you prefer Ipod or iPhone?
I dont hav an iPhone so Ipod- luv my Ipod!
do you prefer ice tea or lemonade?
Oh i love ice tea!
Which game is better?
Both are very fun & I have played both. I'm better at Just Dance though & I own it so I prefer Just Dance to DDR.....What about you?
Who do you like better?
These are my two favorite Glee characters. I love Brittany's jokes and the way she dances. I love Puck's voice and his 'badass' attitude. What do you think?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
Would you rather Call or Text?
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Ice Cream
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
In store
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