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Favorite Book: Zits
Favorite Movie: Disturbia
Things you <3: Me :) oh yeah and Tom Cruise :P
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Which one of these card collections was your biggest?
We all have some Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon cards but which of these collections were you more devoted to and was larger and better, or just which one you liked more, for the cards only not the show.
Which of these shows do you like better?
Just wondering, because both these shows have similar concepts and they are starting to get repetitive, though i still love them i want to know what majority likes.
Which Barney do you guys like better?
Your favorite childhood character or the awesome player, all suited up.
Do you guys create more ToTs or comment on more ToTs?
Just wondering, cuz when i was a noob i didnt even realize i could create or comment, ppfff idoit lol (i spelled it wrong on purpose btw)
Do you love Rock'n'Roll? Should i put another dime in the JuiceBox Baby?!
What do you think guys! Should i spend 10¢ for another rock tune, or save up and spend it on something better.
Which one of these are better for porn? jk Which one are you using right now?
Just wondering which is more popular, and better, leave comment if your strongly opinionated bout this.
What is Love?
Will somebody please answer Haddaway, and please baby don't hurt him no more. :P
What do you use/used to glue stuff together?
I always had both within arms reach, but my glue bottle was always full :P
What do you like to color with?
I prefer crayons, because they are soft and they taste better :P, and because markers go right through the paper and ruin whatever was on the back :(
Did you understand inception?
IDK its just that lots of people said it made no sense, but i seemed to understand it quite well, or was i dreaming the entire movie? uh oh...
Do you appreciate the censorsism and the beeps, or does it just ruin it?
You like a wild unsensored full of swears movie, or you like your movies clean, people?
Which Wilson brother are you more of a fan of? (sorry Andrew!)
Don't even answer if you dont know who they are. lol jk do wateves you want man!
Do you think fajarbaru is gonna make the all-time user highscore?
I just noticed that every ToT has a comment by fajarbaru, especially on every single one of my ToTs, not that its a bad thing, im actually giving him props for going pro, lets see if everyone else believes in him. aru
Which one do you find more annoying?
As long as these two characters have existed they have pissed off, upset, frustrated and annoyed every body who has run into them. The dog laughing and mocking you for missing and losing the ducks, you're mad enough you don't need some punk ass cartoon making fun of you for it, you wish you had the ammo to just put that dog down. For this random little paperclip who comes to bother when ...
In call of duty (mainly MW2) multiplayer are you a quickscoper or a hard scoper with the sniper rifle?
Theres always those snipers in their ghillie suits, that either spend less than 0.5 secondes looking through their scopes (quick) or they do nothing but look through their scopes (hard), which pne are you?
Are you feeling Yoptimal today?
I have no clue what that question means but its like their slogan or something, and its under the lid of each yogurt cup.
Which caracter do you pick more often when playing sonice the hedgehog?
I had a sega console and of course i had Sonic 2, i like playing as both but what about you guys?
Who's the host you'd vote for?
They usually ask you to vote for the contestants, now they are the contestants and they need your votes to stay until next week.
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