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Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Book: Whenever Breathe Carolina gets a book it will be my favorite <3
Favorite Movie: Hunger Games<3
Things you <3: David schmitt & Breathe Carolina <3 <3
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Which looks like the better boyfriend?
Yes , Chase is my Ex. Cheated on me . Damon is my current boyfriend that i love so so so much <3 Yeah Damon isnt the cutest but has the bigger heart <3 <3 <3 Love you Damon
Which is prettier ?
Ashley , the girl my boyfriend cheating on me with... Which is better :|
Which is better ?
I've had people say Emo flaps arent cool ? Which they are <3 <3 Emo Flaps iare a bang that hangs over your face like Davids (1st one ) So which one will you choose?
Which one is hotter ?
Listen haters there both AMAZING people but im not hear to ask about "Emo Flaps" whatever that is :P But which one do you think is hotter ? No hate <3 Xoxo <3
Which is better .? <3
Deena & Snooki stars from the "Jersey Shore" both really amazing people . But who do YOU think is better ?
Which band is better ?
WARNING : Breathe carolina isnt some sissy band that only sings about love .
Which is hotter ?
David Schmitt ( 1st ) Matt Mcnutly (2nd)
Which Is Hotter ?
David Schmitt or Jeydon Wale . i go with Both !
Favorite One Direction song?
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