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Relationship Status: Single
Twitter: @dreamer_N
Website: dreamnathje.hyves.nl
Favorite Book: i really read a lot, but here some: HP, Hunger games, Vampire academy, gemma doyle,Artemis fowl,percy jackson,stravaganza
Favorite Movie: mostly: Fantasy, Sci-fi,action, adventure,Rom-com, mystery, etc.
Things you <3: there are way to many things that i love.. like Chocolat...movies...dreaming, books... en zijn hier meer Nederlanders ? of ben ik de enigste ?
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Percy Jackson,The Hunger Games or Harry Potter?
why do i have to choose ? Why can't i just pick all of them :3
which do you prefer ?
I've made these for one of my stories.. but now i'm wondering which one is better ?
Better movie soundtrack part 6
van Helsing theme song : Sherlock Holmes theme :
Better movie soundtrack part 5
Hunger Games - Preparing the Chariots / Horn of plenty (and is also the national anthem of Panem) : Stardust compilation:
Better movie soundtrack part 4
Lord of the rings theme : Requiem for a dream : I never saw Requiem for a dream, but i really love the soundtrack of it :D
Better Movie soundtrack part 3
Harry Potter "random top 10 ;]" : Potc Compilation :
Better movie soundtrack part 2
The island - my name is Lincoln : The lion king - king of pride rock :
If your younger sibling was chosen by the reaping, would you volenteer for him/her ?
Although it will only be possible when : You're a female and your little sister is chosen. Or you're a male, then it's your brother.
Which Hunger Games soundtrack do you like more ? Arshad vs. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift: http://youtu.be/nhdNG_ebbTg Arshad: http://bit.ly/yyclwq
Do you like Taylor Swift?
yes ^^
which holiday is better? christmas or halloween?
idk.. we doesn't celebrate the both of them... but i think there both great, because of there meanings... (:
house or csi?
i Love them both.. and somethimes it depends on the episode.. but i think my vote goes to House :3
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
hhmm.. i don't know really.. i life now outside of the city so.. maybe it's something between them..
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
i think i prefer stores..
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
cats ^^
Would you rather have pancakes or waffles?
Waffles.. but pancakes are also awesome ^^
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