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NFL Lockout and Trickle Down Economics
The NFL lockout has been focused, for the most part, on the billionaire owners and the millionaire players who are fighting over more of the money pie. Getting somewhat lost in all this money are the other people who will be affected by the lockout should it force the cancellation of regular season games. Sports bars, jersey and hat retailers, beer sales, pizza and wing sales, stadium vendors, restaurants and hotels near stadiums, and on and on it goes.
Philadelphia Phillies: Chinks in the Perceived Armor
Much like the Miami Heat when they signed the triplets, when the Phillies signed their stellar rotation, most in the sports world had them winning the World Series. People thought that they had it all sewn up-ready to hand them the trophy. Not so fast, my friends, not so fast. Apparently, there are a few more chinks in the Phillies' armor than one might have expected at first glance.
NFL Lockout: He Said, He Said
The NFL and the players association are now engaging in a game of he said, he said. Letters that are now being made public are being sent back and forth between the league and the players association (no longer an organized union). As both sides continue to air their grievances over billions of dollars, the fans are starting not to take either side.
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