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Liking a sad facebook status
I saw this on damn lol (or some other similar site of the sort .... lol) and I had to ask.
Who do you think should get the land?
This is a project I'm working on. It's something like Kony 2012. The current Grand River land dispute came to wide attention in Canada on February 28, 2006. On that date, protesters from the Six Nations of the Grand River began a demonstration to raise awareness about First Nation land claims in Ontario. They highlighted their claim to a parcel of land in Caledonia, Ontario, a community ...
Would you:
Life is sometimes hard (see what i did there?) Life has many decisions and sometimes puts these big things in your face... would you take it by the horn(s) or would you flee?
Which phrase is better/ would you choose?
Imaging someone singing the chorus to the song "buttons" by the pussycat dolls ft snoop dogg...
what song made you change your mind?
None. i was reading over the comments and I realized I made a mistake.
Robert Pattinson: Wantabe and/or hater or not?
Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, didn't like how people said Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is better than him in many ways. Do you think he took the part as Jacob in the new movie "Water for Elephants" for the world to think the name "Jacob" isn't as great anymore? Or maybe He can play an even better Jacob than Mr. Lautner. Whatever his reason is for taking the part, do you ...
you know how to remove tots
no sir. I believe i had one tot removed and that was because of matt so if anything you should ask him. :)
THIS is Julian Smith: Inventor of Malk: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2009/11/malk/ Song Writer: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2010/12/racist-coffee/ Creative: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2009/12/techno-jeep/ Chillin with celebrities: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2011/02/james-camerons-my-bff/ (hes acting retarded on purpose in this vid lol) He is also this guy: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2010/06/jellyfish/ Oh, and their selling his t-shirts on Hot Topic: http://www.juliansmith.tv/2010/12/shirt-thief/ Tell me honestly what you think in the answer, lol.
lmfao Malk got me.. took me a while to lawl but it was pretty cool lol. he isnt bad :) Why did you go through all that trouble to tell me about him though? I would have eventually found out who he was lol. tht was sweet of ya so thx ;p
Which is the better place to party at?
Both have pros and cons but which is truly better?
Would a soul still go to hell if one was to "...lay down one's life for one's friends" like St. Valentine?
Apparently, this is the story: In the Bible John 15: 13 reads "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends" And that is just what St. Valentine did. St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor was imprisoning Christians for not worshipping the Roman gods. During this persecution Valentine was arrested. ...
What do you think about the original?
I just remembered the Hang over part 2 is coming out! Excuse my language, but at first I was shitting myself when I heard its coming out this summer, but then I stood at a halt. I watched the trailer and I thought to myself how good is this really going to be? Action movies have pretty good sequels but comedies? If you ask me I think its going to be a bunch of caca! :) Tell me what you think!!
Which Smart Phone is Better?
I Love these phones. I only own the X10. I recently discovered the x10 is more expensive than the n8 but I have no idea why. I also discovered that the n8 has a 12 MP cam. and the x10 has only 8! When I take a picture with the x10 my hand has to be extremely still otherwise it will look blurred. It is also really hard to hold when taking a picture because it is very slim. I am thinking the N8 is ...
Hey man, it looks like you're back. Glad to have you around again. Did you see any of my articles yet? Tomorrow the site is posting my St Patrick's Day T/F quiz.
Hey, thanks. I haven't but today I have the time so you know I will ASAP!!
Who is easier to deal with?
There has been a legendary debate between the fact of parents caring for one sex more than the other. In your eyes, who is the easier one to guide for enlightenment, Boys who can be rambunctious or girls who can be labeled as something bad, very quickly?
lol im sorry but if you are trying to ask me if I like it or not ima tell you straight up that it really sucks.. srry mehn..
hello :)
HEYY :D (i know you said hi 5 days ago but i replied didnt i? :P )
hello :) whats up?
Aww you said hey too late lol. I had to leave :s
Is stealing the Internet a crime when we get such good contributions from you?
Aw lol thanks. And yes! You will still see that I am active somewhat :)
o lolz! but about u ipod? well we only have a couple days!! ahh! so much!
Wht do you mean when you say We have a couple of days?
3 months!!!!!
yup.. gonna miss u tho! You might see me on now and then but thts only bcuz ima b in school. I'm taking up internet from one of my neighbours right now but I wont do so after this bcuz its illegal lol. ima talk 2 u latr. bye :)
o well..idk? i aint got a lot of money these days :(
lol true.. im speaking of tht I might not catch you in a whilee... after 2mro, My internet will b cut LOL for 3 mths.... :S
lolz ya but no im not that rich!! ya but i like guys like u!
lmao "guys like me" cant get to CA any time soon to your shows :S
ya cheak me out on youtube "MILLIONAIRES" u will c my pics! :)
:D for suree!! thts sick.. WAIT UR ACTUALY RICH????? omg.... im sooooo not on ur level LOL respect tho ;)
LOL yea i saw tht one. :) yo im eating sun chips now. im getting like you and ur midnight raves :S
r you actually a singer?
hey u here?
yezzirr. skype or fb?
i am! :) lolz but how are u?
Good! Got some friends over. They are leaving soon. Ima catch you on fb :)
Are you or are you not the God of all ToT?
Lol of corse not but you can think it :p
o ok well are u on now? lolz ya i can stay up all night again
Yea I'm on now. Come on fb?
ya your up!
yeea srry i left early. I had sum friends over. bout 2 party it up again lol i might not catch u 2night unless u wana stay up all night again ;)
Which line is better to say to the girl/guy you're approaching?
I use both.. its a new approach that make the ladies laugh :)
ahh thanks!
Np :)
lolz now i dont have a mole huh?
Lol apparently nottt xD U wouldve looked good with it tho ;)
lolz are u sure? lolz
Loll he'll yea
that im boner-rific!
Oo obviouslyy! I COULD use u for porn right now BUT I'm good....lmfao
ik u are lieing! lolz
Lol Wht am I lieing about again? Lmfao
o ya deep man voice!
Lol yeea I swear ever chocolate man has one (referring to those songs you play b4 you get down n dirdy :p )
lolz the manly hehe lolz! ya cupcakes are very yummy! lolz ya but just admit u think im boner-rific!
LMFAO nahh neva dat loll
not the first time! lolz jk
Sowwie :p it's all love tho..(said in a deep voice cuz Sowwie sounded a bit fruity :p)
lolz never has a guy came clean to me that the actully wacth porn! lolz ya couse im bonor-rific! lolz couse i know u want a lick of this loving! ROFL!
LMFAO like I said I'm full of surprises... Lol n noooooo comment about the boner-ific part LmFAO (fail :p) LmFAO and FUCK YES I wana lick tht cupcake and beer!!! LmFAO sex right there pun intended :p ehh hehhh ( male version of he he)
OOO u left me!
Yes, yes I did lol...
nah im still just sitting here! lolz no dont leave!! 11:33pm here
WTFF THTS SOOO EARLY LOL yo I should go to sleep Lol and I gotta save space for porn son!!!!! Tht shit is necessary. Gotta control myself u kno? Lmfaoo
lolz love that! only someone like u would say that! im probley very un-nutritious i taste like cupcakesand booze well thats what i hear! lolz
LMFAO I have mixed emotions now Lool.1st.thanks looll. 2nd WTF LOOL who is the dummy who told u that??? Lmfao what a mix... Loolll and yea.. I can see tht ur bad 4 my health lmfao
lolz! nice
Lol yeea! Neway u got ur cookies yet? Or u peel ur eyes off tha screen? Loll my bad:p I should leave so I don't distract you from getting ur cookies :p it's 2:41 here wbu?
ya im perfect! <3 and im so yummy! lolz u are 2
Lollll nahh I'm delicious andddd nutritious!!! Looll!!! Rhymin is a habit...
smooth move
Yeea I got on James brown shoez :p
o sure im normal anf im not rihanna i dont love the way u lie! hehe :) and ya im not fat im perfect im sorry im redarted and i cant spell
LMFAO LMFAO yo I love you lmfao but in all seriousness U do look like u have tht hourglass frame n I know ur not fat or skinny. I think u r perfect ;). Yumm Lolz :p
wow how chessy!
Lmfao yeeeeeaa buddy :p I kno u liked tht shit
lolz im not fat!! u are u fat ass! lolz but im tired and i dont want to go to bed and i want a cookie! stop judging u are just joules!
LmFAO lmfao I'm not fat I have rock solid abs. Wht u got ?? Nuthinn loll... N wtf is joules? Lol jealous? :s lol
ya i hate u! ...jk...not really
Lol I love that love hate relationship. Why else u think a heart is red? LmFAO
fuck i want some cookies!! but im 2 lazy to get up! ughh
Its that nice you had to say it twice? Lol hmmmmm I like skinny girlies! U should know tht ;) lool
fuck i want some cookies!! but im 2 lazy to get up! ughh
Lmfao tht fat huh? :o Oo shit I went there haa haa :p
ya coudnt think of any thing else no hateing!
Lol ur a hater too!
nice answer!
Lmfao only the best for u mehn!! Loll
ya it was everywere even in your moms room!
Lollll lamee
were u at?!
Been here.. Lol
ya it was everywere! u didnt see it? lolz
Apparently not...
nope! its a fact spring break 1999! lolz get your facts right!!
o shit........... my girl in tht world pigs could fly UNDER WATER.... anything is possible.. wht does tht meann??? pigs were flying in 1999 if they really got 2gether! loll
Future Couple?
lol at pic on the left. Thats the first pic i saw of them on google. Pic on the right is very appropriate... Thanks to LadyGaga123, I made this ToT ;P respect homie :P
o and that patrick and sandy have a little fling ;)
yuck fuck no. good god. if anything its sponge bob n sandy. wt r u sayingg??? lolol
hmm...i like money and that i leanred that spongebob is gay with patrick! ya thats it! :)
LOL LMFAO thkzzzzzz
lolz no u have to put it up now!
LOL nop... now help and say something random... something funny..
you will win :)
truue lool thxx :D im kindof a pu**y 2 put it up tho :S dont want 2 shame bieber 2 much :P
o ok :) i get it!
lol wht u think about me vs JB? :P
well if someones says something i belive them! and lolz ya if someone doesnt talk with me for more than 5 mins i get hello mad! so i start bugging them!
oo my bad :P i was making a ToT... I have 2 more to make before im satisfied.. :P
oo no! u went to sleep! ughh!
LOL LMFAO ur gullible...
lolz u little church boy needs to seatle down! and its not like u ever got action! o burn!!
Lmfao i havent gone 2 church in forever. it was a joke... LOL n just cuz i said i didnt get doesnt mean I was telling the truth now does itt??? yeea thts what i though :P
lolz dang that was deep!
just wait til you see n feel it LOL JOKEZZZZ LOLL iight im done...
-_- not funny
lol what on gods green earth r u talking about lol i ammm funnyy :P im fucking amazing, thts why u now need my dick :O dam...
o lolz i am! :)
LOLZ! now u get it? hehe u are dumber than me! :] jk
lol i told you ! Don't flatter urself tho... :P
how do i look differnt?
OOO i added the wrong girl lmfao... i added the musician lmfao but i got it now i think....lol
how wht?
o thank u!! i try my best! <3 lolz
LOL . u look different tho..
but u need to come and get fucked up!
lmfao for sureee!! btw ur fb pics r hot ;)
o im sorry i have other customers 2! lolz
loool woww. iight i c how it isss lolz
ok well it will take time for me to add u becouse if u havent noticed peaple like me! lolz
Lolll thts cool i could wait lool i thought i was a special customer tho :( lool
Melissa Marie Green about ya?
Wow ur name suits you :) ... My name on the other handdd :S lol.. its actually David C.A. Bodley I put up the real name cuz i hateeee it whn you have to b like "@ lady gaga.. i like ur ToT" u kno? lolol didnt think anyone would really suspect it. and I put security on my FB account which is why i asked you for yours so I can add you :) we'll talk there from now?
ya u should! lolz
lol 4 sure. yo whts ur fb?
im not shy! lolz just to tell u!
Lolz i should come down CA thn ;P
lolz ya dissing is my thing! lolz ya so...any thing else about u?
uhmm im a fucking huge ass clown lool. andd pretty shy in everything i guess.. :P lol.
im so sorry that was so rude!
loollllllllll nah im just taking to long. dont get offended. its cool if ur TRYIN 2 diss me :P i like a girl with a lil pep
lolz how would u know..u are a virgin! lolz not to be rude! :]
Lmfao. uhmmz to start out with the basics... girls said i surprised the shit outta thm... i think i got wht it takes :P o viagra needed :P
lolz ya we can hook up like literly "hook up" lolz dont worry ill make it worth your time
lol for suree im downn loll. definatelyy. n btw.. im full of surprised ;P
LOL LMFAO LMFAO come downn thenn LOOL you know where im at :P
hmm...drinking...sleeping(with peaple)....shopping like every girl...and music to many to name but mostly dev and lady gaga and BVB..and colors are pink&black and cant live with out my hair estensions!
LOL i could have guessed all of thtt ;P believe it or not im a virgin tho :S
what about me? my favorite things?
si :)
ahhh thats so cute :] i feel so special! <3 and then what was it o i know!! it was....nvm! lolz
Lollz yeea tht was just 4 u lol. so wbu? :)
it looks like ice cream with blue on top
lol i wish...
ya so what are u fav things?
uhm .. Colour is a tie between black and lime green cuz i think its F*ing orgasmic lool, FOODD!! :P and uhmmmm....boozeeeeeeee lmfao girlsssss ;) and last but not least.. THIS OR THAT :P why? cuz i met u on it!! yumm ;) LOL
lolz not to be like a crepper but are u eating cereal in your picture? lolz
LmFAO it's all good. To tell u the truth I have noo idea what I was eating Tht day but if I knew it would hard for me to pronounce Lolz
o hehe :)
"(y)" what is that?
Thumbs up!! lol
im in 6th!! o ya! lolz ya i made a good guess!
hmmm.... :] lol
Lmfaoo good guess Lool. nice Wk on making it to 6th place btw :)
it depends what do want? ;)
Take a guess..
o ok..im sorry im so dumb!!! but lolz look on our convo and u will know what "charging" means! lolz just look
Oooooooooooooooo lmfaooo okokok I c how it is!!!! Lol wow..... How much? ;p Lool
o now im charging! lolz
Wht do u mean my charging?
on what?! lolz
LOL Lool I mean more of a "wow.. You took so long to figure out that you moved up alot not only because of the ToTs you voted and commented upon but cuz of these convos" kindof sarcastic "good job" lol wow tht answer is long.......
lolz! how do i sound cocky!? o ya tats how i moved up the chart! lolz
lol good job
hey thanks for anoyying me! :]
Wht do u mean? :s
ya ik im so cute! lolz but how do i owe u one? huh?
u sound so cocky.. Lol uhm, i said u owe me bcuz i helped you move up the chart (aka im talking shit...)
You definitely racked up some points...quite impressive. I'm happy to finish anywhere on the board, however I sense a little competition here. Race to the finish?
Lol no no. I was just having a little too much fun if you see belowlol. In the process of having fun I also wanted to finish the month as top user, not because it looks good on me knowing that i'm a freshman but because I'm keeping a promise. I wouldn't mind a little competition though :D I got time!! Wbu?
In less than two weeks you racked up an astonishing number of points. Did you vote and comment on EVERY ToT?
Thanks. No I didn't get every ToT. I did so many because I wanted do finish the month as first. It would be nice..
I won't go down w/o a fight... but am humble and will concede if need be. Props, but the young are fast & reckless... the old are patient & grounded.
Mr Miyagi has taught me many lessons. "ask and ye shall receive" Yoda asked for the force 2 b on my side and so it was :P dont worry though, I made some pretty good decisions in my life. Why would I stop now? Just gave the community a little thing 2 snicker about.. Ima live life in the moment because tomorrow never comes. in doing so, I'ma becareful. and If things get slightly out of hand i'll pull away. Thanks for caring though :)
ya i was #13 of the month! lolz its better than nothing!
LOL u get points for every comment you make lol :) u owe me 4 this convo ;P
im from europe but then lived in canada now i live in cali about u? and i have a accent :]
wowww thts soo cute Lolzzz i just got a boner LOOOL(jkkk lol).. Im from the Virgin islands (BVI) like IYAZ then moved up 2 Canadaa :)
lolz ill save your money! no charge! for my special costumer! lolz
yeea buddy LOL i love how u made our page so "colourful" wth this convo lool. so wht else about u is so f*ing cool? where r u from? lol
o ya im your type! lolz
for sureee ;)
lolz o ya but u have to pay! lolz i charge!
LOLL i hope i get 100% discount!! a man like me loves 2 save u kno!! tht way i can take you out some where special loll.
it depends on the person..lolz if u are crazy and loud u would like me!
nah i love girls no mattr wat. girl is my type lol
ya im a HUGE PERV!
LOOL iightt i believe uu ;P dammm (if your really in CA) I would want 2 u prove it if i was there loll
ya :) that would be fun btw u would never wish u meet me like in 1 hour
whyyy not?? obviously i would..
and btw im probley a huger prevert than u!
LOL uhm thx?? LOLl tht made my day. lol
lolz no probley not as bad as me! dang u should c me sometimes! lol
Lolzz i shoulddd see u some timee ;P
im sorry i just get a little brain dead sometimes!!
lol nah is cool. so do I! lol
"my ass dam well knows I shouldnt be putting it up bcuz some people might not like it" well who cares what other peaple think they can go fuck themselfs!
lolll but its good tht they like it. That way more people vote instead of leaving rude comments like ur a pervert lol
wow! that kinda did hurt my head! u were right! lolz give me a couple mins to fiqure this out
please just tell me! please :)
i guess they r cute...lol some of mine are sexual n shit when my ass dam well knows I shouldnt be putting it up bcuz some people might not like it. ur Tots are pretty innocent :) Thts why i like it more than mine. I dont think you were trying to "sell" urself whn u put up ur ToTs lol and I kno how i was thinking which wasnt exactly "positive" lol thts why...
please tell me u wont preety head
lol wt?
ya why havent u? but please tell me please!
lol shrug .. cant i b nice???!!!!??? Loll
lolz now u have too tell me why!! please.. :)
Lolz nahh i would but... i wont lmao dont hurt up ur pruddy head ok? What you should be asking me is why I didnt add you on fb yet? ;)
ya u raped it! but really? ahh thanks! :)
obviously lol.. i wont tell you why though.. ;P
but damm 2309 points!
LOL yea i raped dont i? loll I like your ToTs better tho ;P
lolz its so creepy! but i dont know anything besides that! lolz but congrats on the top user of the month
lol ok.. n thx. I promised Lockheed i was gonna finish the mth hard :P
please dont say "chicka"! lolz
LOL whyy? other thn english spanish is f*ing sex loll wht should i say thn? Lol
nice joke! lolz but ya its ok if u are in love with me! u dont have to sound like a crepper :]
lol iight chica. (y) respect lol
justin beiber or hell
LOL JB no hesitation...
u make hella good ToTs very nice!
gratz u 2 :)
Who would play you in a movie?
maybe Jaden Smith..... with cut hair
Hey dbqwerty - I have changed you back to being a man! The power I wield knows know bounds!!!
LOL YESS! Sir, I salute you. I should not have the authority to speak to such Supernatural powers. lol Thx!
what your favorite justin bieber song?
uhmmmmmm lol... lemme chk Utube...
who will you rather listen to justin bieber or miley cyrus?
JB (if you didnt get the other one..)
which will you rather listen to justin bieber or miley cyrus?
I don't listen to any of them but since I have to pick I would say Justin Bieber. I'm not a hater... anymore lol. Miley is more apart of "Family" in my point of view(Hannah Montana) and I never cared to listen to her music. (except Party in the usa) I sound like a d*ck but I'm just telling you the truth lol. I would explore her music though... when i feel like it lol
who is a better rapper lil wayne or drake?
Drake hands down
Sorry about the gender mixup -- our dev is looking into it now!
lol Thanks lol
whodo u like better beyonce or nicki minaj?
OOOOO shttt! lol.. real hard question lol. I'm a huge arse Nicki (& YM) fan but I Loveeee Beyonce. To tell you the truth, I would say tht I'd rather listen 2 Nicki... My lifestyle is more hip hop ,gangstr- style than Being "in love" like Beyonce. She has great hits but I relate a lot more to NM bcuz im a rebel. lol Thanks for not asking who would I get with.. i would never say one or the other. lolol :)
You rock! Love how much you're participating on the site. :)
Haha Thanks. The site is pruddyy fun! lol The only Problem I have with it is that I'm considered as a female - still lol. I think Matt is laughing secretly...
Hey DBQwerty, Please see if you can update your profile now. It should be fixed. Thanks!
Hey, I did so but nothing changed :( Im apparently still a female and is my pic supposed to be so blurry because everyone else's is pretty clear. (btw I sent you a reply a while back and I dont think it went through to you so I'm trying again lol. If you see more than one reply dont hate plz.) I also think my Alltime points dont match this months (even though I just joined 7 days ago...)
Wow, man, you are catching up to me pretty fast. Watch out or some anonymous moron will accuse you of not having a life. (I only mention it because it happened to me.) Oh yeah, a question. Um, what's your favorite brand of peanut butter?
Lol ima just tell him I do have a life. I balance everything I do. Lately I've been up late so I said why not come on. And my favorite peanut butter is jiff :)
Hey, man, way to move up the board. Keep up the good work and the great ToTs.
Thanks! I like to excel when I start something. I set my goals and I make it happen. Don't worry, I won't dethrone you lol. I respect that you are one of the hard workers on this site to make it a bit more realistic and fun for everyone. It's nice once in a while to be noticed for something- anything.
You are a funny, funny person. What is your secret to being so frickin funny?
lol Thanks. I try to speak in general when u share my ideas. My attitude towards making some one laugh is to look for a smile and nothing more. If I look for more than that I would feel as if I am trying to hard. I go with a sarcastic yet smart approach but the real secret behind it is to be confident and be myself.
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
I cannot tell you the answer, or at least not yet. I haven't been exposed to the beatles as much as a Canadian citizen for example. I am from the caribbean (the BVI. NOT Jamacia or Trinidad) and I used to listen to various genres such as soca, reggae, R&B and rap. Now that I am abroad, I can and would explore other genres, I assure you.
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
Shopping in stores can be tiring so i would say i like online shopping instead (even though I never shopped online before...)
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
I love food FULLSTOP :)
Do you like to live in the city or the country?
I love the country because my grand mother lives there presently. At her house it feels like home. The thing about me is that I am a modern day guy so I can't choose between the two. it really doesn't matter where I am. I love both.
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
I haven't seen pepsi in forever! some people say they find a difference in the taste but presently, I cant remember the last time i tasted it so ima have to go with coke :)
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