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The Voice vs. American Idol: What's Your Singing Show of Choice?
Just days after The Voice premiered, the new reality singing contest was the buzz around the water cooler. Longtime watchers of American Idol were thrilled by the different format (based upon The Voice of Holland), and they were ready to declare they were done with AI. However, when American Idol ended last week with Scotty McCreery as its newest winner, initial excitement for The Voice began to fade. Will The Voice become a juggernaut like AI? Each could certainly learn something from the ...
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Fringe
Fringe is one of my favorite shows. I put it right up there with the brilliance that is Mad Men. It's been renewed for a fourth season, but there's no guarantee we'll get a full season if the ratings don't improve. While Fringe built an audience its first season following American Idol on Tuesday nights, it was put in a Thursday time slot its second season to help Fox compete with the likes of Grey's Anatomy. That, if you're a Fringe fan, is when things got scary. The ...
NeuroSky: They're Gonna Change the Way You Play Games...Maybe
I want my Jedi mind tricks. I want them now, and I don't want to have to press some combo of A, X, Y, and B to do it. The key here is mind. I wanna throw an NPC into a wall just by thinking about it. Blow up a droid without using my hands. But let's not stop there--imagine franchises whose protagonists use telekinesis or some kind of telekinetic powers. Why isn't there a peripheral out there that can read our brainwaves, pick up on the intensity of our thoughts, and produce the ...
Nintendo 3DS: Now With More Netflix! (Oh, And It Plays Games, Too)
Earlier this month at the Game Developers Conference, Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, presented a retrospective of the last 25 years of gaming. Since he had an audience full of fanboys and girls, he took advantage of free advertising. Iwata trotted out Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo America, to tell us all about the Nintendo 3DS, which launches on March 27.
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