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Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Book: Bone by Bone
Favorite Movie: District 13 and District 13 ultimatum
Things you <3: I'm a new solo artist that is trying to get some fans, I write all of my own stuff and none of it was helped by anyone :)
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Which picture and comment why? :D
Just want to know what you guys think of me :D
Which photo is better?
Yeah I'm just generally bored and wanted to see which photo you guys liked xD I hasn't been on this shit for a while!
What makes a good band? :)
Being faithful to the music and not the fame!
If you could go anywhere you want for a vacation, where would you go?
Frederick colorado
Which picture and why?
Please comment why and i am wearing a Suicide Silence shirt:D
Which picture is better and why?
Its 00:41 when i took these and yes i was bored
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
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