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Which pleasantly plump Glee girl is a better match for Puckerman, Mercedes Jones or Lauren Zizes?
Having now dated both of the more "fiercely real" members of the Glee club, Puck is starting to look like a bit of a chubby chaser. Which luscious Glee lady do you think makes a better mate for Noah Puckerman?
Six Ways From Sunday: How eBay Is Screwing Sellers
Whether you buy or sell on eBay, you've probably seen some of the auction site's many enthusiastic notices about the 2011 Spring Seller Update. If you're a seller that's totally disregarded said notices, then you might get a rude awakening from the big changes that rolled in on April 19. That's because eBay is gearing up to screw you...again. Below are the biggest new and ongoing ways that eBay is sticking it to their sellers. The "Unprotected Screw": No Negative ...
Is Autism the New Gay?
In the last decade, the novelty of the token black guy, the token fat girl, and even the token gay has inevitably worn off. Script writers did the unthinkable...they added two of each. They gave them monologues about their struggles. They let them date. They even let them kiss. Having been jaded by Two Girls One Cup though, American audiences were no longer impressed. Realizing that the Internet had won the shock value battle, the Hollywood think tanks knew they needed a new angle. A rare few ...
The Stupidest Songs On The Radio Right Now
YouTube sensation Rebecca Black's inane 4-minute nasal yodel "Friday" went into radio circulation this month. Judging by the overwhelmingly negative feedback currently on the official video, you'd think that "Friday" was a sure sign of the pop apocalypse, but let's be honest here, today's radio hits are hardly offering up a gold standard when it comes to lyrical content. Here are some other current, content-challenged radio gems you might consider adding to ...
What You Can Learn From Celebrity Tax Fails
Years ago, Schoolhouse Rock introduced us to Tax Man Max. Max was a swell guy who informed us that taxes are money that the government collects "for whatever they do." That sounded pretty dubious, even to grade schoolers, but Max rushed on to assure his audience that taxes were paid "so schools can be their best, so our roads will have no cracks." That sounded a lot better, so when my parents complained about taxes later I assumed they were just applying the same stingy, ...
Should American Idol increase the maximum age of their contestants?
This year American Idol decreased the minimum age of contestants to 15 while the maximum age stayed at 28. Critics of the show have argued that many teenagers' vocal talents may be short-lived while even judge Jennifer Lopez didn't release her debut album until 30. Should American Idol also embrace 30-something hopefuls?
Who is the most successful member of Apatow's entourage, Seth Rogen or Jason Segel?
Judd Apatow has given a lot of young actors their big breaks, but which of his comedy cronies has been the most successful - Seth Rogen or Jason Segel?
MTV Looks at Teen Pregnancies, Sees Dollar Signs
Teen Mom 2 will wrap its season at the end of this month, with the final reunion show scheduled to air on April 5. To protect their viewers from teen mama drama withdrawal, MTV will be launching Season 3 of 16 and Pregnant on April 19. In the beginning, MTV made a significant effort to convince people that these shows were not merely another example of the basest of exploitative reality programming.
Which is the more epic movie role, Arthur Dent or Bilbo Baggins?
British actor Martin Freeman has landed some pretty sweet roles, including "Tim" in the original version of The Office. In 2005 he played Arthur Dent in the movie version of the sci-fi classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Next year he'll appear as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Which is the more epic role, Arthur or Bilbo?
Who makes a better comedy power couple, Apatow and Mann or Cohen and Fisher?
There are a lot of power couples in Hollywood, but only a handful make their collective millions exclusively in comedy. Of those who do, which is the more laugh-inducing couple, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann or Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher? (Sorry Arnett/Poehler fans; in light of their failed/failing shows they've been excluded from the poll...and from ravioli night.)
Who makes a better comedy power couple, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann or Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher?
There are a lot of power couples in Hollywood, but only a handful make their collective millions exclusively in comedy. Of those who do, which is the more laugh-inducing couple, Apatow and Mann or Cohen and Fisher? (Sorry Arnett/Poehler fans; in light of their failed/failing shows they've been excluded from the poll...and from ravioli night.)
Get An Eyeful Of These Idols
For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the steamiest American Idol contestant candids, including several from the latest season's Top 40. Unfortunately, their willingness to put it all out there hasn't helped a single one to advance in the competition - even when they had the vocal talent to back up their other natural gifts.
When Fandom Goes Too Far
I'm a lapsed comic book geek myself, so I can't help but feel a little protective of the special breed of fanatics that frequent Comic-Con. After all, even with their prosthetic Vulcan ears, their arsenal of rubber RPG weaponry, and their willingness to sacrifice a real social life to become the first Level 85 Paladin, they're not the craziest fans out there. Here are a few examples of some of the wackier superfans out there.
Walt Disney Presents: The Teen Queen Curse
Disney's casting agents are well-known for their ability to spot star potential, but hidden behind the dewy eyes and chipmunk cheeks of their young charges there seems to be a sinister proclivity. Other famous falling starlets like Natalie Wood, Tatum O'Neal, and Winona Ryder prove that Disney didn't originate the hot mess concept, but they've definitely cornered the market in recent years. The Disney girls' antics have been so prolific, I can't even spare a paragraph...
Is Kelsey Grammer a dirty old man or a true romantic?
Actor Kelsey Grammer made his fourth marriage official today. He met his latest wife, 29 year old flight attendant Kayte Walsh, while still married to his third wife, Camille. What do you think - is Grammer just another dirty old man or a true romantic still looking for his soul mate?
Should legal marriage be limited to a man and a woman or should it be open to any two willing adults?
On February 23, 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder issued a letter stating that President Obama has advised the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act (which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman). This decision may make gay couples eligible for benefits in states which allow their marriage, assuming that the Supreme Court agrees that the law is ...
The Many Unsavory Ways We're Being Watched
On February 14, the U.S. House of Representatives took a second go at extending parts of the controversial Patriot Act. This time around the bill passed, allowing the FBI to continue seizing and wire-tapping to its heart's content for at least another ten months. Conspiracy theorists are up in arms all over again. The funny thing is, most everyday citizens are already unwittingly laying it all out there through sites and services like Facebook and Foursquare, but it isn't the government that's keeping tabs. If you get irritated by the idea of people Googling you, then prepare to be outraged.
Who makes a better looking man in tights, Conan O'Brien or David Bowie?
Against all reason, jeggings continue to gain ground among women of all shapes and sizes, but men have been wearing tights for centuries. Which leading man wore their second skin the best, Conan O'Brien on a recent episode of his self-titled TBS show or David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth?
"Prince's backwoods brother" I'm stealing that and not giving you credit. Is that cool?
Absolutely. I'll just seek the quote out wherever it is used and include a link to this exchange. Bwa hahahaha!
I just read your post on reality TV and I decided that I had to follow you so I could keep up with what you are producing. Then I got here and realized I was following you already. Keep up the great work.
Aw thanks! I'm just glad that the mindless hours I've spent watching (and simultaneously criticizing) bad television are finally paying off.
Why Reality TV is Oxymoronic
Though television has always been viewed as an important form of escapism, for the last several years a nasty and pervasive type of show that we've come to know as "reality TV" has been gaining in popularity. The reality genre encompasses everything from game shows to makeover shows to dating shows to talent competitions and then some. No matter what subject matter is broached, the American public eats it up, allowing reality television to invade prime time programming with little opposition (kind of like how Hitler invaded Poland).
Which animal by-product suits Lady Gaga better, steak or an egg?
Once again Lady Gaga made fashion headlines this weekend with her egg-ensconced Grammy entrance. It raises an important question...Which protein does Lady Gaga wear better, steak or eggs?
Who played the better mad scientist, Gene Wilder or Christopher Lloyd?
The mad scientist is an iconic role that appears in a number of sci-fi films. Who played the better mad scientist, Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein or Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future?
What's the best way for a teen to get on TV, by getting pregnant or by creating their own sob story?
A number of teenage girls have gotten pregnant in hopes of getting on MTV's popular Teen Mom series. With many American Idol critics suggesting that it takes a personal tragedy to get on AI, do you think aspiring teen singers will start committing patricide? What's the best way for a teen to get on TV, by getting pregnant or by killing their parents?
Can Flab Be Fabulous?
Last year, plus-sized actresses like Gabourey Sidibe and her castmate Mo'Nique received the highest accolades for their performances while their awards show ensembles were almost universally panned. The same was true for Jennifer Hudson, who was considerably curvier when she accepted her Oscar in 2007. Even the all-powerful Oprah has a hard time getting a positive fashion review when she's on the high end of one of her weight shifts.
American Idol or American Leftovers?
Plenty of talent-based reality competitions are open to pros. I'm okay with that because when I want to watch dancing, I want to watch good dancing (if I wanted to watch bad dancing, I'd shut off my TV and go to the local bar). American Idol, easily the most successful of these talent shows, still wants us to believe that they're an amateur competition, though. The "About" section of their site heartwarmingly details how the most recent winner, Lee DeWyze, was a paint store clerk before winning Idol. True, but it's also true that DeWyze recorded two earlier records for WuLi Records prior to appearing on Idol.
Is Lindsay Lohan innocent?
This week Lindsay Lohan faces charges for reportedly stealing a necklace on January 22. Is LiLo innocent, or did she go Winona Ryder on that jewelry store?
What's funnier, people that don't get the joke or people that freak out when others don't get it?
In light of a recent ToT that inspired confusion and anger on both ends, I just have to ask... What's funnier, when someone doesn't get the joke or when someone freaks out because others don't get it?
Who was this year's saddest Super Bowl sellout, Eminem selling Brisk Iced Tea or Slash accompanying Fergie?
The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers put on a good show for Super Bowl XLV fans, but the same couldn't be said for some of the other celebrities making Super Bowl appearances. Who was the worst sellout this Super Bowl Sunday, Eminem pushing iced tea or Slash trying to play through Fergie's cat-in-heat cover of Sweet Child O' Mine?
Which is the creepier child actor factory?
All seven of the Culkin kids had acting credits, and three - Macaulay, Kieran and Rory - landed several leading roles. While the Fanning family has only two pale minors to offer up, Dakota and Elle are everywhere, racking up seventy-some collective acting credits at only 17 and 13, respectively. Which old before their time sibling collective creeps you out more, the Culkins or the Fannings?
Is that your dog's ass or are you really kinky?
That's a mini horse foal's posterior. I'm kinky, but not in that way.
The Most Powerful Hair in Television: Coco's Pompadour or The Donald's Combover?
Which hairy pate exerts a greater influence over TV audiences, Conan's pompadour or Trump's combover?
Should Steven Tyler have received a warning for implying the F word on American Idol?
On Wednesday night's American Idol, Fox opened the episode by apologizing for Steven Tyler's "outrageous behavior." It turns out the behavior in question wasn't the vaguely sexual comments he's made about many of the show's teen contestants. What behavior then? When told that one contestant's last name was Muck, Tyler quipped, "You know what Muck rhymes with...
Who was 2010's least deserving winner, American Idol's Lee DeWyze or Project Runway's Gretchen Jones?
Year after year reality TV viewers cringe when - after weeks of dutifully tuning in - either America or the judges get it wrong and choose some undeserving hack as the winner of their favorite talent competition. In your opinion, who was 2010's most undeserving winner, Lee from AI or Gretchen from Project Runway?
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Roller skates.
Would you rather Call or Text?
I would have done both if I'd really thought Crystal Bowersox could lose to Lee DeWyze.
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Rain...especially purple rain.
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
It depends on what I'm mixing it with.
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