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Things you <3: Recently engaged, I cannot wait to share my life with my fiance. I also love Jesus, sports, children, chess, and other things that I enjoy - not in that exact order however!
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German Spies Armed with Explosive Sausages Failed in WWII
Declassified British intelligence files reveal an oddly interesting plot from the Germans, which was completely devoid of intelligence. Armed with poisoned sausages, explosives, and extensive training, the ill-chosen group of saboteurs set out against the United States for WWII. The Plan The plan for the Germans was to use explosives to target locations - including railways, factories, public locations, and Jewish-owned shops - to perform "small acts of terrorism" in the United ...
6 Annoying Phrases Used By Sports Commentators
Give sports commentators credit: they have a tough job. Coming up with new and exciting dialogue to keep viewers interested, along with accurately calling the game, is not that easy. Many of us would hardly be able to talk if millions of people were watching us and listening to every word that came out of our mouths. Yet despite the admirable job most sports commentators do, there are some phrases and clichés that need to go.You've heard them before. They drive you crazy, yet they still ...
6 Reasons Men Should Pee Sitting Down
Ever since man could stand, he's opted to pee while doing so. Maybe not constantly, but certainly when the occasion calls for it. However, in recent years, arguments have surfaced as to whether the inclusion of urinals in public toilets are "intrinsically sexist" because they can only be used by males. Feminist craziness aside, there are plenty of benefits to peeing while comfortably seated, and if you're one of the cave dwellers who still insists on taking your leaks in the ...
Dirk Nowitzki in Top 10 of All Time? Let’s Consult the List
After taking down the two-time defending champions in the elite series, Mavs' coach Rick Carlisle has said that Dirk Nowitzki is unique and a "top 10 player in NBA history." Sure, Dirk Nowitzki has a unique blend of size and shooting ability. He's been MVP, has been consistently strong for the Mavericks in their 11 consecutive 50-win seasons, and can be found on the following lists: 23rd all-time scoring (22,792 points), 21st career scoring average (23.0 points per game), and ...
A Big Trade, Booing, and the Top 10 Picks in the NFL Draft
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was greeted by a healthy dose of boos last week when the 2011 NFL Draft was officially underway. As the NFL lockout is still in a state of flux, awaiting word on whether it will be back in place, NFL fans got a dose of some football without knowing whether the season will be on as scheduled. If you missed the first picks of the draft (unless you're a fanatic, tuning in to all 254 selections with your $25 draft guide), here is a look at the top 10 and the ...
Leprosy Alert: Don’t Pet the Armadillo
Imagine you're in the deep South, visiting your in-laws as you hunt for your dinner. You've finally gained some respect for your father-in-law, and he lets you take down the armadilla - at least, that's what he calls it. You take the honorary K-Mart pocket knife out, and go for the kill... Well, you might want to hold off from that this summer. Science has confirmed a belief that has floated around for some time: leprosy can be transmitted from armadillos to humans. The Research and...
Don’t Know Your Size, Ladies? Step Into the Body Scanner
It seems eerily similar to the body scanner at the airport, but one that won't be as offensive if you value privacy. Sizing scanners are launching in malls and stores across the country and are being advertised as a solution to a problem millions of shoppers face when they try to buy clothes. The Full Body Scan for Malls No patdown needed, in this case. The machine itself is a full body scanner that works much like the ones in airports. According to the manufacturer's website at ...
To Daddy In Jail: Here's a Coloring Book with Some Drugs In It
In Philadelphia, prisoners and their loved ones were caught attempting to smuggle drugs in a unique way, according to a news report. The drug Suboxone was dissolved into a paste, painted into a coloring book, and then sent to prisoners at the jail in Cape May. Pages with "To Daddy" were scribbled on top. This actually followed a drug bust involving the same drug being hidden under postage stamps. Daddy, I drew you a special picture! Suboxone is a controlled dangerous substance ...
Human Penis Completes the Icelandic Phallological Museum Collection
The Icelandic Phallological Museum has recently received their first human penis to round out their collection, according to a report from the Associated Press. Since the museum began over 15 years ago, they have been awaiting such a "piece" for the collection. The Phallological Museum Mmmm, chewy. The museum started in Reykjavik but then later moved to Husavik, a community known for whale watching. There you will find whale specimens and other phallic displays, such as those from...
Six World Series Favorites: Who Will Win It All?
The 2011 MLB season is underway. Yes, there may be NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, the NFL lockout, and other looming sports events, but you can't completely ignore the national pastime. With some heavy expectations for some teams to go all the way this season, there are a number of candidates to win the World Series. Using World Series odds to gauge the general consensus, here are the apparent favorites to win it all this year. 6. Cincinnati Reds The Cincinnati Reds are coming off of their...
Who Will Win NBA MVP?
As the NBA regular season has officially ended, experts have been discussing who will take home the most coveted award. The MVP award will be named in the playoffs, and there are some worth candidates for most valuable player. Yet, there is one choice that is the unanimous favorite.While everyone has that man as #1, the next few possibilities come in any order. Let's take a look at the other potential MVP candidates. The Rest of the Field for NBA MVP Dwight Howard Consider this: the ...
A New NBA Hall of Fame Class: One Cross Dresser and an Unforgivable Snub
Recently we have seen the latest class of inductees to the NBA Hall of Fame, one that has been controversial, to say the least. A number of notable characters were inducted: Chris Mullin, Tara VanDerveer, Tex Winter, Herb Magee, Artis Gilmore, Arvydas Sabonis, Teresa Edwards, Reece "Goose" Tatum, and Tom "Satch" Sanders. However, a slight shock came in the form of Dennis Rodman - and a travesty in the absence of Reggie Miller. Dennis Rodman Inducted It's just unreal. I ...
Alternative Careers in the NFL Lockout
With the uncertainty of the NFL situation due to the lockout, we've seen some interesting stories in terms of NFL players doing other things. Soccer, boxing, and even wrestling ("pro wrestling," that is) are some of the biggest stories in this, where we might have some real talent - well, for one player. Chad Ochocinco - Reserve Spot on Sporting Kansas City Following five days with the club, Ochocinco didn't exactly capture a spot under contract for Kansas City. However, ...
Wanted: New Aflac Duck Voice
Are you in search of a new job? According to a recent article, you may have found a job description on that read: "Translates complex messages into a single word that tells people, 'Aflac is the insurance company that they can count on in their time of need.'" That's right, Aflac has launched a nationwide search for a new voice for the duck on Aflac's commercials. They're even calling it "America's best job" (no joke).
No Respect for Women’s College Basketball?
Things must be getting bad when Geno Auriemma, coach of the most successful college basketball program (the University of Connecticut, by a longshot), is disappointed by fan attendance. While he may be provoking fans to stand up for their team, by design, he could actually be playing with fire.
The Final Four – A Perfect End to the Madness
If you have missed an exciting version of perhaps the most exciting postseason tournament in sports, you still have three great games to watch. Worried because you don't know what's going on? Don't worry - no one does. No joke. This year's NCAA Tournament has the highest seed values for the Final Four since seeding began in 1979.
MJ: UNC to Get Shoes and “Anything” Else Desired with Final Four Appearance
As we head into the much-hyped Sweet 16 games that are taking place, perhaps the coolest story has surfaced. Speaking to players from Michael Jordan's alma mater, North Carolina, Jordan promised to get the players hard-to-find Air Jordans along with other items ("anything you want").
New Rule Changes for the NFL on the Way
While the jury is out as to the NFL lockout, at least NFL fans can spend some time thinking about some key rules changes that were just made. If your team is either really strong or really weak in terms of special teams, you might be sad (hello Bears fans) - or happy - as touchbacks on kickoffs are expected to increase.
Disney Expanding to Younger Audiences
To the delight - or horror - of parents of newborns, Disney has already launched plans to expand their market. This new target is arguably the last straw, so to speak, in the range of ages that it already caters to, as they can't exactly aim at those that are older (that would be weird). As the New York Times reports in a recent article, this move can be a bit tricky.
The 6 Biggest 2011 March Madness Upsets So Far
After six consecutive days of college basketball, we have now reached the Sweet 16 of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. It is no wonder that this tournament is referred to as "March Madness." Indeed, as always, we have seen our fair share of upsets. There are four of 16 teems seeded above #8. Here we look at the six biggest upsets in this year's tournament - including a huge upset with an ending perhaps never seen in a major basketball game.
Just How Cheesy is Minute to Win It?
If you've never seen Minute to Win It, you could be missing out on what is quite possibly the cheesiest game show on television. It is now in its second season on NBC. The basic premise of the game show gives contestants a minute to win certain challenges and then proceed to higher-priced ones. The unique aspect of this show is that it uses household objects for the challenges.
Are Auditions the Best Part of American Idol?
The most-watched show is back, and you may just be missing the best part. Of course the show is American Idol, the most watched show in the country and one that has dominated the Nielsen ratings (six seasons in a row). In my opinion the auditions are the best part of the show. As we will see, the auditions in American Idol blend two distinct elements that can only be seen in this initial phase of the show - and they don't exactly have much to do with singing.
Two "High Quality" NFL Quarterbacks on the Market
According to sources and from events in the last couple of weeks, it is clear that Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans and Kevin Kolb of the Philadelphia Eagles are on the trading block. As the season is now officially over, we will get to see how their situations play out. At the beginning of the 2010-20011 NFL season, these were two starting quarterbacks and arguably the faces of their respective teams. However, for each quarterback, they have worn out their welcome a bit - at least as a first-stringer - and both teams are open to offers.
Hey Brian. Great work so far with the sports blogs.
Thanks! Appreciate it, like reading your stuff as well. It's taking some time to get the wacky humor down (I usually write straightforward stuff), but this is pretty cool.
Also is there any tab where you can see a running tally of your total earnings?
Not that I know of either - you could see what Rebecca says about these questions; just started here to ;) And congrats, I'll have to read some of your stuff!
Hey man so I'm enabled now! I'm wondering though to speed up the process can you just write an article in the blog draft section and then submit it for review. I tried that. I'm wondering what your take is on that I also pitched an idea to Rebecca via her e-mail. Is there another way to pitch ideas and then submit? -thanks
Not that I know of.
Is Blake Griffin an All-Star?
The All-Star starters have already been named, bringing us one step closer to seeing whether breakout rookie Blake Griffin will make the team. Injured last season, he has exploded in what is technically his rookie season and a near lock, barring anything crazy, for the Rookie of the Year this season.
The Revolving Door of NFL Coaches
This season we've seen quite the fire sale in terms of NFL coaches. We haven't hit quite hit the number of coaches fired in 2006 (10), but hey, the year's not over. With the latest departure in Jeff Fisher, let's take a look at all of the coaches that have been canned this year. The more outraged Dennis Green heads you see, the angrier it makes us football fans.
thanks, Its been almost a week though is that normal? how do i get approved? I already sent my w9 and all that. Do I just wait for rebecca to respond and the admin tools link to pop up? Lastly when you say I have to have my topics approved first do you mean I'm supposed to send rebecca an e-mail with several titles like for instance I'm a tech category writer So do I send her something ike " IBM Watson to compete on Jeopardy!" or does that happen after I see the admin tool link in the blog draft submission. Sorry I'm just confused lol P.S is there a way to set up direct deposit with them
I know they're busy getting everything together, so yeah you'll just have to wait for them to respond. Once you're set up ideas will have to be cleared by Rebecca. I believe the paperwork referred to PayPayl/checks. Good luck!
hey man I see that you are a writer here. I was accepted too an filled out the forms so I'm wondering can I just start writing or do I need to wait for them to enable my account because I dont see the admin tools link yet
They will have to approve you and then you'll see the admin tools function there. You should get a response once you fill out the documentation.
Have $4-6K to Drop on a Super Bowl Ticket?
We all know that tickets to the Super Bowl weren't exactly cheap, but things are getting ridiculous for those hoping to spend Super Bowl XLV in Cowboys Stadium. Reports of insane ticket prices are enough to make you reconsider the value of money - I guess things are good if you have plenty of it.
What’s with the Jimmer Fredette Hype?
College basketball is all in a frenzy over Jimmer Fredette hype, as he is taking the stage after some impressive performances this season. He has even gained his own chant, as was heard on Wednesday night in a sellout crowd at BYU's Marriott Center: "You Got Jimmered!"
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