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Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Book: Jailbait Zombie, Island of the Blue Dolphins
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Things you <3: Good zombie movies, FOOD, Music
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Who do you think Jenna should pick?
If you are unaware, this is from the show Awkward. I hope she picks Matty <3 <3 <3
Simple. Chocolate Cake VS Cheese Cake
such a hard choice for me, but I'd go with cheese cake
U look like my friend ........and me mixed together ..... that's weird I know ....
lol is that good or bad?
whould you rather have lots of caring friends or one person that truely loves you?
when i say that one person i mean a person that really loves you, no cheating or lying. And as for freinds, no drama or backstabing
Who is scarier?
two fucked up faces, and 2 fucked up minds so the real question is... who is more fucked up
Who do you dislike more?
if you have seen the movie u will understand
Who do you like more?
its not who would win just who do u like better
ahaha thank you! your tots are pretty good too. :)
hey! thanks for following me! (:
thanks for following me!!!:) ur tots r great
Which movie do you like better?
Dawn of the dead should be like the first zombie movie you ever see and if you haven't seen shaun of the dead I highly recommend it. Thier both very good but Shaun of the dead is more on the humorous side of zombie movies but its not cheesey(so dont worry about that).
Do you watch "The Walking Dead"?
The best show in the world for zombie lovers(and a must see), i think non-zombie-lovers can enjoy it as well.
Have you ever tried to make "fetch" happen?
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
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