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Relationship Status: Single
Twitter: @Alamals
Favorite Book: Another Faust
Favorite Movie: Twilight New Moon
Things you <3: I love romance movies, animals, music, and more!
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What Demi Loato Song is wayyy better??
I L.O.V.E demi! p.s NOT in the lesbi way js..
Which is better? The Vampire Diarys or The Secret Circle?
I L.O.V.E both shows, and obsessed over both soo who likes what most?
Which movie is more romanic?
Just asking.......nothing important just wanted to see what you guys thought of the movies =)
Which language is harder to learn?
I know the pictures for the options has NOTHING to do with it but I couldn't find a picture to reprisent it so I picked something randommm!
Which youtube channel is better at giving out advice to people?
Just wondering what you guys think about these channels =)
How would you break up with a girl or boy?
I just wanna find out how you would handle breaking up with somone that you loved before but you don't love anymore.......
Is it important how the guy you love looks like to you?
I was just wondering if it matters to people how their loved ones look like (includeing your boyfriend/girlfriend) so yup thats all =)
Do you live in a mansion?
I just wanted to see how many people have the greatest life ever and who has a simple life but a fun life at the same time =)
What would you rather be?
I pick vampire and if you pick human just put human in the comments -v--v-
Do you prefer Cake or Ice Cream?
Ice cream :)
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
I do not know :/
Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
deaf well neither
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