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Funny...I'm suspended from Twitter. Not sure why, maybe it's because I added Charlie he in the rehab too or is there a seperate one for Twitter?
I don't think I'm welcome in the Sober Valley Lodge. I threaten the porn stars. and by "Threaten" I mean, with violence and with my hotness.
Did you survive the fast? Did you get good results?
Okay! this is working again! the Juice fast...Do it. it was rad. My skin was shiny and I was able to concentrate and focus better after too. I also lost 5 pounds.
Morning, how's ToTs resident fashionista/superhero these days?
I'm in Facebook rehab. Download my profile, about to block the ip address. The shakes are ok but I wish the vomiting would stop.
Hey, I'm trying to embed a video in my latest article, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. Can you send me a link or give me the 411 on how to do it?
I had a little help but i think if you view the source code for the nirvana/foo fighers TOT you can see the tables that Matt used.
Things are going well here too. Just writing and writing. Be on the lookout for my latest post on the study saying that kids are fat because their mothers work. I had some fun ripping into that one.
Fabulous! I will!
Hey Actionamy, how's life treating you these days?
HI! I'm great, I'm in the middle of a juice fast and I'm a little delirious . No if you'll excuse me I need to take care of the little zebra at the end of my desk. She just crapped on my phone and is whining to go for more carrot juice. How Are you?
I like the arty pic. And did you just have a birthday?
Thanks. ActionBoyfriend took that. No recent birthday but I turned 40 back in December. I'm still accepting gifts though.
That's gonna stain...only thing harder to get out is leprechaun shit.
Meanwhile I have to walk to Starbucks like an asshole. That's it. I'm not answering her texts anymore.
Which is the better band?
Kurt Cobain was talented songwriter and part of an important musical revolution Foo Fighters have grown and evolved in a way that Nirvana didn't have the chance to and I think their new single is totally tits.
Did she at least have it cleaned?
No, there is unicorn semen everywhere!
How's things in Actionland?
Ok, but that bitch Gaga stole my Egg shaped Litter and all my slaves for the Grammy awards and didn't even bring me a gift bag.
Which did Lady Gaga's "Born This Way rip off more?
Momma Monster's new single dropped today. It's catchy. I definitely bought it. But it's also a little familiar... Does it sound more like this: =6lypkFQ3bPg or this: =epvADV9Vr2s
Thanks! That's Mark, one of my twin boys. You have any of the small peeps?
No little peeps here. Furry babies only. And the boyfriend he's like a baby sometimes.
bought any animal prints lately?
Added these to my amazon wish list: but didn't order anything. Some uptight witch said leopard was "last year" And oh my goodness how cute are you and your kid?
Which will you be watching today?
Because some of us don't care for football but everyone loves puppies or lingerie models.
Better Concept Album
Sgt. Peppers theme centered around a circus and was an analogy for the freewheeling yet revolutionary time in which it was created and Dark Side of the Moon was about madness and loss, specifically about their recently departed singer Sid Barret. Both of these landmark albums used groundbreaking technology for the time and are banded to create a piece of art meant to be enjoyed in one sitting. ...
I appreciate having the applause and approval of Charles Foster Kane
You earned it Baby. Great post.
Best non-human band
and don't say "The Residents" you effing hipsters.
did you want the clapping picture to go with the top shelf comment? I can edit...
Oh bless you sir. I had an image fail moment.
In the words of Mike Yanagita, "You [are] such a super lady!"
Oh for Pete's sake! Well alrighty then.
Is leopard print a classic or an over-done trend?
I own a lot of leopard print...stuff. I am constantly at war with myself over how much is too much while my ActionBoyfriend thinks it's all a little...trampy. What do you think.
Does your breakfast cereal contain some snarky bits? When I look in my breakfast cereal box it only contains breakfast cereal...
That's because you're not buying "Snarki-bitz" cereal. It has 2 scoops of broken glass in every box. It's part of a balanced breakfast of bitter black coffee and generic cigarettes.
Do you have a twin sister named Passive Patty?
Actually it's Passive Aggressive Patty. She's a total bitch.
I stole it!!!! (cue evil laughter)
I guess when you're a superhero, you don't need them anyway.
Nope. Not when I've got this fly leopard print cape and matching boots. Faux leopard only.
Don't you find the wings annoying?
No! the wings are delicious. Try them with the sauce.
Yeah I'm fine thanks, just dissappointed I guess. No story, just don't get people. How are you doing?
The special cocktail of antidepressants, behavioral meds, and sugar free red bull keep me operating at optimum efficiency. According to science I feel great!!
I'm glad you liked it. I've got a few more awaiting final approval that should be on the site soon, and plenty of ideas to put on here.
Can't wait to read them. Keep them coming!
You seem pretty up front so let me ask you...Is EVERYone on the internet sneaky and shitty?
Ohh, sounds like there's a story here. Short answer, yes. Anonymity brings out the absolute worst in people. Are you ok-ish?
Thanks for the comment on my first official post (Opposite Gender Day)
Congrats on that by the way. It was great. It totally pissed me off.
Your welcome.
ha! Thanks!
This is me laughing...sorry, I can't allow myself to use the lingo...ever.
I'm only as funny as the material. You set yourself up for it, baby. the way, she gave me the donut.
I thought it was only called that in prison.
Better rock god/singer
Both men could hold an entire stadium full of people in the palm on his hand. Which is you favorite?
Her sideboob was trying to get to ME, see how this shit gets twisted?
Tits. Serious fucking business.
At least she saved you a foot. I'm good thanks, why what have you heard?
That some girl slapped the shit out of you for trying to see her sideboob. then you apologized and said she had a better cans that Betty Ruble and asked her out for a donut. then she slapped you again.
How's my favorite superhero today?
Fabulous! My cat brought me a squirrel foot this morning which is either her way of saying "You're a shitty hunter" or "Here eat this you're too thin!" I'm going with the second one. How are you?
Which is the most underrated female soul artist.
Yeah, you know what? These women aren't built like Beyonce or Rhianna. They don't have the oh so forced quirkiness of Nicki but they rock the mic. Hard. Lisa is raw and emotional, Evidence: =zO9I61gYlms Janelle is strange and unexpected: com/watch?v=pwnefUaKCbc
Are you, or are you not, the classiest dame in all of This or That y/n?
Oh I don't know. You did read my last answer about the poop, right?
Did you know that 62% of people prefer poop over Justin Beiber?
That means 38% of people don't know the joys of a good morning deuce.
Who is the true Queen of Country?
Evidence: Loretta, =8_wwP8UZR1o Dolly, =1plvBR02wDs Seriously, screw you Taylor Swift.
Hotter Golden Girl
Pictures from Betty White's pin-up calender have just surfaced and Rue McClanahan can be seen doing a pretty hot booty dance in this video: =Sma49SmshzA Which golden girl gets your motor running (and don't say Bea Arthur, everyone already knows she was smoking hot)?
Never fear Actionamy...your secret is safe with me.
you are a gentleman, sir.
Better Singer?
There was a rivalry between both singers. Billie claimed Ella didn't do enough for civil rights. Ella said that being joyful and positive was a form of protest in itself. Both were incredible artists that will never be replaced. Who is your favorite?
So your superpower is...clothes?
Fashion and a semi-quick wit. But I've really told you too much already .
Like the new picture. Here's a question for you...Is Actionamy your superhero name or are you named after an action figure? Just wondering.
Oh I'm an effing superhero, baby! Wherever there is a woman who has no idea how to accessorize for a 5 o'clock wedding...I'll be there. Whenever a teenage girl is in danger of dressing to slutty for a job interview...I'll be there. Where ever e divorced lady is about to go speed dating and needs a tasteful dress that says "take me home and do me like my loser ex never did!"...I'll be there.
I saw your response to that question about Oprah, and I have to know, what was the last thing that she told you to read?
Freedom By Johnathan Franzen which was boring as hell. Before that I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy which was great.
Hey, I see you got an age transplant. Congratulations! Oh, wait, I should include a question. What is your recommendation for those in doubt?
I read your sentence with an upward inflection on the last word so in my head, it sounded like a question. but don't make me do that again. :p
Who would you rather be a designated driver for?
Sure Charlie Sheen know hot women but Mickey Rourke is straight up crazy. Either way it would be an interesting evening.
What's your favorite comfort food?
I go into the bakery down the street and order a black coffee and a giant mocha made with whole milk, extra chocolate, fresh whipped cream and caramel drizzled over the top. With it I select a cinnamon roll larger than my face that is coated with white sugary frosting and fresh out of the oven. I go to a table outside and sit and inhale deeply and then give everything but the black coffee to my boyfriend because he can eat like a starving shark and not gain a pound, the asshole.
Which is the more important fashion house. House of McQueen or Lagerfeld for Chanel?
House of McQueen has dressed such varied personalities such as Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga. Under Crazy Uncle Karl, Chanel has released some of the most vibrant and fresh designs in years. Do you have a favorite?
Which is a worse fate? Licking peanut butter slathered all over Justin Bieber? -or- Eating a barrel of monkey snot?
If Justin keeps his fricken mouth shut and does what I tell him, sure. I'm down.
Who is the epitome of the womanly beauty
It's a classic screen goddess showdown.And a choice women have had to make for years. Shall I be a slut or a good girl, virgin or whore? Yeah. it's b.s. but there you have it. Both of these women were so much more than that but admit it, you have a favorite.
For a 105 year-old woman, you keep up pretty well. ;) How do you keep your finger on the pulse of ToT after so many years?
Well the pact I made with Satan has really been a boost for me. And I don't drink or smoke. (105 is my fake Facebook birthday. the real number is closer to 40)
Which one do we shoot into the sun first?
Manufactured pop sensation with no redeemable qualities beyond lining the pockets of music executives with cash and the other is a pretty mannequin who reinforces the worst cliched stereotypes about relationships. Remember artist development in the music industry? Yeah, no one else does either.
Which is more fun, Crochet or Knitting
Are you a happy hooker or do you mind your knitting like a good child?
Which is the better Law and Order, SVU or CI
While SVU fulfills my weekly need for abject terror and disgust, CI has Vincent D'Onofrio who is the closest representation for an internet nerd on television. What say you?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Cats are hateful and snotty. I effing love cats!
Would you rather Call or Text?
Do you prefer the rain or the snow?
Can't bike in the snow.
Who do you like better, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan?
Paris, That Lilo bitch gave up my blow to the cops and owes me a pair of pants!
Do you prefer to shop online or in the store?
shoplifting is really hard online.
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