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Relationship Status: Single
Website: www.facebook.com/jazzyboob
Favorite Book: lovely bones
Favorite Movie: Emperor's new groove
Things you <3: Sleep. Food. Dogs. 6flags. Music. Johnny Depp.
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Which movie is better?
My sister disagrees with me and I am just curious which one you guys think is the better movie.
Who is the better Edward?
Who do you think is the most attractive? Better actor? Tim Burton's Edward ScissorHands or the Twilight Saga?
Would you prefer to go blind or deaf?
blind. my other senses would heighten
Do you prefer Roller Skates or Inline Skates?
Which Beatle do you like better, John or Paul?
Would you rather Call or Text?
call if it's important . if not, then text
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
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