Turn the page or push a button?


posted by Desiree


What is your reading preference? Curl up with a book, or download the newest eBook for your Kindle?

Debate It! 7

Paper for me. Shockingly, since the rest of my world is digital. Besides, it really sucks when you spill your coffee on your digital reader...

Posted By matt,

I was surprised with the results of this one. With the way technology is integrated in our lives, I expected the percentage ratio to be a little closer to 50%. But considering the content of this site, I'd say that the ToT users are a little more mature and sentimental.

Posted By Desiree,

Paper. There's something about flipping the page and feeling the paper.

Posted By ashbuckles,

I'm with Matt - I'm a digital gadget guy but for whatever reason still like holding a book in my hands. I actually like reading newspapers too.

Posted By SimpleDude,

Paper. You can take real books any wear, with out worrying out getting in trouble (school),or your battery going low!

Posted By MissSkullCandy,

Nothing beats the smell of old non-textbook paper~ C:

Posted By MyonMallow,

mmm even tho im 15 and i luv digital stuff i have to say paper all the way!

Posted By teddybears73,

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