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Best NBA team?

crowed animal names
i'm hendra and i stay with families in jakarta. Mya favorite hobbies and interests are going to the movie house, watching TV and my favorite soaps and swimming. My interesrs are, crafts and coooking.

Which is the better Muscle Car?
I'm wondering which one to be my coolest ride...

What about blankets?
Really I am quite quick at my work yet my issue is to begin to start working once I take off then I work like a machine and completion the work in a matter of moments so this working additional quick blankets the time which I take to start the work and playing with children due to this I invest little opportunity to studies this makes my folks gets irate as I get quite low evaluations. Scanning ...

which is more beautiful, green canyon or pantai pangandaran
The second photo above is of two tourist attractions, beaches and Pangandaran green canyon. Second place was crowded in the visit of tourists in the area tasikmalaya Travel Green Canyon

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