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Which one is more attractive?
I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE TOBY!!!! :) but I this that Ryan is really funny my friend lola likes ryan but I like toby soooooo I left it up to ToT to decide

Invader Zim and Dib: Love or Hate?
I think this will be hilarious considering how many fans are apart of the 'ZADR' fandom, including me, and how many will automatically be disgusted by this because they know. But lets not take it there, would you prefer the characters to hate each other to the core, or at least be content?

Who do you think is cuter?
I'm pretty sure i know what will be preferred but, lets see if ill be surprised. :)

Tips Pernikahan
Weddingmu Dot Com Adalah sebuah Website yang memberikan informasi,Tips Pernikahan atau Wedding,Tips bagaimana membangun Pernikahan Yang Sempurna, Membangun Rumah Tangga Setelah Pernikahan dan masih banyak Tips Pernikahan yang Wajib anda ikuti untuk membangun Rumah Tangga Yang indah

which musician is better?
who's music do you always want to listen to more and do you like their video styles.

karyabambooawning.com. Kami Adalah Perusahaan yang Bergerak di Bidang Penyediaan dan Jasa Pemasangan Canopy, Polycarbonate, Canopy Kain, Pintu Pagar, Railing Tangga, Teralis, DLL. Kami mengerjakan awning dan canopy sejak lama dan sudah sangat berpengalaman dibidang awning dan canopy.

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